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  1. What game? I often pick "seems to have a fond memory, but it doesn’t seem to be able to remember the details...", then I play the game and build memories with the pokémon. There's a button for memories on the "OT/Misc" tab, check it out.
  2. Can you have shiny starters too? I had the idea that wasn't possible, but some videos claim it's possible.
  3. Hey there, I am looking for a list of shiny-locked Pokémon for GEN III, could you point me to a reliable source? Also, could you tell me whether starters can be shiny or not in GEN III? (Several generations later, I don’t recall if this was possible or not). In case you are curious, I found (and changed the battery) of a R/S cartridge, and I am having a blast playing it. Thanks!
  4. All right, got it. It was fun using legal.exe, thanks man!
  5. Most likely not, but PKHex used to be compatible with it. Can I check the method employed to create a Pokemon with PKHex?
  6. The reason you do not have answers is because this is not a simple question; you can edit your sav in many ways! For example: If you EDIT your sav and give yourself a ticket to DEOXYS island (and your sav is a JPN region emerald), someone can detect the edit because you cannot have the ticket (it was not available). BUT in the first place, that person should be aware of that fact, to look for it. If you edit the held item of a POKEMON and give it a BICYCLE, then it is edited because you cannot give a POKEMON the BICYCLE; however, if you gave it a common BERRY, it would be almost impossible to tell you made the change. STILL, the person looking for the edits MUST know about the changes you made to look for them. Specifically, what do you want to find or prove? What did you change?
  7. Hey there, I have been trying to check PKM files with legal.exe, but the output PKM files won't work if they come from the newer PKHEX. FYI: I did change the extension from the right generation from pk* to PKM.
  8. Yeah, its a fun thing it took the data from the OT in english.
  9. That's very nice! Yes, so regarding the comparison between SARA and SARA, perhaps what we see in the picture is the value that addresses the character in the font map. So, hypothetically speaking, a full-width “S” stands as FF in the Japanese character map. And the regular “S” stands as FF in the English character map. However, if you enter a regular “S” in the Japanese character map, it doesn’t stick because it’s different than the fullwidth character “S”. When you change the PKM region to JPN, an OT name in “fullwidth text”* is expected; if you enter a name with the “standard text” you get an error. The error being “name is to short”. I can switch my keyboard input in the computer, so then I edited the OT “writing in Japanese” (that was my workaround). I did not have to change the name with the hex editor. So, the name sticks if you employ (for example) Japanese input, this is why I suggested updating the error message from “name is to short” to “use asian encoding”. When I entered the name using fullwidth characters the error was gone, it also was gone when you hex-edited the file because you assigned the correct S “via code”. BTW, I didn’t know the OT name wasn’t there until you asked for the OT name. I did not delete it, I saved the PKM egg using standard characters so you could see “the bug”. Interestingly, I changed the name to “Neko” but the file was saved with data from my sav file (hence the “utr” characters you pointed before). *(which I have been calling “Asian text” or “Asian encoded text”). Thank you both for the great replies.
  10. No, I put an "english encoded" name (it was NEKO) but it did not save with the file. The name from my sav was Sutr, but since it had said issues I changed it to NEKO (but it seems the name was deleted after I saved the file).
  11. Thanks! I noticed you applied “my workaround”. So, Pokémon eggs (GEN III) must be encoded as Japanese region Pokémon regardless of the sav file region. Since I was not aware of this detail, I had the impression this was some sort of bug. Then the """issue""" (not a real issue) is that Pokémon eggs are encoded with Asian characters; PKHex updates the OT name with the name in your sav file and if you load an English sav file, the OT name displays with non-Asian characters (e.g. NEKO instead of NEKO) and this returns the legality check issue. If Pokémon eggs must be Japanese, it would be good to automatically switch the region of the Pokémon to JPN after checking the “is egg” box, just like the name is automatically changed to タマゴ (tamago, egg in Japanese). An ideal addition would be automatically transposing the OT name from english to asian encoding (e.g. “A” to “A”) when checking the “is egg” box. Alternatively, we could have the error message changed from “OT name is too short” to “OT name should be in ASIAN text encoding”.
  12. Sure! Here it is. 246 - タマゴ - E371546CE61A.pk3
  13. I get the error if the egg's OT data is in english. My workaround was changing the name of the OT to Japanese. Since it's an egg there shouln't be issues with the game, but PKHEX considers it's an error otherwise "OT name is too short".
  14. Hey there, I have been working with Ruby (2002), when I check the "is egg" box, the nickname is displayed in japanese regardless of the language I pick. This doesn't happen with other games (e.g. moon or sword). So I get an error when the system checks if it's legit or not. Am I missing something? Could you take a look? Thanks!
  15. Sure, check your inbox. For the matter of extracting/dumping saved games, check this post: https://projectpokemon.org/home/tutorials/save-editing/managing-3ds-saves/
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