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Found 20 results

  1. So I have an idea of a heavily story and character driven Ruby (or maybe Fire Red) hack that will feature Ash as the hero and that will feature multiple legendaries, shadow pokemon, and of course... a Pikachu who follows you (as well as Misty and Brock, if possible). The game will be based in a new region known as Genesso. Based shortly after the Sinnoh series, Oak and Rowan will ask Ash to come to the newly discovered region that is supposedly the region where Pokémon first came to be. The main things I need help for is mostly the scripting and stuff like getting Pokémon and people (Misty and Brock) to follow you. I work a lot so I don't really have the time to do everything myself. I have most of the overworld sprites made already. Anyway, it will also feature Jessie, James, and Meowth who will actually become permanent good guys toward the end of the game. Gary will also be making a comeback. Finally, I plan to set up a sort of second series by allowing Ash and Misty to well... fall in love in the game. The second series will be sort of like how Boruto is to Naruto. It will feature Ash and Misty's son as the hero, but none of that will make an appearance in the game. Just lmk if you're interested. Don't really wanna post too much of it upfront in case no one is actually interested haha.
  2. Could someone get this two pokemon and send them to me? I really need them, Thanks in advance:redface:
  3. Hi, can somebody trade me a Movie Arceus dated July 5th? Plus the Pikachu Colored Pichu? I am willing to trade Celebi and Jirachi. Both legit
  4. Hello people on July 5 the pokemon movie 12 pre screening was shown well in July 5 they distrubuted the arceus well umm I am looking for it with high spatk and atk I know that it's not evd but please help me. Thank You <3 <3 <3
  5. can someone give me the action replay code for the movie pichu from the 12th Movie??? thanks
  6. hi i am searching a along time for it and i cant find the code for it, so can somebody please give or make a action replay code for this movie arceus for the japanese pokemon platinum version??????????thank you
  7. Please I need them, I will give you any pokemon:smile:
  8. hello guys, ok i wanna the pokemon arceus and pichu from the pokemon movie 12th i can offer: , very much shinies!!! please contact me. friend code: 1075-5413-3076 msn: robe_hyper@live.com.mx:smile: see you guys!
  9. Someone can help me trading me a real 12 movie arceus? my platinum fc is 1333 5366 5806
  10. Ever since my AR broke, I've been meaning to get a flash cart. But until I do, I'm relying on the kind members of PP to help me out. While I highly doubt anyone has a legit Arceus, that's fine. All I'm wanting is a legal one. There's a PGT posted by Poryhack over here http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showpost.php?p=38649&postcount=543 Load that up, generate it, and trade it to me, and I'll be happy. I've got a few breeding projects I've done that I can give away. Masuda Method Gold Charmander Project Parents: Male Charizard w/ Belly Drum and good IVs, event female Charmander from Japan. Both 100% legal to my knowledge. Offers: You can select a hatched Charmander with Belly Drum, or grab an egg. No shiny yet, so none available. Scyther! Parents: Two Scizors, one legal via a trade in Serebii's Wi-Fi Chat, another legal but self-made hack. Hacked Scizor had 30 IVs across the board, legal had 31 in Attack and Speed. Offers: Any that are left over. All out of Adamant natured ones. I also have a handful of Aaron's bred with it's evolved form and Ditto. As far as other offers go, I have a bunch of Tournament Lucrio's with Blaze Kick, generated but legal, by me. I'll happily teach Plat move tutor stuff to any of my traded Pokemon, given that either you trade me the items needed, or you give me enough time to get the shards. Diamond FC: 2965 4679 1157 I'm in both Serebii's Wi-Fi Chat and PP's Wi-Fi and general chat rooms on a semi-regular basis. You can also PM me and we can exchange Yahoo/MSN/AIM screen names.
  11. Hi i usely have my dslite but right now(of all times.) i dont have it it is in another state and i was wondering if some one can trade a legal movie 12th arceus to me? i offer most ds event some gba events and iam also the creater of the first in game curse or ???? type arceus that you can get with out rom editing i cn make one for you or send you one of the ones i already have in my game if i make you one it will be posted here .. as i can not put anything in my offical game card yet. i can only do this trade during this hour texas time 11:17
  12. Hi i usely have my dslite but right now(of all times.) i dont have it it is in another state and i was wondering if some one can trade a legal movie 12th arceus to me? i offer most ds event some gba events and iam also the creater of the first in game curse or ???? type arceus that you can get with out rom editing i cn make one for you or send you one of the ones i already have in my game if i make you one it will be posted here .. as i can not but anything in my offical game card yet. i can only do this trade during this hour texas time 11:17
  13. Hi guys vould you all please help me could u make me a level 100 legit look like Movie 12 Arceus I am asking you all this because i dont have a AR. So the date has to be July 18th 09 and has to say Pokemon Movie 09 it has to have the event moves and ribbon has to say A ribbon that proclaims love for Pokemon. Please help me :'( Thank You Guys
  14. I thought I'd mention that what is unlocked in Platinum by having the Movie 12 Arceus in your party(see here:http://www.serebii.net/platinum/arceus.shtml) can also be unlocked using the Arceus from the Hall of Origin, which you can, of course, get by using ARDS to get the Azure Flute. I kniow this is right because I just did this myself a few minutes ago. Mods: If this happens to be in the wrong place, I appologize. Feel free to move this if needed.
  15. Hello everyone, So here's a thought. Let's assume that there will ever be a Metroid movie. Who would make the best actress to portray Samus Aran? For a starting point, please see this article. Definitely make your own suggestions if you have any! But keep in mind that this is not about who "the hottest actress" is, as a good Samus must also be able to kick butt and take names. (Otherwise I would just pick Scarlett Johansson and be done with it.) As for me, I have not made a final choice yet, but if Uma Thurman were younger I'd pick her probably.
  16. I just watched what has to be the weirdest, and funniest, movies I've ever seen, Teeth. o_O; I'm not even going to say what it's about, except it features a girl, lots of blood, and what the title advertises. >.< I don't know why I watched it, but it said it was a feminist movie, and won the Sundance in 2007, so I figured there would be giggles involved. There were, but my boyfriend ran out of the room, lawl. So, what weird movies have you seen? Oh, by the way, if you're really conservative, or get weirded out by sexuality at all, I wouldn't suggest googling Teeth. If you're a girl, you'll think it's epic, if you're a guy, you will cry, or at least you'll never look at a girl the same way again. >.>;
  17. Hey guys I know it sounds silly but I was wonder when one day the Pokemon Anime eventually comes to an end. I was think what if they can make Pokemon alive on the silver screen with state of the art CGI like the ones they used in Transformers. This is also for a fic I am coming up with. I just wanna see what the fans think.
  18. Hi, Is there any way that the current version of the Pokemon Platinum pokesav can be used to create an Movie 12 Arceus that'll activate the special event in Platinum involving the Hiker in Oreburgh mine? Or do we have to wait until the movie comes out to get that code?
  19. Hi Guys, Does anybody have ar codes for legit movie 12 arceus and pikachu colored pichu which i can pick them up in the pokemart.I have english version platinum.I want both pokemon japanese.Thanks in advance
  20. Mine have to be, in no particular order: Lord of the Rings (All three of them, I know the entire monologue done by Galadriel in the beginning of the first movie ) Underworld (Only the first one, Evolution wasn't as good as it should've been, and I have yet to see Rise of the Lycans) Shaun of the Dead (The best comedy ever I <3 Simon Pegg, he's amazing) Star Trek (Lord, the cast was perfect. Chekov had the most adorable, yet bad, accent. Spock was just epic, Sylar = Spock, anyone? And then we have Simon Pegg as Scotty, can you get any more perfect?) The Dark Knight (One of the best films ever, I still wonder if Christian Bale is as much of a jerk as he seems. ) What are yours?
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