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  1. The pictures are attached to this post. Apologies for the blurriness; I now know that I do not have a steady hand PokéShifter Attempt.zip
  2. The Hiker outside the Shift Centre speaks Spanish... Not sure if he's supposed to - his name is quite Japanese. Just thought I'd report it.
  3. So I flashed my DSL, and even downloaded the software via DS Download Play, only to get errors on both the DSL and DSi and then I got kicked out.
  4. Just something to note: when entering the Hall of Fame, the text near the top says "Cogratulations on entering" before getting cut off.
  5. I've been wondering for a while what the proper pronunciation of "Xatu" was. Is it [ZA-TU] or is it [EGG-ZAH-TU] or is it something completely different? What other odd Pokémon pronunciations have you come across?
  6. OK, that gets me to regular GTS. But I still can't send anything over. EDIT: I'm able to use sendpkm.py, but not SendPKM.exe with DNS_Server.exe
  7. Nope, the prompt is staying open all the time.
  8. All that's changed is that the number of times it requests conntest.nintendowifi.net doubles. Otherwise, there's no effect. No change. EDIT: I found this blog post, and after reading it, I thought, OK... just change the DNS back to the default, and then connect to legit GTS, then change DNS back to my own. That didn't work, nor did connecting to legit GTS. So now I'm thoroughly confused.
  9. All that I have is Windows Firewall, yeah 52100, no Steam. Restarted computer, same effect. and haha copy+paste much? I specifically set up my router so that this would work. There's no problems router-side.
  10. The python one doesn't work either.
  11. Nope. If I had Skype running, then SendPKM.exe would freeze immediately upon opening, and that's not the case here.
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