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  1. I have seen several treads which discuss modifying the main character's model. Most of them revolve around editing textures, changing parts of the model and so on... Two of the topics I remember are swapping the female protagonist's model for Crystal's in OR/AS, the other is editing May. When It comes to moon/sun, I see people struggling with the fact that the main character models are broken in pieces (it probably happens in x/y as well); preventing you from replacing the main characters with (for example) NPCs right away. So, if you want to play with say… Gladio, the “boldest” suggestions imply you should take his model and break it, to let the game splice it as you replace the main character's parts with Gladio’s. I haven’t seen anybody playing with him or other NPCs, so I guess that’s a lot of work for most people. But what about hex editing? Has anybody here explored that field? Maybe it is possible to modify the game (or a save) and make the relevant code replace the main character’s models with an NPC’s (or in other words, call an NPC model). There was something like this in Soul Calibur IV, for the XBOX/PS: SC4ccedit. Any ideas?
  2. Hey there! It's been about a year since you asked… but this may help you and might aid other people in the future... In very crude words: Sometimes you need to check with both the "old" (2.x) and the "new" (3.x +) python versions. That error happened because you probably need to run the script with the “old” python.
  3. Alright, thank you!
  4. Hey there, Given that QR Magearna (moon) is an event pokemon, I got some questions (which could apply to other event pokemon): Can you get a "perfect" pokemon from the QR code? ( I haven't tried QR on moon, yet). Or, can the pokemon spawn with "perfect" IVs? Are its IVs locked? Is its PID generated using a special method (as in older generations) If I change its IV values, do I need to reroll its encryption constant and PID? Thank you!
  5. How about from the bank to the (early) game? You don't get to see the Pokémon outside the Alolan basic dex until some point, later.
  6. I don't remember whether you can or cannot retrieve Mew and the others (Celebi, Jirachi, etc.) via bank or trade early in the game. Do I need to beat the elite 4? Can you tell me? Thanks!
  7. Nice, thank you very much! Oh, I get it, this wraps it all! Then it does not matter if that value remains as 0. Right?
  8. I checked the formula: It says: IDfinal = IDtrainer + (IDsecret × 65536). But the article does not mention anything about “another” SID (the one that returns ceroes). How do you calculate this SID?
  9. I understand, so if I do that in batch editor: PKHEX returns a SID value of "0000", and... PKHEX also returns the TID and “ID” values I would like to display. Which takes me back to my question: Why do I get a SID value of "0"? Does sword/shield handle 2 different SID values and 2 different TID values? How does PKHEX calculate the ID: xxxx/yyyy values (the ones that show when you hover over the onscreen TID) using the onscreen SID and TID? Thanks!
  10. I am working with a Sword/Shield Pokémon in PKHEX and I want to provide it with a specific trainer ID value. My target TID is 65635. Hence, to get this value my inputs should be TID 99, SID 1. Because: 99+(1*65536) = 65635. I was expecting to find 3 cells in the TRAINER tab: One cell to enter the TID value of 99 (“legacy” TID). Another cell to enter the SID value of 1 (“legacy” SID). And a third cell containing the calculated “65635” (“new/final” TID). Instead, PKHEX has SID/TID cells that (seem to) work differently. Why? I got to leave the SID value as 0 and directly enter TID 65635, if want the "TID hover values" to display the 99/1. Otherwise, entering 99/1 in the SID/TID cells returns "random" (unexpcted) "TID hover values"... And I guess this will change my "new/final" TID. How do I get the target Sword/Shield TID value (65635) in PKHEX, without leaving the PKHEX SID value as 0? (Because I think leaving the SID field as 0 is against the rules). Thank you!
  11. May your path be full of blessings and joy 「( è^é)「
  12. Well, what you said simply confirms what I Just told. I don't see why would home-brew communicate to the official provider by its own. As far as I know, booting home-brew lets you work "on the fly"... It is like booting Linux from the USB. Most probably, those banned played "restricted software" trough home-brew and connected with such software to the provider; the provider just did the standard thing: Checking their physical addresses, and telling whether or not this software was standard-compliant. They could have bricked the devices, but they did not... Copies from "the other marketplace" and their accessories (i.e. tickets), are often tagged in the wrong way. So, home-brew stuff should have been running a fail-safe to protect your system. That's basic, and a must for auditing. Surely that's going to be "the solution" for this situation; some kind of way to renew and cover your "console's ID". Has anybody tried replacing the console's network adapter? It is one of the cheapest ways to flag a device (that's what other companies did in the past, with other components from their consoles).
  13. It seems there is a lot of speculation around this. Most obviously it is players gaming on-line with the same software all around the world. Thousands of copies of cloned data from a single source going back and forth from local systems to N's servers shall definitively raise a flag. How is it going by now?
  14. Evan, I got OOT Hax on my system, and it's been working fine (I have not updated to 11.3.0-36). I want to make things clear, if I update, Am I going to need/wait the new payloads?
  15. I believe you will be OK. Isn't your Pokémon player ID different from your Device & Marketplace User ID? Market wise, it would not be good banning a device, lest they disturb their other franchises.
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