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    Hi guys :D

    Just got back into Pokemon after a few years (mainly because of friends playing it) and I found this site. Figured I'd sign up as there is it looks like a good community. Picked up an action replay for my DS the other day so I'm going to need help getting it to work lol. Not much else to say, just a normal kid in high school.
  2. Ok, so I got my action replay yesterday and I used Pokesav Platinum to make the Porygon-Z I wanted. I output the ARDS code and added it to my action replay. Enabled the code, and then while ingame I held the button combination to activate the code (L + R). There were two results. First I had the Pokesav set for a 512K save. When using the code output for this, my game froze completely. Then I tried with a 256K save size. When I activated the code, nothing happened. Here is the code from the 256K file (I don't know if it makes a difference, I just changed the setting in Pokesav): All the other codes Ive tried have worked. If you hadn't guessed from me saying I used Pokesav Platinum, I'm using the Platinum version. If someone can help me get this code working or testing it to see if it works for them. Or help me out by maybe putting in the settings I want, getting their own code and wifi trading the Porygon-Z to me that would be great. If anyone has MSN that could help me with that I'd appreciate it. Sorry if I seem like a leecher since I just came on asking for help/someone to do the code for me and wifi it me, I'm planning on staying on the forums. Edit: I think one reason the code might not work is that I tried to make the Porygon-Z shiny, which I don't think can be obtained ingame. So maybe that is why it won't work?
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