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  1. i doth ban you for too many banners in thy signature
  2. does a spicked paw count? (hit/miss) next person has heard of thunder cats
  3. full metal didn't post the next thing so i'll start it up again the next person... has a computer
  4. well then sir i ban you for making him think you didn't notice barbarian RAGE!
  5. just banned no reason! BAN GREAT AX!!!
  6. well your banned for letting me into your closet BAN GREAT AX!!!
  7. so my sister watch these two brothers on youtube and one time she showed me a video of a song they make up on what everyone thought they cahchfrase was witch was and acronym (dftba don't forget to be awesome) so using an acronym i came up with today i want you to make up things that can fit into it and after a day i'll post the answer and the closest person can make up another one (has to have a meaning) and we can do this until everyone gets board so to start the acronym is C.R.R.S. :kikkoman:
  8. BAN GREAT AX!!!! because d12's are awesome!
  9. dear palamon you are banned for using pink text there have been studies that show a hot pink colour makes you go mad if you on the off chance you are forgiver do not use a hot pink use the colour of pain
  10. dear aquaguy34 you are being banned because... on a test last year some scribbled out the :kikkoman: i wrote on the fount!
  11. dear fawful of ice you are being banned for not having a relevant reason for banning me
  12. dear mewkid999 you are being banned because i'm now a nerd that plays dnd ... and cross-plays while doing so
  13. dear bowser ex we neglect to inform you that you are being banned for being a school... person
  14. dear 0660 you are being banned for using a wired font that no one can translate
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