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Found 7 results

  1. wheres the member list function on the forums?
  2. Hi, I've looked the site over, and I can't find any reference to where I can get the PCD and PGT files for the Darkrai Member Card Mystery Gift for Platinum. Does anyone know where I can get it? I looked on the Pokemon Database site, but either it's not there, or I'm a total idiot and can't see it. My husband missed the Darkrai Wonder Card event because he only just got into Pokemon again, and he wants the Wonder card if I can hack it in for him. Thanks, TreeSprite P.S. I just want to add that I think you guys are all great to share all this knowledge, and the files for the Wonder Cards so everyone who missed the Legit event can still get the pokemon. I've seen and heard all the nasty stuff some people say about Pokesav, and the AR and game hackers, and I have always defended a person's right to hack. I think everyone should be able to play a game the way they want. While I don't generally understand the point of cheating to play out a game, I CAN understand it for this one. Nintendo shouldn't make it so bloody hard for someone to get the events. I'm glad they've moved them to WiFi, but It's just mean anyway. I feel bad for people who get the game too late to make the event! It's wrong. :mad: I'm glad you guys are here and are nice enough to help those of us who couldn't make an event. Thank you! ---------- Post added at 10:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:24 PM ---------- Oh, fooey! :eek: I see now that this should have gone in Ram Editing Help. Sorry! :redface: Could some nice mod help me out and move it? I don't want to post it in both places and be annoying. Again, Sorry!
  3. MewtwoEx and I were discussing about a great member in the site. He always helped out so we decided to make a thread dedicated to him. We want to know what everyone here thinks of SCV. What do you like the most about him? Has he ever done something for you, whether it be answering a question, teaching you about something, or just being an all around nice person to you. And just to be clear, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all We got Narwhal to make SCV a ribbon for being Project Pokemon's Valued Member, though this is all strictly me and Mewtwo's opinion. We hope you like it SCV, and I hope you know that a lot of people on this site appreciate all the good you've done for us
  4. Yes, I have arrived. But that was a few days ago. I don't need help I know how to work VB. I hope the staff are nice here. And, I also hope to make friends. Yes, I am a female! So please call me a she not a he. Call me Glitched Soul. (I will get a name change if they are allowed here.) I hope to have fun here! Thank you. ~Palamon.[
  5. I've read the guides online tons of times but they repeatedly don't address what I want to know about, I searched through these forums but often got only partial answers or answers that were confusing. I'm at the end of my rope essentially. All I want to do is create some pokemon, preferably in my empty box 3 as the website says doing it in the box is better than directly making them in the party. What I really want is a step by step guide as to how to do this. All the guides here seem to leave things out. Now I do want my pokemon to have legal movesets but I probably won't be doing much more than battling the in game trainers in the battle frontier (I own Platinum) unless I get the hang of wifi battling online. I've probably confused you all by now so I'll just get right to the questions. Let's assume that the pokemon I'm making are all ones that will be hatched as apparently that is the better way to do things. Anyway, I'll go through each part I have a question on from top-to-bottom and from left-to-right. But first a someone seperate question. The site says if my pokedex doesn't yet have the pokemon I make then it will not make entries for them when I do make those pokemon. The solution it gives is to make them into eggs, hatch them, and then use pokesav to make them the level/stats that are wanted. This sounds tedious and time consuming, isn't there are code that would simply let me have the pokedex completed? There were back in the days of Ruby and Sapphire. Now to really begin: 1. Language: Do I need to enter English here? 2. Met in place: Day Care Couple is what I put here correct? 3. Hidden Hex value: In simple terms what do I put here for Platinum? I read a thread on this but was still left a bit confused because the main answer I could interpret more than one way. 4. Trainer ID/Secret ID: Do I need to enter anything here? If so how do I find these numbers? None of the guides on the site seem to address this. Is "input own ID" clicked before or after you put in your real numbers? 5. Generate/PID/IV: Which of these two buttons do I use? 6. Egg hatched at: Does my answer to this matter? 7. Moves: If the pokemon is being made to appear in a PC box then do I need to fill in the correct PP amounts for the moves? The guide only refers to what to do if they are being created to appear in your party. 8. Is egg: If I decided to make it an egg, what sections would I not fill out? 9. Once I press "okay" what do I do exactly? Do I need to save the box then and if so where and as what save type? 10. Once I get back to the main screen do I need to have any of it filled in? 11. When I press "Export ARDS" (as I am using an Action Replay for all this I think I press this) do I need to have the Action Replay currently connected via the cord to the computer? Will the code go directly to my "Action Replay Code Manager" or do I need to direct it? 12. Once it is in My Codelist on the Action Replay Manager, how do I add the code to my Action Replay without erasing every other code? As this is what happened the last time I tried to add a code to it. I think I understand how not to but I wanted to make sure. 13. In order to use the code I need to both check it off on the Action Replay activation screen AND press L + R once the game is on correct? Only then can I save and thus keep the pokemon I created, right? Thank you for listening and I apologize for the length of the message. I wanted to make sure I was as detailed as I could be here.
  6. Hey there. I wanted to use the Members Pass for Darkrai. I got the event loaded, and picked my card up just fine from the mart. But, when I go to the inn in Canalave, and go up to the door, it just says "The door is tightly shut. It appears to be impossible to open..." and nothing else. I've done the event in Diamond before just fine, but it seems to hate me on Plat. .-. Is there some requirement for the Darkrai event I'm missing? >.< Or does it simply not work? I got the code from the Official code thread.
  7. Hi Guys, I need help with somethin You know the member card that is needed to catch darkrai on newmoon island? well, apart from pokesav, is it possible to get a member card?
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