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  1. Ah, okay! I'll be as patient as a Wobbuffet! Thank you very much!
  2. Oh! So I...have to edit something like in that github link or is this an update that's coming soon? If it's the former, can you please tell me exactly how so as to minimize the chances of me screwing it up! Oh my beloved Pearl Pokémon...!
  3. It would be really nice to be able to retrieve party data.
  4. Thank you for moving this. I hope this suggestion will be considered.
  5. Alright then, how do I move this topic to Save Research & Development?
  6. This doesn't count as save editing, does it? Can you please make it so that the Party Pokémon Box in PBR is accessible in PKHeX? I can't move them around in the game itself and I really want their data. I wonder if it's the same in Colosseum and XD...
  7. Poking around in PKHeX with two PBR files, I clicked on Mail Box to find out what it does and this appeared: PbrSaveData 201-08 - UNOWN - 7DDB7394E875.bk4
  8. Never mind, silly me, I realized I had to change the Custom Path in SaveGame Manager's settings so that it would go to the SD card and not the USB8 (whatever that is)! Now I can see the extracted data in PKHeX! Just out of curiosity, how come I can't view Custom Passes that my Pokémon are attached to? I can only see the boxes. I suppose this means I'll just have to move them back. EDIT: Eheheheheh, it seems switching my Pokémon does nothing, due to the fact that my Pokémon are set to my boxes. The ones that I want are set to my Party Pokémon Box which isn't visible in PKHeX.
  9. At the risk of sounding dumb, what is the difference between "Extract" and "Compress" in SaveGame Manager GX? I've obtained the data twice and it's still the same size.
  10. How strange. I downloaded a file with all 493 Pokémon and 18 boxes completely full yet it was still smaller than my file. Why is that?
  11. So what should I do? Delete some Pokémon in the boxes, obtain the data then try again?
  12. Pardon me! I used SaveGame Manager GS on the Homebrew Channel in order to obtain my PBR file so that I can recreate some Pokémon that were lost. When I attempted to open it in PKHex, however, this occurs:
  13. Incidentally, the ones that I noticed had disappeared were all Hall of Famers. I can't help but wonder whether or not that's a coincidence.
  14. How big should the SD card for the Wii be? What would be the most reliable way to back up the systems and data involved just in case things go wrong (and knowing my luck, they shall)?
  15. Thank you! I'll be back if I have further questions or trouble.