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  1. Would it be possible to use lets say PokeGen to create a valid PIDIV and then plug and chug?
  2. Yea I ment the actual Gamecube not a Rom...
  3. Did anyone ever use Gamecube AR to mod Pokemon Colosseum or ? I have found a few but they end with saying "Additionally, these codes only change the Pokémon's name, type, special ability and the Pokémon itself. They do not change nicknames, gender, moves or stats of any kind" So how do i mod the stats or will the box bounce trick work. Here is the site where I found the codes. _Gale_of_Darkness.php'>http://arcentral.net/Codes/NTSC/Pokemon__Gale_of_Darkness.php Thanks for any help!
  4. The Pokewalker doesnt affect the laptop...if you randomly get your DS screen near the bottom edge of yer laptop it blackes the screen...why I dont know but I am sure its something sueable...FCC regulations and what not.
  5. I had the same thing happen with mine!
  6. What does Pokewalker count as?
  7. I shall not ignore your girth then!
  8. Really In building? Even though its in Pewter City?
  9. Hey what about if you caught Latios from the Enigma Stone event? The 85h value would be what precisley?
  10. Read/understand the Question please...
  11. I want to Hack a Snorlax with selfdestruct. So heres my interogative. In the Encounter value is it in a building or tall grass or what?
  12. Just discoverd a Pkm tourny here on my campus but I got 2 take home exams. I still dont have the Hex Values understood so I'm turning to yall. Thanks for any assist.I would like the pkm files. Email is orbwhisper@gmail.com IF you can make it so it passes the legal checker that is awsome IF you dont have time or whatever thats ok I can clean up the IV stats to match the nature. Also Im not to sure on the hatched pokemon's Location met and such....I really am trying...Any information advice given would be awsome! THANKS! BTW TUNE IN THIS SATURDAY AT 7PM FOR MY SOCCER RADIO BROADCAST AT http://www.westga.edu/thewolf/
  13. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! Its been up for a while so I figured I would post. http://www.pokemonvgc.com/ Last year I did the treck from Carrollton GA all the way to Nashville TN and didnt even get to play due to the random draw. But now its literaly 1 mile from my house in Suwanee so heres to seeing some of yall
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