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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I am new to this and tried to get all starters for Pokemon Soulsilver. I added them to my save file and after that, the encounters in the game changed. What can I do so that this doesn't happen aynmore?
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new in Pkhex and I find it very helpful especially the save files that I can use to create my dream team for the story of the game. I hope some can please guide me on how to create G-Max Rillaboom, Cinderace, and Inteleon with Hidden Ability. Whenever I tried to create them I keep on getting error for "Unable to match an encounter from origin game" this is the only thing that hinders me on successfully creating a legal G-Max Galar starters. Note: I prefer the Galar starters that has been sent out from Pokemon Home as mystery gift last June 02, 2020.
  3. I'm still new and have no clue where I should put this... Here seemed ok. So I was using Pkhex to edit my save file on Pokémon AS when I decided to look at the 3 starters I got for trading up some Pokémon from my B2 game. I went to look at the stats and ALL OF THEM had MAX 6IVs! I have NOT touched them prior to that since it was my 1st time editing the save file and hadn't touched them when I was using the PC data editor (I have used the PC editor hack before). All 3 also have their Hidden Abilities'. How possible is this (if at all)? If possible what are the odds of this occurring? Could this be some sort of glitch or RNG something or other? Did I just get crazy lucky? Please note that ALL 3 johto starters are 100% legit and legal, were not obtained by the means of ANY hacks, and were not edited after viewing them. I did get them as a gift from Pokémon Bank and was amazed at the gift.
  4. Well, throughout all my adventures in sinnoh I have always chosen piplup. Piplup has just always seemed the better of the 3. However, as I look deeper into the game and the different gyms I start to rethink and go Hmmm.. maybe someone else could have done the job better. Well I think that in order to come up with the best choice you have to look at aspects like gyms, wild pokemon, and type strengths and weaknesses. So that is what this guide will touch on and based on that you will be able to decide for yourself which one you think is the best. The choice is yours this was just here to help you. Have fun with whatever one you choose! (press the show button to view guide)
  5. this is huge so yeah i know i am suppose to put this on underxray's thread but this is huge i need poke file or codes for every pokemon you can get in a event like... red gyardos all legendary starter(any region) something like that but i know this is huge if someone wants to help i will be strongly grateful ----------------------------------------------- ps it has to be japanese also i am korean so if i have any mistake :wink: plz contact me :bidoof:
  6. I want to make the pokemon look like they were pal parked to me, so I'm assuming I need to leave 85h on 0. But Treecko, Torchic & Mudkip are starters. So I was thinking that maybe the 85h value should be 0C. Help? -Karasuhebi
  7. My brother and I recently decided to create completely new teams to battle each other with in diamond/pearl. So instead of spending two weeks training pokemon we will use once or twice, the easier option seemed to be to use some kind of Gameshark-like device. So, we located an Action Replay and downloaded Pokesav to create pokemon teams but we're not sure what the parameters are exactly of the program. Usually, I'm against cheating but in this case, we will only be battling each other and not affecting anyone else. My question: what exactly will the Acton Replay code change in the game? All I did start up the program and change the first pokemon in the party and saved it as a test. Now when I put that code onto the Action Replayl and use the pearl code, will that change only my first pokemon? I don't want all of my save data to be suddenly erased. Note: I plan to manually put the code onto the action replay by typing it in because I do not have the software or the hookups for the action replay.
  8. Kanto: Starters Poll Which starter from Kanto did you choose? Comment on how it effected your game play and the over all idea of the Pokemon you choose. Note: Remember, this FireRed/LeafGreen and not Red and Blue. [sprite]1[/sprite][sprite]4[/sprite][sprite]7[/sprite] I choose Charmander. Charmander learned Metal Claw which was very helpful against Brock! In fact, I don't even think Charmander can learn Metal Claw at level 13 anymore. It was a great Pokemon and very helpful.
  9. Hoenn: Starters Poll Which starter from Hoenn did you choose? Comment on how it effected your game play and the over all idea of the Pokemon you choose. [sprite]252[/sprite][sprite]255[/sprite][sprite]258[/sprite] I personally choose Torchic. It helped me so much, I didn't need to restart again to decide if it was the right choice. It learned some of the most helpful moves and was the highest level Pokemon I had.
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