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Found 3 results

  1. Hi im a little frustrated because i just made a request but it got deleted and i got an infactment ok so if someone could make me a pokemon code for AR and make the code as short as possible ok i want it to be roaming chicorita Lv 100 with the ability overgrow thet knows the moves Leaf Storm Frenzy Plant solar beam seed flare all PP 30 that is holding a lum berry and i DON'T want it to be shiney orig. trainer BoBoClwn i want it to be female with a gentle nature max happiness with no ribbons plese oh plese make it a short code i dont have time to enter a 100 line code in my AR :frown: so thanks In advance! :smile:
  2. I have never been able to get Pokesav codes to work on D/P or Platinum, ever. My Platinum's game ID is CPUE-3811DEF6 and I cannot get any codes to work on it. I looked it up, and it seems that no one else has this problem, they have said that they have that version too but it works for them. I know for a fact I am doing everything correct. I make a single Pokemon in box 2, slot 1, and I check-marked everything that I edited, and save the code. I then copy/paste the code into my AR, load up the game with only that code activated, press L+R, look in my PC box 2, and nothing is there. It's also still named "Box 2" when I obviously renamed it in Pokesav. It's like nothing changed and it's ignoring my code. Is there any huge step that I am missing here? It looks like the code turned out fine...Could someone test out this code and tell me if it works or not (only if you have my ID) so I could know it's not the version of the game that's making this issue? (Maybe my AR is not set up right, etc.) 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E001EE4C 00000010 0153013A 0149014F 01450157 FFFF015A 1001EE5C 00000000 2001F0F5 00000016 E000DF34 00000088 8D018D02 64F70000 398BEDC4 62B76845 5FE9E62A A3394588 B879EBA7 F2FC021E 16CD00C4 67F242F1 16F42CFA 861E725A 89BDDD54 20B792DC 2A48A1FC 48DC0DBB 7C5C4981 66A174D8 20566AED CF7FFA14 06479E44 6D7DD910 946D014F 4CD251CF EBCEBC85 212CD8B0 054348C4 E6938C0E 373A11F1 6BDBA9FF 37C9BFEC 896A3251 0EF64DC7 BDEEF03F D2000000 00000000 I honestly think I did everything correct. This is really ticking me off. Does is sound like I have done everything correctly? Does the code look fine? I can think of only three things, the first which I seriously doubt because others have succeeded with the same version as me. 1. Game ID's problem 3. Something not set up right on the AR 2. Some microscopic mistake on my end that would be impossible to see, since I have looked up countless tutorials and follow them to the exact word.
  3. i made my pokemon, i gave myself more money and tms. i did everything every guide ive found told me to do. but they simply say "add the xml file to the ards code manager. how do u do this ??? ive tried dragging it. it drags but it doesnt work. can someone please give me a step by step guide as to how to upload pokesav created profile onto ards
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