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  1. Ahh, ok. Thank you. This makes sense because my pokemon were acting very loving when I bumped their friendship lol.
  2. Whenever I try to set the affection of a pokemon it resets back to 0 no matter what I do. I click 'save', I set the pokemon after, but the value always reverts back to 0.
  3. Ok, didn't realize it was so straight forward. Thank you for taking the time to explain that.
  4. jimmayg

    crabawler bug

    Hello Everyone, I don't know what the current status of this bug is, if it's been confirmed as a bug or not but I also ran into this issue. I actually have 2 legitimately caught crabrawlers that are showing up as illegal in pkhex. One is Level 25 from route 10, the other I just caught is Level 32 Route 17. Both crabrawlers appear to be one level under what is stated on bulbapedia for possible level range for their respective locations yet they were caught in game with no codes of any kind being active. Neither pokemon have been edited in any way. From what I've read, it sounds like these lower level encounters are first time encounters that occur the first time you interact with a pile of berries. I don't know if this has been confirmed or not but all I can say for sure is these crabrawler, along with the rest of the pokemon I've caught, have not been edited. I caught them when they popped up and moved on. I hope this information helps if a conclusion hasn't been made on the matter. If one has, please let me know. Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm a little confused about egg/relearn moves. My understanding was that a bred pokemon can inherit moves from its parents based on it's listed egg move list. For example: Cyndaquil - Moves. Cyndaquil, like many other pokemon, has a slew of egg moves listed. Nowhere in Cyndaquils' egg moves is flamethrower. Here is a Cyndaquil I bred: As you can see, flamethrower is the second relearn move listed. PKHEX thankfully sees this as being legal which it should be as the poke was bred and hatched in game. My question is, how do I know what moves can and can not be egg moves for a given pokemon? As it stands, my way of figuring this out is by simply punching in a move I'd like to have under relearn moves and see if pkhex gives me an error but I'd like a better approach if one exists. If anyone can shed any light on this I'd appreciate it. Thank you. On a side note, there are other instances of this happening for various pokes, I just used Cyndaquil as an example.
  6. I hear ya and I don't really like to edit too much myself anyway. That's another reason I made the effort to ask around before I did so. I do plan on only using TID/SIDs for a game that were created by the same game. I really find this to be awesome, I never knew there was a chance for this to happen. I've certainly seen a shiny become not shiny by changing it's TID/SID but I've never seen the opposite happen.
  7. To correct myself, this applies more to GEN 6, X and Y. Previous generations work in a similar fashion only I don't believe they have memories or residences you have to mess with but don't quote me on it. Apparently GEN VII doesn't set memories or residences at all for GEN VII caught or traded pokemon. Pokémon transferred to GEN VII via poke bank is a different story. This person provides some good information on some of the finer details of traded pokemon statistics that might be helpful:
  8. Alright, I think I figured this out... It looks like I basically leave everything blank and just set a (not OT) name on the OT/Misc tab and that's it. Doesn't look like memories or residences are being set this time around. If anyone has any additional info or can confirm my findings please reply. Thanks
  9. Hello, I think some strange things are going on either with pkhex, my save file, or maybe ultra sun/moon just acts differently. I'm playing Ultra Moon at the moment and am trying to edit a legitimately caught slowpoke and turn him into Slowking. I've edited caught pokemon before and changed them into their traded forms without issue, but I'm not having such luck with my ultra moon save. This is the error I'm getting: These are the things I've set: One thing that struck me as odd is that all of my pokemon, including this one, have no real memories on the "Memories with: OT" tab: These last two screenshots are of both an in-game acquired gift Rowlet and a captured Yungoos. As you can see, their OT memories are missing. Is this normal for Ultra Sun/Moon or Gen VII in general? On pokemon X, it's an entirely different story and everything works just fine. Anybody else have this problem or know what's going on? Thanks
  10. Awesome, thank you for that information.
  11. Hello, I have some questions about editing the TID/SID of a save file. As far as I know, the PID of pokemon aren't tied to the TID/SID of a trainer unless it's shiny, is that right? Also, if I edit the TID and SID (using valid TID/SID combinations created by the game) will this change the way shiny PIDs are calculated? Has anyone been able to confirm that editing the TID/SID of a save file results in new uniquely generated shiny PIDs using the newly inserted TID/SID combination? These questions stem from me wanting to hold onto a shiny I caught on one play through after creating and playing a new save with a new TID/SID. My preference is for this shiny pokemon to not appear traded, otherwise I could simply leave my TID/SID as is and drag him into my PC boxes. My alternative is to copy my newly caught pokemon over to my old save and change their TID/SIDs instead so that my shiny won't appear to be traded. I do want to confirm though that TID/SID isn't used for generating non shiny PIDs. I guess I'm just concerned about editing the TID/SID and would like to know any potential drawbacks to doing so. I'd like to hear that it's not a big deal and it all works as intended; meaning if you use valid values you're all good, and newly generated shiny pokemon will use the currently set TID/SID. Any information/insight is appreciated. Thanks
  12. It's generally pretty simple. 1. Set a "Latest (not OT) Handler" name in the OT/misc tab 2. Go ahead and set/save this edit in the PC box (I realize PKHEX is still flagging it as illegal but we'll fix that) 3. Now that you're poke is saved with a "(not OT) Handler" name, click on the memories button located in the bottom right of the same tab. 4. Click on the "Memories with: notOT" tab. 5. Select the "notOT" memories you'd like your poke to have and set/save once more 6. Done FYI, the reason I say to set/save in step 2 after just setting a "(not OT) Handler" name, is because PKHEX will automatically fill out the "Residence" tab for you if you do this. The Residence tab just has the Country/Region that the "not OT Handler" had. I believe PKHEX will simply set these values to what your country/region is for your save file so if you want your "traded" pokemon's "not OT" country/region to be different from your country/region, simply set it to something else. That is just how I do it cause it saves time.
  13. Hello All, I'm wondering if a pokemon caught using an action replay wild pokemon modifier code would have a valid PID. Thanks
  14. This Munchlax is being created for Black/White, but its origin is platinum, where the honey trees are. I have to set location to (poketransfer) since that is the only way a Munchlax from platinum could end up in black/white. If I were creating the pokemon for platinum then that website would work and I could hack him in with the appropriate route.
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