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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, just to let you know: The shoddy server will be down for about 2 weeks. Hopefully less.
  2. This is, for the most part, my first team I actually put some thought into on Shoddy. I've greatly enjoyed being able to have nearly every legal move available with a few clicks instead of "ah screw it, too much breeding." Based off of one of the better rater's teams at SPPF. His original team is located here The Lead of Awesome sillyhatsonly (Bronzong) @ Flame Orb Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP/88 Def/168 SDef Sassy nature (+SDef, -Spd) - Light Screen - Gyro Ball/Earthquake - Confuse Ray - Trick This is basically THE lead that works against all the common leads nowadays. People who think they'll be keeping that Metagross or Swampert around so they can wall teams to no end HATE this guy. They set up Stealth Rock, I give them a Flame Orb and take their Leftovers. Against other Bronzong leads, well, they NEVER pack Trick. I usually get a Lum Berry if I'm up against a Trick Room Zong. Sometimes Meta might give me a Occa Berry. This serves as a pretty decent special wall without having to resort to Blissey. Confuse Ray helps force out some switches (especially if Magnezone comes in, which can be annoying). Due to Magnezone being a fairly common switch in, I'm thinking of ditching Gyro Ball for Earthquake. Light Screen is great team support, and since Rotom is packing Reflect and WOW, I think LS works best here. The leads that give me problems are quick Taunters, which are usually the common suicide leads, or a few of the Fake Outers. With the exception of Weavile, I usually end up switching in the Rotom form. Weavile w/ Pursuit would screw him over, and that usually isn't seen often. Smeargle/Breloom with Spore usually means Tentacruel is gonna go to sleep. Machamp is seriously annoying, but is a fairly rare lead. --- The Physical Sweeper (pic removed, it was huge) Infernape (M) @ Choice Band Ability: Blaze EVs: 56 HP/252 Atk/200 Spd Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Close Combat - Stone Edge - U-turn - Fire Punch Everyone just assumes it'll be some MixApe. But why not just use that ridiculous movepool Ape gets and aim for one stat? With the additional bulk, it helps Ape comes in on NFE hits and still survive, making him a decent check on Scizor and some of the Rotom forms. Flare Blitz is not favorable due to recoil. Thunder Punch was tested out, but I found it fairly redundant with Rotom around. After the inevitable Rotom/other ghost is gone, I've had Close Combat just sweep half of a team. Scizor, Heatran, Kingdra, Vaporeon, Skarmory, they all HATE coming in on it. And the only ones with a chance to do anything are those packing priority (ExtremeSpeed, Bullet Punch), and he resists steel! --- The Lead in the Middle Swag (Swampert) (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Torrent EVs: 252 HP/216 Def/40 SDef Relaxed nature (+Def, -Spd) - Stealth Rock - Roar - Ice Beam - Earthquake After I ditch the Flame Orb and maybe set up Confuse Ray, this guy comes in. He's not vital to my strategy, so I'm okay if he dies off after SR is set up. But man, is it great to scout teams with Roar and let them rack up SR damage. Roar is also a great check on Calm Mind Suicune and other would be sub-abusers. --- Obligatory Rotom Forme (no horrible image available) sledgehammer (Rotom-c) @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP/160 Def/56 Spd/40 SAtk Bold nature (+Def, -Atk) - Will-o-wisp - Reflect - Leaf Storm - Discharge I've gottena lot of "lol no Shadow Ball?" but it's job isn't to fight ghosts. It's a great check on Gyarados and Swampert. Scizor's Pursuit does lol damage after WOW is on, and even worse with Reflect. This is by far the best thing about Shoddy, Rotom forms, and I can't wait to try the others out. I haven't had too many problems with Heatran switch ins, which I haven't seen too much of lately. But they take decent enough damage from Discharge anyway. This is also the guy that handles most of the suicide leads, and I usually end up with 50% or more health left over. --- Spinner shedinja (Tentacruel) (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Liquid Ooze EVs: 252 HP/76 Def/160 SDef Bold nature (+Def, -Atk) - Knock Off - Rapid Spin - Swagger - Surf Yeah, no one is particularly SR weak, but that and Spikes, I just don't like the damage racking up. If it comes out early, I can usually predict a Rotom switch in and Knock Off their Leftovers. RS for obvious reasins. Swagger because Confuse Ray is apparently illegal. Surf because Heatran and others were giving me too much trouble without a decent attack. I originally had Icy Wind to help slow some foes down, but it wasn't worth the move slot. It does add another grass weakness, but honestly, it hasn't effected me too much. I love Knock Off. It screws up so much stuff. --- Obligatory Scizor (actually, this picture is pretty good) gold (Scizor) (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Technician EVs: 252 HP/184 Atk/72 Spd Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Brick Break - Bullet Punch - Swords Dance - Substitute With the added speed, Scizor is basically my check on status that isn't early game Spore. I sub up, SD, and see what happens. I can at least weaken a Lucario/Heatran switch in before being forced to switch out. But i've often been lucky enough to get +4 to +6. The only thing is Gyarados rips this d00d apart, so I have to play this for the later part of the game, or at least make sure Rotom is still healthy.
  3. Shoddy Battle OU Tournament 1 No Players: 8 Type: LMS Description: In order to enter this tournament you must have an OU (Over Used) team of six. Any Pokémon that strays from that category will result in a D.Q. Clauses for the match ups are: Species Clause Freeze Clause Sleep Clause Soul Dew Clause Timed Battle Be sure to check back to see whom you are battling once the tournament is full. When a winner has been decided notify me, Fallen, and I will advance that person to the next round. Good luck and have fun! View all Tournaments Here
  4. I Recently downloaded and tryed to setup shoddy battle on my PC that has Vista(if that helps) i followed the setup guide and got so far to the point of setting up my own server(which i dont want to do) i just want to connect to the project pokemon server. i open shoddy battle, click advanced, in Host i put battle.projectpokemon.org and in port i put 50000,clicked connect and got Error: Connection timed out: connect message. can anyone help? Thanks
  5. Notice: We currently have 16 competitors signed up. If you would like to join please sign up. The dead-line is Friday, September 11th, 2009. Well the time is almost here for Project Pokemon to hold its first Shoddy tournament. The server was down for about a month. But after restoring it at the beginning of the month, it has grown in usage. For this tournament we will have 16 -32 competitors. This will be a tournament with the standard rules we use in the shoddy server at this moment. Over time we will be developing the battle sections of Project Pokemon more and more, so by the time tournament #2 happens we might have a slightly different system. If you want to compete sign up by posting that you are registering in the following format: Shoddy Username: SCV Time zone: -6 Time Preference: Between 9 pm and 12 am Day constraints: Cannot compete in the weekends * I won't be competing so the above is not the first registration. The top three places in the tournament will receive a badge that they will keep until the next tournament is completed as well as be placed on a winners list which will hold a record of the top battlers of each tournament. The timeframe for the tournament will be determined by the number of competitors. So if you know you want to compete, sign up soon. That way we can get an idea of how many competitors we will have. All battles will take place on the PP Shoddy server. The deadline for signups is Friday, 9/11/2009.
  6. (lordhmm975 v. DCJ) Shoddy So i totally forgot that i still had this haha, so i thought i would post up my first pokemon battle on shoddy. I really enjoyed this battle and i have improved by a lot since then. So many mistakes i made haha but hey you learn from these things right? haha well here it is Rules: Ladder Match, Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause, Evasion Clause, Species Clause, Strict Damage Clause, Soul Dew Clause Pokemon: (In order of appearance) Lordhmm975 DCJ
  7. These are the matches for the first round of the tournament. Please finish these matches before the first week of October or ASAP. Post here when the match is done and I will look for it in the server logs to get the official result (but feel free to post if you won or lost). If there are any doubts post and we'll clear them up. Randomspot - Greencat Illithian - HottSushiz bobtheedibleone - Varna FLOOTENKERP - SilentFox Steelbreeze - Substitute novaspectre - Fallen Memjee - SkyFire NeoDraven - TERRA#493 Goldgross - Winner of [Randomspot - Greencat] Have fun!
  8. Replacing the Actual Sprites Credit to Eternal from TeamUber for this trick. Here is the method on how to replace your DP sprites with Platinum sprites. You can basically replace your Pokemon with ANYTHING... even pictures of SPAM or whatever your heart desires using this method. Preview: Sprite Recolor Requests: Also, many people are quite not liking shiny sprites... like shiny Mismagius or shiny Nidoqueen. I've edited them and recolored them. Tell me what you think about them (see attachments). Also feel free to use them... and no crediting required (aside from Gamefreak who actually made the sprites). Anyone can recolor them and do whatever they want with it really... so yeah. [shinysprite]031[/shinysprite] Nidoqueen recolor reasoning: Male Nidorans have blue shinies, complementing their female counterparts, who are blue. Female Nidorans therefore should have purple shinies complementing their male counterparts, right? It seems to go that way... until we hit brown Nidoqueen. Ewww! [shinysprite]200[/shinysprite] Misdreavus recolor reasoning: A golden ghost? The coloring is quite icky! [shinysprite]429[/shinysprite] Mismagius recolor reasoning: See above. [shinysprite]149[/shinysprite] Dragonite recolor reasoning: Okami: And finally, I agree with shiny Dragonite looking disgusting and horrible. Wraith89: Wow. What strong hate to shiny Dragonite. What did he ever do to you? Okami: Besides his color reminding me of dog vomit, not much, really. ^ meanie :mad: Anyhow, yeah, it isn't exactly the best of the recolors... so I made it pink because everyone else told me to >.> One problem... doesn't it look like: [sprite]207[/sprite] [sprite]169[/sprite] [shinysprite]142[/shinysprite] Source: 1. http://teamuber.net/forum/showthread.php?t=5538 2. http://teamuber.net/forum/showthread.php?t=6257 3. http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61613
  9. Shoddy Battle OU Tournament 2 - 12/20/09 No Players: 16 Type: 1v1 Description: Project Pokémon's Weekend Tournament. To qualify for this tournament you must have a part that contains at least four (4) OU Pokémon. Up to two (2) Pokémon from lower classes will be allowed; no ubers! Stipulations Clauses: Species: You may not put more than one species of Pokemon in a team. For example, you may not put two Gyarados... or even six Bidoof on one team. OHKO: OHKO moves are banned (Fissure/Horn Drill/Guillotine/Sheer Cold) Sleep: Only one Pokemon may be put to sleep at a time (barring Rest) Freeze: Only one Pokemon may be frozen at a time (automatically done by Shoddy's simulator... is not controlled in real Wifi Battles) Evasion: Double Team/Minimize are banned. Uncontrollable aspects like Sand Veil and Snow Cloak are still allowed though. Timed Battle: There is a time limit implemented per move (5 minutes per decision) Substitutions: No Pokémon, EVs, IVs, or items held may be changed. Once you start your first match you will have to use that team for the remainder of the tournament. Ubers (meaning Pokemon that are NOT allowed): [icon]493[/icon] Arceus [icon]491[/icon] Darkrai [icon]386[/icon] Deoxys [icon]386-3[/icon] Deoxys-e [icon]386-1[/icon] Deoxys-f [icon]386-2[/icon]Deoxys-l [icon]483[/icon] Dialga [icon]445[/icon] Garchomp [icon]487[/icon] Giratina [icon]487-1[/icon] Giratina-o [icon]383[/icon] Groudon [icon]250[/icon] Ho-oh [icon]382[/icon] Kyogre [icon]380[/icon] Latias with Soul Dew (variants without Soul Dew is allowed) [icon]381[/icon] Latios [icon]249[/icon] Lugia [icon]490[/icon] Manaphy [icon]151[/icon] Mew [icon]150[/icon]Mewtwo [icon]484[/icon] Palkia [icon]384[/icon] Rayquaza [icon]492-1[/icon]Shaymin-s [icon]202[/icon] Wobbuffet [icon]360[/icon] Wynaut Use of any of these Pokemon are not allowed. Do not say we did not warn you. Anyone caught using them, whether they be properly EVd or not, will be immediately disqualified. Godspeed and have fun everyone! FAQs 1) So it basically means all legendaries are banned. My opponent just used a Zapdos! He should be disqualified! No. Read the ban list more carefully. Those that are IN the list are NOT allowed. Those that are NOT (like Zapdos) ARE allowed. Got it? So yes, Suicune is allowed, Regigigas is allowed, Heatran is allowed... legends are all right to use. Just... not the ones in the banned list like the ones placed above. 2) Why is Wobbuffet banned? Garchomp? Why is Latias allowed but not Latios? Wobbuffet is cheap and can guarantee to help set up things like Swords Dance Lucario which can end up sweeping your team... and it is guaranteed to KO one of your Pokemon. It also traps you without Shed Shell meaning there is no real way to counter it aside from Physical Ghosts or Special Darks. Of course, no Wobbuffet player will leave it in against a Spiritomb, right? As for Garchomp... I don't know. They say Yache SD Outrage Chomp overspecializes the metagame... just ask everyone else. Personally I feel it's dumb, but it's banned anyways. Frankly I feel Latios is just a Latias that dies easier but hurts more... but yeah, they're complaining because Specs Draco Meteor OHKOs Salamence... yeah... but it's banned anyways. View all Tournaments Here
  10. Since Shoddy has been introduced to me I have been hooked. It is a personal goal of mine to make Shoddy as large as it can be on this forum. I believe the next step in Project Pokémon's Shoddy is to integrate tournaments into the forums to make it more of a presence so it can attract new members. I have recently installed a new mod that will allow us to create tournaments and battle through to find a champion. Champions will receive forum privileges (to be determined later). Comments, concerns, questions, etc. are welcomed!
  11. Let me share my very first Shoddy Battle. But first of all, let me convey my full gratitude to GGfan for allowing me to post this war story. He is a real gentleman gamer. cheers to that :grog: empoleonmikel's team: ===V.S.=== GGfan's team:
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