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  1. Hey Bob! Ok I remember this team btw lol! So my advice is to get Spikes support because even atleast one layer of Spikes with of course Stealth Rock deals about 24% damage on Shoddy to Neutral pokemon. I am really not the best at Team Rating though lol BUT i will simply just say what team would work and you can pick and choose as you feel. A Taunt Skarmory lead would be very effective especially for this time in the Metagame its still very new and uncommon and can shut down most Stealth Rock leads such as Hippowdon and Swampert. Against leads like Azelf and Heatran and Infernape i recommend a Choice Scarf Tyranitar... it sets up the Sandstorm and provides a reliable means to KO those leads and other pokemon like Latias. Taunt/Toxic Gliscor is pretty annoying lol i don't at all like them but id use a Nidoqueen in its spot to set up Stealth Rock/ Toxic Spikes... Nidoqueen also is the best counter for Lucario and can OHKO back with Earthquake, and Fire Blast does a good job with Scizor/Skarmory. Rotom-A form is definitely needed on any type of Stall or Semi Stall team. So yeah i saw a couple comments above mine about that sooo put that in somewhere. And it looks like you would have issues with Gyarados especially the Taunt ones and it would rip through your team if you dont act fast... so i would recommend Vaporeon to handle Gyarados and it provides Wish support to the team and can also Toxic opponents. I probably just changed your team completely lol but as i said im not the best Team Rater... Hippowdon is a great wall in fact its an amazing wall i just think it is better suited for Full Stall. But considering that todays metagame basically prepares for Full Stall it would be best to go Semi Stall and still be able to attack. That leaves you with one pokemon left on your team and i dont exactly know what to recommend for it except something that can set up and use the Toxic Spikes or Entry hazards to its advantage.. i would say Jirachi- Sub Calm Mind but eh that is just me. but i like Taunt/Toxic Gliscor there are really no counters for it in the game anyways your team is beast regardless of the switches haha i had trouble getting passed your Hippowdon for sure! Haha very annoying but amazing! and NICE RMT! Beautifully presented
  2. do you think you could make a flygon look like garchomp please? lol or a brighter yellow? it looks tooo gold and it looks weird now with the team
  3. yeah pretty much that and ive tried using that software but it comes with the white background and i dont know how to remove it... nor do i know how to change the colors so well like you do lol. do you zoom into the picture and change it bit by bit? p.s. thanks for fixing my double post i dont want to be banned again
  4. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! :D :D !!! Thank you soooooo much but could you switch the colors for salamences and add one more milotic with that blue you did for slowbro? oh and how did you do this? if i could learn on my own i wont need to pester you about it
  5. Haha thanks buddy and i wont pester you take your time its no big deal lol schoolwork is very important btw am i allowed to borrow your mismagius.. its soo cool lol
  6. Hey if it is not too late i would also like to make a request if its not too much of an issue.. Salamence - Goldish-Yellow and White like the layout of shiny latias and a green/white version. Rotom-h - Yellow like Rotom-s Milotic - Blue like color like Suicune Flygon - 1. Goldish-Yellow like Latias AND 2. Dark Shadow color Tyranitar - Dark Shadow color like SilentFox's Porygon evolutions Toxicroak - Gold/Yellow Slowbro - Shiny Suicune Blue Please id really really appreciate it! ohh and an infernape but like instead of brown more orange fire color
  7. eh for the most part they do and suicune can handle any ground type attacks, but either way you must not forget i also have shaymin for ground type pokemon. and rotom-s resist ground attacks. focus sash endeavor person... i never just switch Infernape out normally, i will use uturn and with the speed i have i will most likely get out safely bar ice shard which wont even harm infernape. but uturn breaks the sash for me to send in suicune and after 1 calm mind a surf will OHKO mamoswine. No problem whatsoever
  8. Team Of Perfection Introduction ------------------------------ Have you ever created the perfect team? A team that can handle any threat and counter back to the fullest? Well after much thought and analyzing the metagame i have finally come up with the ultimate team. With correct play there is no team that can stand to this without a good fight. You may look at this team and assume its a joke, but once you understand what each does you will be surprised. Well thats enough for introductions.. I present to you my Team Of Perfection.(Conservative Rating Estimate of 1411 with this team and rising!) Team Building Process: Now the goal of this team was to counter every possible type of threat in the metagame and the first thing i required was a wall breaker of sorts to handle any Skarmory or Blissey that may try and get into my path. Infernape was the first thing that came to mind and it was a great sweeper for the OU tier so i began with him. Once i had my main offensive sweeper which was Infernape i decided i needed a physical wall and a special wall. Now i could have went with the typical Skarmory Blissey but that left many weakpoints in the team so i decided to go with Registeel who resists 11/17 types of attacks in the game and with its bulky stats it was just what i was looking for in a wall. Registeel could have went both ways for the wall, but i decided to merely focus on its special walling capabilities. Then i needed a physical wall. After some more reading i found that Slowbro was the best partner for Registeel but i felt in the OU tier it would somewhat get ripped apart so i went for Suicune for my physical wall for this tier. This was also great for me because these two covered so far every weakness Infernape had and supported each other. Infernape was a great sweeper but there were things that would prevent it from sweeping, such water types and ground types. So i wanted something to simply clear the path for Infernape to rampage without any worries. I decided a grass type would be nice and it came down to Celebi or Shaymin, and Seed Flare was just too much to let go. Shaymin also became my status blocker which would prevent anyone from crippling my team. Now the one major threat to several teams are stall teams. Stall usually consists of Defensive pokemon (which Infernape and Shaymin can rip apart) and Residual damage. Mainly Toxic Spikes was the initial issue. A team with to Toxic Spikes basically spells good game for you against any stall team. So i was in need of a spinner, but they always pack Ghost pokemon to avoid it from happening. And to prevent that i decided to simply just have a Toxic Spikes absorber. This way stall would not be as effective. I had several choices and ended up choosing Nidoking. Nidoking solved my tspikes issue AND allowed me to set up my own tspikes. It was also a great Toxic/Thunder Wave absorber as i dont always prefer for Shaymin to be taking these statuses. And Nidoking's movepool is vast and covered several things i had problems with. Three of my pokemon were weak to ground type attacks and one was weak to fighting. I needed a ghost pokemon and Rotom sealed the deal. Which also made sure no pokemon could randomly explode on me which i hate. Really i should have chosen Rotom-h to atleast fake the possible Overheat.. but Rotom-s had the yellow around it and i like my teams to be pretty as well as strong. Considering if i were to get Toxic Spikes up i could possibly abuse it with my SubChargebeam Rotom-s. Team Synergy: A team with synergy cooperates advantageously for a final outcome. Basically, without synergy your team is doomed. Now for an inside look of how i use this team and why it works well together. When i looked at the types of teams and pokemon that work on those teams my objective was to stop them. So i will be explaining how my team is perfect in countering the metagame. Infernape (M) @ Choice Scarf Ability: Blaze EVs: 44 Atk/212 Spd/252 SAtk Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Close Combat - Overheat - Hidden Power [ice] - U-turn --- This Infernape is basically my ideal pokemon that handles a variety of threats. First off i gave Infernape a speed stat of 502 which outpaces any +1 252 Spe Jolly/Timid 100 base Dragon Dancer namele Salamence. Outpacing Salamence allows me to OHKO it with Hidden Power Ice preventing it from ever being a problem to my team. Close Combat handles Dragon Dance Tyranitar as well. Those main two things I made sure i countered very well. And with 44 attack ev's i can surely KO Blissey and Overheat any Skarmory with max special attack. Now Infernape as a lead is very deadly as a number of things easily fall to it. Metagross, Jirachi, Azelf, Bronzong, Heatran, Tyranitar, Aerodactyl, Ninjask, Smeargle, and Roserade (I simply let these sleep me because i have a toxic spikes absorber waiting in the wings). Just by the fact Infernape can lend each and every one of these pokemon in KO range and the fact that with a Choice Scarf i can attack again to simply take them out makes Infernape an Anti Lead to me. This momentum keeps me going and forces them to switch out if anything. Latias that like to switch in on Infernape can take a U-turn and it deals a decent amount of damage too. Infernape provides the power, the wall-breaking capabilities, the anti-lead capabilities, and has the speed to back it up. Shaymin @ Life Orb Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 252 Spd/252 SAtk Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Seed Flare - Rest - Earth Power - Hidden Power [Fire] --- Shaymin has 100 base stats around the board aka it is a beast! Of the leads that Infernape does have trouble with namely Swampert and Hippowdon Shaymin cleans them up really good! I will almost always switch to Shaymin as well to simply force them out or OHKO with Seed Flare. Shaymin is another secret weapon of this team as to most people its unpredictable and can deal serious damage to several pokemon and take hits decently despite its size . Life Orb takes a tole on Shaymin but the extra power is needed and is easily recovered away my simply using Rest. It's Natural Cure ability makes it a great switch in for incoming statuses and can score an easy hit on pokemon as well. Earthpower AND Hidden Power Fire provide amazing coverage. Shaymin even counters Sword Dance Lucario as it is quick enough to knock it out with either Earthpower or Hidden Power Fire and survive an Extremespeed due to its bulkiness. Scizor that come on this pokemon expecting to eat my Seed Flare and Bullet Punch or U-turn out die as well to Hidden Power Fire. People always tend to underestimate Shaymin due to Celebi but for the power in Seed Flare over Leaf Storm + the drop was superior in several ways. Suicune @ Leftovers Ability: Pressure EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SAtk Bold nature (+Def, -Atk) - Calm Mind - Surf - Rest - Sleep Talk --- Suicune is my physical wall on this team and it eats them like a champ. Usually with my walls i tend to have them be bulky on the physical side while still able to dish out attacks on the special side and Suicune was the perfect pokemon for that job. It also resists Infernapes Water weaknesses and Shaymins Ice weaknesses. I use this pokemon for just about pretty much every physical attack, especially pokemon such as Scizor who spam Bullet Punch and U-turn. Suicune will simply come in and begin to stat up. I chose Calm Mind because it allows Suicune to set up and skyrocket its powers beyond that of any normal pokemon and with the right support it can single-handedly rip teams apart. This is also one of my possible Toxic Spikes Abusers. With Toxic Spikes up Suicune can come in and stall them out if it needs to with Rest + Sleep Talk. The ev's here are very simple and basic just like the rest of my team. I maxed out on its physically defensive abilities so that it can shine in that department while Calm Mind makes up for the loss. Rain teams are utterly stopped by Suicune and with Calm Mind it is untouchable. Registeel @ Leftovers Ability: Clear Body EVs: 252 HP/100 Atk/156 SDef Careful nature (+SDef, -SAtk) - Iron Head - Explosion - Stealth Rock - Thunder Wave --- For this team Registeel is the all purpose wall with 150 base stats in both defenses this thing is a beast in taking hits and especially dealing them back. I focused mainly on Registeels specially defensive side as i needed a pokemon for incoming special attacks and registeel also resists 11 out of the 17 types of attacks. Registeel handles pokemon like Latias extremely well and can even Thunder Wave to cripple one of their sweepers. Once one of their pokemon are Thunder Waved or i dont predict a ghost switch in i can Explode at will which will almost always take down one pokemon on the opponents team. Stealth Rock is usually a first with Registeel as it negates any sashers and prevents the opponent from continuesly switching their pokemon around. It even limits the switch-ins for flying type pokemon such as Salamence and Gyarados. Iron Head is used simply to help wear the opponent down and can do a considerable amount of damage. The 100 attack ev's allow Registeel to almost always get the Explosion KO from pokemon that dont resist it, and the max HP and 156 special defense ev's helps it keep its bulky name. Rotom-s @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 4 Def/252 Spd/252 SAtk Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Substitute - Thunderbolt - Charge Beam - Shadow Ball --- SubCharge Rotom is one of the best sweepers id say that can also hide behind a Substitute and abuse Toxic Spikes. Aside from Suicune Rotom does this job best. Rotom-s can usually get easy switch-ins to the numerous threats this team has such as ground type attacks that are directed to Infernape, Registeel and Nidoking. and Fighting type attacks directed to Registeel. This pokemon works easily though get Rotom in on one of its targets and Substitute and Chargebeam up until you are ready to attack. I kept both Thunderbolt and Shadowball because those are Rotoms most strongest STAB attacks and especially after one boost. The ev's are simply a max of Special attack and speed which allows Rotom to survive and strike opposing pokemon without receiving a hit. Rotom-s is also my Explosion absorber, and with the right prediction i can even switch into Superpowers from Scizor and proceed to set up that way. Nidoqueen (F) @ Life Orb / Black Sludge Ability: Poison Point EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Toxic Spikes - Superpower - Stone Edge - Sucker Punch --- Nidoking... Many people will see this and assume its a joke or novelty team but i guarantee that even you will lose to this. Nidoking provides the ever so amazing Toxic Spikes removing ability. With Nidoking, basically Stall teams fall because without their toxic spikes to wear down the opponent, they will most likely be left taking hits without dishing any damage back. And my team is designed to handle these pokemon. In addition you will notice that this team is very offensive but i also carry the ability to switch my style of play into defense and stall if i must, and what is stall without my own set of Toxic Spikes. If ever i realize i have to begin stalling i will quickly get Nidoking in and set up. Even Sacrifice if i have too but i honestly never ever resort to this method. Other then the Toxic Spikes issue, Nidoking provides great electric and poison resistances which i tend to use for a free switch in. Life Orb and Black Sludge i usually switch around because i am not to sure which would be more beneficial, and sometimes i simply dont put any items at all lol. Against opposing Blissey i will usually send in Nidoking and then Superpower to deal serious damage. Stone Edge allows me to hit Rotoms and when they try to counter attack i simply Sucker Punch and knock them out. Nidoking is also bulky and i use it as a fodder if i have to, as it is definitely the weakest link on the team. However it always surves its purpose and then some so it is definitely a key player on this team. Conclusion: This team is perfect. All threats are handled in one way or another, and with correct play and hopefully not to much hax you will be winning most of your matches. And if you dont believe me here is an example warstory of how the team is used. Threat List: Defensive Threats: Blissey - Toxic Spikes, Infernape, Registeel, Nidoking.. Blissey's a joke. Bronzong - Setup fodder for Rotom-s. Infernape too. Celebi - Registeel handles these nicely even HP fire manages like 25-30% damage and i can twave and blow it up. Cresselia - Registeel can eat its attacks nicely and cripple it, and Rotom-s sets up on it. Forretress - Infernape, Shaymin, Rotom-s Gliscor - Shaymin, Suicune, Infernape can HP ice. Gyarados - All tupes are handled by Shaymin and Suicune. Hippowdon - Toxic Spikes make this guy useless. And Shaymin and Suicune can take these out. Jirachi - Infernape, and Shaymin eat these alive. Rotom-A - Nidoking does a nice job handling these, though sometimes they can be annoying. Have to watch out for Sub Charge versions otherwise Registeel does a nice job with walling it. Skarmory -Infernape and Rotom-s Snorlax - Curselax is quite annoying but Infernape can try to take it out with Close Combat and Suicune can set up on it and same with Rotom-s. Suicune - Rotom-s, Shaymin. Swampert - Shaymin Tyranitar - Infernape, Shaymin, Suicune. Vaporeon - Toxic Spikes, Rotom-s, Shaymin Zapdos - Registeel eats this pokemon alive. Nidoking can Stone Edge it. Offensive Threats: Azelf - Lead are outsped and taken out by Infernape. Explosion is eaten by Rotom or Registeel and Psychic as well. Breloom - Rotom-s, Infernape can U-turn and shuffle with Rotom-s. These can be somewhat annoying but they always fail. Gengar - Infernape can take these out, Gengar walls these, and Nidoking can knock these out with Sucker Punch. Heatran - Suicune handles these very nicely. Infernape - Suicune is my main switch. Jolteon - Nidoking and Registeel can take these out. Latias - This just calls for Registeel. Kingdra - Stopped hard by Suicune and when the rain is gone i make my counter attack. I also set up. Lucario - Shaymin can easily revenge kill if anything, and enough bulk to take it out. Machamp - Rotom-s takes the Dynamic Punch and switching around amongst my team can take it out. These can be problematic. Requires some outsmarting sometimes and Infernape can always knock it out with Overheat Magnezone - These sadly trap Registeel but that is fine, Infernape can handle these, Shaymin can as well and so can Nidoking. Mamoswine - Suicune handles these nicely too. and can even set up. Metagross - Leads are out in a second to Overheat. and can always be stopped by Rotom-s,Shaymin. Roserade - Leads are easily taken out and Toxic spikes are negated this pokemon is dead weight on their team if they try to set up on me. Salamence - Infernape was designed to perfectly rape these. If anything i mightttt end up losing a pokemon so Nidoking will be the fodder here. Starmie - Shaymin can hurt these, but Registeel can wall these and blow it up if i have too. Tyranitar - Infernape, Shaymin, Suicune. Zapdos - Registeel, and Nidoking. Scizor - These can deal some damage to my team, but Suicune can wall it, Shaymin can Hp fire it, and Registeel can eat its attacks minus Superpower where i switch to Rotom-s to set up. Thank you fore reading! Rate my team!
  9. Haha well i dont really know, but i think i have gotten a whole lot better since we battled i even have a powerful Metagross Sweep team !! And i wasnt able to effectively use that Blissey so i guess its only usable to you then lol, but yeah i heard it from Shogun Ryu. Sweet. I realized what you said was right and Gyarados wouldnt be able to effectively use the Sword Dance pass so maxing its speed solves that problem greatly. But okay i will switch my lead to this Swampert (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Torrent EVs: 240 Atk/252 Def/16 Spd Impish nature (+Def, -SAtk) - Earthquake - Stealth Rock - Ice Punch - Roar Flygon (F) @ Choice Scarf Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Outrage - Earthquake - Stone Edge - Fire Blast and haha ok i will be extra careful dont worry THANK YOU! =]
  10. Ah i actually remember playing you twice, one with this team and your lead Counter Alakzam that team i beat. So you got upset lol and used another team of Skarmory Azelf Lucario and swept my Baton Pass team. And actually i have always had a Counter Blissey for ages and im pretty sure you never faced me with a Counter Blissey at that lol. Although i did use the double status Blissey after are fight it was recommended by Shogun maybe he got it from you. And i simply tried it @ softboiled,toxic,counter,twave and that was while i was writing this RMT like 3 days ago lol. Because Blissey had no legit form of attack and lost easy in stalls i wanted to try it and sorry did not realize it was "yours" lol. But i did not copy it from you atleast Counter Blissey. Scizor usually passed it to an Offensive Gyarados, so it was able to effectively use its boost with its given speed. It also knew Taunt to stop any attempts at phasing it, so it was pretty good. But once i made the change to a Bulky Gyarados for some defense i lost the importance of Sword Dance. So Scizor has already been fixed with Brick Break and im liking it actually lol. But im considering changing it back. Really this team handles other Dragon Dance Gyarados/Salamence easy really easy. Although i do depend on Gyarados alot to stop them with Intimidate, then switch off to Swampert which resist the obvious Stone Edge to Gyarados to deliver the final blow with Ice Punch or Stone Edge. And if that does fail i always have Scizor to pick off its remains. Im not really too concerned with this. I usually work around the 4x weakness with the right switch ins and prediction, and if its Special attacks im off to Blissey. It is very beatable and Gyarados has never taken an electric, i have two Ground pokemon and Blissey. But i guess i should fix that lol. Blissey IS my Zapdos counter. Obviously Zapdos will not be harming Blissey so i will switch it in and force it out. I am going to replace Flygon with a Scarf Rotom-H. Scizor is always stopped by Gyarados and with Dragon Dance i have nothing to fear. I use Gyarados to absorb the sleep Intimidating Breloom. Or what i used to do was Swampert absorbs the sleep i switch in Gyarados Intimidate and Taunt it resisting Focus Punch. Gyarados has no problem with the Stealth Rock weaknesses unless i play like an idiot and switch it back and forth. I use Rest for easy recovery and it works being able to take a hit. Special Attacks can "set up" on Gyarados but Blissey can come in and wall it out with ease forcing them to switch in their physical attacker only to get a Thunder Wave in its face crippling it so another pokemon can stop it. Breloom has no syngery with the rest of the team, but it helps the team greatly. Powerful Physical and Special Walls are really hard to take down, but with Breloom coming in for the easy quick Spore handles this problem. Even if they switch to an offensive pokemon i can use that to my advantage and Sub Seed stall them out. It may not support the other pokemon as well as some, but this packs huge power. It is like the glue to the team. I would like to try this Starmie in place of Swampert. It works like an Anti-lead and has a great move-pool and speed to back it up. Starmie @ Life Orb Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 252 Spd/252 SAtk Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Hydro Pump - Thunderbolt - Ice Beam - Rapid Spin keeps stealth rock off the field and deals serious damage.
  11. Scizor passes Sword Dance to mainly Gyarados and even Flygon/Breloom but considering that Gyarados can stat up on his own, i think i will switch it for Brick Break. Many times i get off a Sword Dance only to have a Heatran switch into my Bullet Punch. So with Brick Break i cover that problem. Celebi and Heatran are indeed problems for Scizor and i agree that Swampert is sometimes dead weight to the team so what do you think of a: Lead Tyranitar @ Lum Berry Adamant . Sand Stream -Superpower -Pursuit -Stealth Rock -Stone Edge (i will figure out the EV's and post them soon if you think i should) This way i will be able to effectively remove its counters with pursuit and do serious damage. Lum Berry to stop statuses. Skarmory is usually handled well by Breloom. And i know Breloom has absolutely no synergy with the rest of my team, but it is very useful and has saved me so many times it always at least screws over one pokemon PLUS i like it =/. But Skarmory and Zapdos problems i think maybe??? can be solved by replacing Flygon with a: Rotom-H @ Choice Scarf Levitate . Modest/Timid Thunderbolt Overheat Shadow Ball Trick / Hidden Power [ice] (EV's will be done later) Flygon main purpose was my lack of speed on the team, but Scarf Rotom-H does just as well and has a better more useful move-pool that i can utilize to my advantage
  12. <p><p><p><p><p>happy birthday</p></p></p></p></p>

  13. The Team Intro: Basically this was my first team and i wanted this team to be as balanced as possible... i know every team should have a plan but i really did not have one specific plan i just wanted Scizor on the team to pass Swords Dance and sweep a team lol(but i guess thats a plan in a way haha). But yeah i started off with Scizor because it has always been my favorite pokemon and its just cool! So yeah this team which i continuously worked on has gotten me many wins and i finally found a pokemon to glue this team together so i thought i would post this up to see what everyone here thinks of it. Changes Will Be In Bold Closer look: Swampert (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Torrent EVs: 240 Atk/252 Def/16 Spd Impish nature (+Def, -SAtk) - Earthquake - Stealth Rock - Ice Punch - Roar Swampert. My favorite lead. Getting Stealth Rock up as soon as possible is important and it also negates the effects of Focus Sash which could otherwise be a pain so it is usually my first move unless i can predict a taunt. I now run 240 Attack and instead of setting up rocks With Electric attacks being a problem for Gyarados and Fire attacks for Breloom and Scizor, i needed to have something which could both: a) take down Electric/Fire pokemon and b) take on most Physical threats effectively. Swampert can do both. STAB Earthquake/Waterfall provide great coverage and with a base 110 Attack it makes great use of these moves. Ice Punch comes in handy with Salamences and Flygons. In the old days, Skarmory was once my Defensive Wall but it came with so many weaknesses that i just could not deal with that scrap metal anymore haha. Swampert's synergy with Gyarados forms a solid defensive strategy and is my secondary physical wall. Grass type attacks will ALWAYS be directed to Blissey, but can go to Scizor and Breloom. --- Gyarados (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Intimidate EVs: 156 HP/100 Def/252 Spd Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Dragon Dance - Waterfall - Taunt - Stone Edge New Bulky Gyarados. With Max Speed Gyarados will be be able to effectively utilize the SwordsDance from Scizor. Taunt stops any attempt to status or Roar/Whirlwind Gyarados. Dragon Dance for a potential sweep. STAB Waterfall + Stone Edge for some nice type coverage. Gyarados. A vital member of my team and probably the pokemon i rely on the most to bring a good and clean sweep. Since I don't have a Rapid Spinner, and Gyarados is my only Stealth Rock-weak Pokemon, i figured Rest + Sleep Talk would be a good combination to give Gyarados a solid form of recovery and Sandstorm/Hail are dealt with Leftovers. With the ability to rid itself of status, Gyarados became my status absorber. While they attempt to status my Gyarados i simply brush it off and benefit from the extra Dragon Dance. I also use Gyarados' ability to intimidate stall so it can come in on their weakened attack and set up. Gyarados serves as my main counter to most physical threats and handles them nicely. Gyarados also deals with Scizor, Breloom, Lucario, Heracross, Heatran, and many other pokemon that would sweep me in a heartbeat. So with that Gyarados is my primary physical wall in this team that also poses an serious threat. Electric attacks can be directed to Swampert Flygon and Blissey. Rock attacks are directed to Swampert and Flygon --- Scizor (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Technician EVs: 252 HP/76 Atk/4 Spd/176 SDef Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Baton Pass - Bullet Punch - Swords Dance - Roost Scizor. My main revenge killer and team supporter. First of all the given EVs allows Scizor a balance of offense and defense and with only one weakness it is easy for Scizor to switch into many attacks and threats to force them out. At full health it also takes 87.21% - 103.49% (lol its not going over 100) of damage from a Timid ScarfZone's HiddenPower Fire giving me enough time to always Baton Pass out to another team member. Pokemon that usually stop Scizor such as Vaporeon Swampert Starmie and Gliscor etc are actually mere set up fodder for this Scizor. I constantly switch between Swords Dance and Roost while taking around 30-40% damage from most of these pokemon's attacks to easily get to +6 and sweep an entire team. Now Scizor's purpose does not stop their, with Baton Pass i can pass the massive attack boost to all my other pokemon so they can pick up where Scizor left off. Scizor provides great support and power to this team and once Magnezone Rotom's Celebi Gengar and Heatran are removed Scizor should have no problem setting up and sweeping. I was considering using a Pursuit user such as Tyranitar to easily remove these threats, but my other pokemon can handle them. So Scizor is essentially my main offensive pokemon and revenge killer / supporter. Fire attacks can be directed to Swampert Gyarados Flygon and Blissey. --- Blissey (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 252 SpD/252 Def Bold nature (+Def, -Atk) - Softboiled - Thunder Wave - Seismic Toss - Counter Blissey.The best Special Wall in the game. Not much to say here lol. My Blissey is unique though and sports Counter so non Fighting-type attacks on Blissey will easily be returned for the OHKO and all trapping Dugtrio will fail. I chose Thunder Wave because it supports the team more as most of my pokemon are slow and could use the speed handicap. Seismic Toss for some offensive. Softboiled for some recovery. There is no need for Wish as most of the team has a decent form of healing. I tried a double status blissey but it failed ultimately to Heatran so i substituted it out for Seismic Toss. I honestly have no idea how to EV spread Blissey correctly to fulfill its purpose the best so i simply went with the 252SpD/Def to handle incoming special attacks. Blissey is the team's special wall and T-Wave inducer. This set is completely walled by Rotom forms so i could use some advice here. Fighting attacks are directed to Gyarados only. Rock attacks are directed to Flygon and Swampert. --- Breloom (F) @ Toxic Orb Ability: Poison Heal EVs: 44 HP/252 Atk/212 Spd Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Spore - Substitute - Leech Seed - Focus Punch Breloom. Bring this in on slow pokemon Spore them to sleep and set up and sweep unprepared teams easily. Substitute + Focus Punch or Substitute + Leech Seed stalling which works even better if the pokemon is Paralyzed by Blissey. This may not have as much synergy with the rest of the team, but it almost ALWAYS gets the job done when used correctly. Fire attacks and Ice attacks are directed to Swampert Flygon Gyarados and Blissey. Psychic attacks go to Blissey. --- Flygon (F) @ Choice Scarf Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Outrage - Earthquake - Stone Edge - Fire Blast Flygon. My team lacked Speed so i chose a Scarfed Flygon to handle threats. It has a a resistance to Stealth Rock and a 4x resist to fire attacks, which comes in handy. I packed Fire Punch for Steels. I Max out on Flygon's Speed for several reasons, if Scizor is to pass a Sword Dance to Flygon an Outrage is capable of sweeping an entire team. Flygon's speed also helps in revenge killing. It has a 4x weakness to Ice type attacks which with simple prediction can be worked around. Ice type attacks can be directed to Swampert Gyarados or Blissey. --- Please help any suggestions comments ANYTHING will be helpful, i spent a lot of time with this team and i want to make it as great as it can be Thank you for reading!
  14. the possibilities for mew are endless and with 100 of every stat is testimony to that
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