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  1. would anyone like to take my sav file and make sure it's legit? the hex values are wrong, but most of my pokemon were "bred" in platinum. Meaning that the daycare couple gave them to me, and then they were hatched in solaceon town. I have around 40-ish pokemon. So does anyone want to help?
  2. I have a question? What's the 44h and 45h values for day care couple? I calculated it to be 44H: DO 45h:07 But when I put it into sav, 44h just returns to 00. Help?
  3. So now I'm having issues with making the edits show up. I tried editing a pokemon, but when I loaded the game it said save file was corrupted, loading previous file. So it loads the previous files and my edits aren't there. How do I remedy this? Also, when I dump the .sav onto pokesav, sav reads it as if the changes have gone through(meaning I can see the edits I have made on pokesav, even though they haven't been recognized by the game because of the file corruption alert.)
  4. i have a question. Idk if there's a specific place for this, but I'm trying to add in new pokes into my .sav file(i use a flash card). I overwrite the pokes that are in my party by loading .pkm data in their slots. When I start the game up, it says file is corrupted, loading last save file.
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