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  1. Use P{okesav and make a Pokemon holding the Liberty Pass. Generate that Pokemon in game. DO NOT TAKE THE ITEM OFF THE POKEMON but instead swap the Liberty Pass with another item. Liberty pass should register.
  2. Really? I did not know that. .-. We're well aware of the issue. It's been resolved.
  3. You don't. You trade them and trade them back or you just deal with not having them.
  4. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?14900-Dream-World-Game-Sync-Error-Code-13204-FIX Redirect to fix the issue with the 13204 Error Code people have been having when attempting to access GS/DW.
  5. Eh. I'm an angry individual. IT happens. Also, I think the code is for like.... Turns going really fast in battle. Think of it like a sped up battle code.
  6. Which code did you test? And again, we said DO NOT open your Pokedex until you capture a Pokemon. Also, DO NOT hold Select when using the code and opening the Pokedex.
  7. Manual input causes the ARDSi to be unable to use the code correctly as it is too long for it. Put it in Notepad, change to an XML and then try transferring that way is what they're saying, I believe.
  8. Did you choose the correct code for the corresponding game? There's a Black Version and a White version.
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