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  1. I'd appreciate that a lot Ice Punch. It is modded and I'll be able to transfer the PBR save from my micro-SD card into the Wii System Memory. If you would please, PM me with an Email address you can be reached. I'm going to go into Diamond and start catching/training and get all my Pokemon tweaked to send over. I can probably have it sent to you in a week or so.
  2. I know a DS can do that. But my DS is busted. My money is tied up in bills and I can't afford to drop enough into a new DS. I've been playing my Pokemon games on my PC. And before ANYONE comes in ranting/moaning/b******* about piracy, my version on the PC came from my own, legally purchased DS game. So again, like I've been saying in my past posts, using a DS is NOT an option. I need someone that can create a PBR save for me with the storage from a game save taken from DeSmuME. Similarly with the WiFi remark, I don't have money to waste on things like that.
  3. I am just unable. I'm way out in the boonies (read: Miles upon Miles from any place that has Wi-Fi"). And using a DS to transfer into PBR won't be an option. So I need someone else that can take my pokemon onto PBR. Because the more I read about the, the more PBR seems entirely useless without having your own Pokemon. And again, most of the existing save files for PBR floating around are singularly useless. I want to beat the game myself. Not have it already done. And I haven't got an AR Move Modifier for PBR. I'm not sure if one exists, to be honest. I have stuff to modify Type, Nature, Abi
  4. Greetings, I'm new here, and was drawn because I believe someone here can help me. I'm going to be getting a copy of PBR from a friend in a few weeks, and I'm trying to work out a way to transfer all my pokemon from Diamond, into a PBR save to use. There are saves online, but mostly the ones I've seen have beaten most of the game content. And there is just no fun in that. First my questions: A) In the Storage, how many Pokemon does it hold? Is it the same as the Diamond PC? If not, a numerical value would be helpful. B) Once my Pokemon are uploaded into Storage, I can freely use them with
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