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  1. May your path be full of blessings and joy 「( è^é)「
  2. Well, what you said simply confirms what I Just told. I don't see why would home-brew communicate to the official provider by its own. As far as I know, booting home-brew lets you work "on the fly"... It is like booting Linux from the USB. Most probably, those banned played "restricted software" trough home-brew and connected with such software to the provider; the provider just did the standard thing: Checking their physical addresses, and telling whether or not this software was standard-compliant. They could have bricked the devices, but they did not... Copies from "the other marketplace" and their accessories (i.e. tickets), are often tagged in the wrong way. So, home-brew stuff should have been running a fail-safe to protect your system. That's basic, and a must for auditing. Surely that's going to be "the solution" for this situation; some kind of way to renew and cover your "console's ID". Has anybody tried replacing the console's network adapter? It is one of the cheapest ways to flag a device (that's what other companies did in the past, with other components from their consoles).
  3. It seems there is a lot of speculation around this. Most obviously it is players gaming on-line with the same software all around the world. Thousands of copies of cloned data from a single source going back and forth from local systems to N's servers shall definitively raise a flag. How is it going by now?
  4. Evan, I got OOT Hax on my system, and it's been working fine (I have not updated to 11.3.0-36). I want to make things clear, if I update, Am I going to need/wait the new payloads?
  5. I believe you will be OK. Isn't your Pokémon player ID different from your Device & Marketplace User ID? Market wise, it would not be good banning a device, lest they disturb their other franchises.
  6. Editing your save-data is not a guaranteed ban. You need to connect to their servers, and they need to tell whether or not you changed the information they care about. That's why people recommend not connecting to Pokémon servers at the moment.
  7. I wouldn't be so scared; it could have been anything from powersaves to PKHEX. As a game-shark user from the gameboy era, I noticed that generating Pokémon or (anything else) trough HEX editing was not a simple task. Your code has to take into account all the stuff involved with the changes you make: For example, sometimes, in-game acquired items trigger changes in your save/game, while "illegally acquired items" do not. If you own the original code, you can “quickly” scan the game and detect such irregularities. It was rather obvious when the things scaled to GBA and the DS, it was a pain getting your Pokémon right. I remember it was when the first “Pokémon consistency check” software was launched. Perhaps there will be need for a “Pokémon saved-game consistency check” software, in the future? If you ask me, I think it most of it was powersaves, because their codes do not take into account trainer data or the fine details. As far as I know or as far as I am concerned, they just duplicate the same stuff in whatever saved-game you tamper with. That happens when you are deprived from making your own codes. On the other side, I believe PKHEX is primarily intended to help you grow with your Pokémon and have fun with them; I don't know how PKHEX works from the inside, but if I was going to work with save data, I would try my best to make my edits work -exclusively- with my target-data. And I think the science behind PKHEX's is focused on that subject. As long as you stay within the boundaries, you will be fine, I think. So, it is pretty obvious to me: Whatever method they employed, those bans are the result from exceeding the limits of the game using external devices. Pretty much, it was people getting greedy. I did not expect that people capable of editing their saves were so privileged… I think that 6'000 of banned individuals is a very small number (considering market size and demography). You can always start over, just take smarter shortcuts.
  8. Wow, Sabresite back on tracks! That's awesome!

  9. Hide

    We're Back

    It Is good to be home again, at last! Alpha was an awesome guy, I hope he gets all his stuff nicely sorted. And congrats to all of you, the new admins; I know you are great & devoted people.
  10. Hey there! I have been wondering, can I use this or do something like this using "browserhax"? The thing is that I updated my system in order to play other games... I understand that BrowserHax works with 10.3.0-28 U, but I have not found any thread explaining how to use the BrowserHax, Ideas appreciated. Happy new year for all~ - Hide
  11. Hey there, I have been wondering, do you think there will another gateway 3ds, soon (hardware)? - Hide
  12. Well, I hope you have fun! Aahaha your Azelf meme's funny ... you reminded me that... - Hide
  13. Thanks for the comments! I will check that store as well! - Hide
  14. Hey there~ Ciro's Pokémon maker, dude that's old school! I know what you mean. Basically, you need to create a Pokémon with IVs, nature, gender and ability that match its PID. If I remember correctly, Ciro's Pokémon maker allows you to enter a Pokémon PID manually; first try to create a gen III Pokémon using Pokégen (which you can download from this site, look around), making sure you follow this guide. Then, once you get a Pokémon's PID that meets the legality criteria for gen III, copy everything (including the PID) to Ciro's PM making sure that you do use the same stats as in Pokégen, generate the codes and you should be good to go. Or you can employ PKHEX and this method. Take care! - Hide
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