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  1. I'd have to say one of these are the cutest:
  2. Hm, that's a tough one! But I'd say Exp. Share or Amulet Coin. Exp. Share makes it easy to raise young pokemon but the amulet coin allows you to make easy money! Especially when battling a gym leader or elite four!
  3. Yeah, that's true. I did, however, obtain a Jirachi through wifi trading in my pearl then later gave it over to my platinum. Doesn't make much of a difference but maybe I should look up strategies for it!
  4. Oh okay. Isn't that simulator Shoddy Battle something on their website? But they seem like nice strategies though.
  5. Thanks! I never realized how much went into battling before. I looked at the website, it looks like a really good one. I still want to keep those same pokemon but I'll try to seriously improve them!
  6. Sorta, no. But I'll go and research about that.
  7. Yeah, I suppose its not very competitive, I tried to have some pokemon like rhydon and torterra that had mainly strong moves and others like muk with toxic and acid defense. I like to have a few moves that will trip up your foe. Maybe I could change a couple of moves for stronger ones though. Never thought of my team like that though that was advice or not, maybe I will. ---------- Post added at 04:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:20 PM ---------- Oh yeah, they may SEEM not very competitive but I ALWAYS give them a maximum amount of proteins, calcium, carbos, and things like that. I first focus on health, defense, sp. defense, speed, then I look at whether the pokemon as more physical or special attacks then raise the correct one.
  8. Giratina! Giratina is what helped me beat Volkner, the eight gym leader.
  9. I want to know what peoples best fighting team is. Please post here what it is! Here's mine: Blissey: leftovers ~softboiled ~psychic ~counter ~toxic Dragonite: persim berry ~fly ~dragon dance ~outrage ~hyper beam Muk: wise glasses ~acid armor ~toxic ~sludge bomb ~dark pulse Torterra: muscle band ~crunch ~earthquake ~frenzy plant ~seed bomb Kingler: wise glasses ~icy wind ~iron defense ~crabhammer ~hyper beam Rhydon: wide lens ~horn drill ~brick break ~rock slide ~earthquake
  10. I never give my good pokemon HMs. Unless their good ones like fly, strength, rock climb, surf, or waterfall. Even still, I don't do it unless I need to. Their annoying because you can't just delete it, you need to go to that one guy's house and get it deleted. Which makes it more annoying in the begging when you haven't reached his house yet.
  11. They wouldn't do that. This is TODAY. Not 10 years ago.
  12. I'm SO glad that they're putting the kanto region back in again. I almost feel like I've a knack for pokemon games and beat them right away. Not here, I like to feel like it will take a long time to finish the game. They should put two regions in the games from now on, makes it more exciting.
  13. I don't think its as big of a deal as some people make it. Sure people have died, but those are people who didn't use sanitizer or at least kept themselves clean. No need for schools to close down either. Just keep the student home for a while, but not the whole school. If people take more showers and don't over react, it won't turn out that bad when its all over with.
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