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  1. Both are good As always keep up the good work! Hmm so far for pros and cons for these are, add to it if you like Techron Pro: loads faster Con: Doesn't have links to wiki, pokedex, etc Project Pokemon: Pro: Has links to wiki, pokedex, etc Con: loads slower
  2. Which Pokemon was more of a useful overall, Espeon or Umbreon?
  3. Legendary Pokémon Hit & Give Game How To Play I will post a list of Pokémon. You either say "Hit ___" or "Give ___". All the Pokémon have points (You could think of it as HP) and everytime someone hits the Pokémon, it looses points and if it looses all of them--it's Knocked out and no longer able to play. You can help this my giving it points to help last longer in play. Example: (Assume Lugia only has 2 points) Poster 1: Hit Lugia (Now has 1) Poster 2: Give Lugia (Now has 2) Every post that has the number 0 at the end will deal 3 points instead of 1, though. Thread Rules 1. Do not debate whether a Pokémon is a Legendary Pokémon or not. 2. Do not double post. Game Rules 1. No one Pokémon can have more than 50. 2. You cannot "Give" to KOd Pokémon. 3. Posts ending in 0 (i.e. #120) are worth 3 points. 4. Posts ending in 00 (i.e. #200) are worth 10 points. 5. You will not receive point bonuses if consecutive i.e. Posted on #120 and again on #130. So out of those two posts, you only get 3 for the first and 1 for the second. Hit & Give List Red = Weak (5<) Black = Normal Green = Healthy (<25) # | Pokemon = Current Points 144 Articuno = 50 MAX 145 Zapdos = KO 146 Moltres = 11 150 Mewtwo = 31 151 Mew = 50 MAX 243 Raikou = KO 244 Entei = 3 245 Suicune = 25 249 Lugia = 19 250 Ho-Oh = 10 251 Celebi = 9 377 Regirock = 10 378 Regice = 10 379 Registeel = 10 380 Latias = 11 381 Latios = 10 382 Kyogre = 32 383 Groudon = 5 384 Rayquaza = 10 385 Jirachi = 10 386 Deoxys = 8 480 Uxie = 10 481 Mesprit = 7 482 Azelf = 10 483 Dialga = 7 484 Palkia = 7 485 Heatran = 9 486 Regigigas = 10 487 Giratina = 17 488 Cresselia = 12 489 Phione = 14 490 Manaphy = 12 491 Darkrai = 10 492 Shaymin = 9 493 Arceus = KO (As of Post #424)
  4. Gender, nature, ability and shininess, however not IVs, does the legit checker take this into account?
  5. what do you guys think is the best pokemon?:confused:
  6. hi e1 that likes pokemon this is my first thread so im trying to make it a good one 1 now as my title says what pokemon and pokemon game do u all like personaly my all time favrite is mewtwo and my favrite game is pokemon platinum in platinum my mewtwo is a lvl 100 and knows ice beam ,flamethrower ,thunderbolt and psychic and my #2 favrite pokemon would have to be palkia because its a powerful legendary and my whole team is made up of legendarys so i realy i dont have a favrite pokemon so i dont even know why im typing this but anyway back to the subject witch was about e1's favrite pokemon and game but anyway like i said before my favrite pokemon i mewtwo and my #2 favrite is palkia and my favrite pokemon game is platinum ok im done for now ty to anyone who reads this and i would also like to ask any person who reads this to tell me y cant i use the pal park button on pokesav for platinum ok ty and goodbye for now??? p.s this was made by mwm1057 the greatist pokemon player in the world and who can beat u all just kidding or am i hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! ok bye and remember gotta catch em all and gotta beat em all and gotta see them all {gotta see em all is refuring to the pokedex not anything else} p.s.s oh i all most forgot plz tell me what your favrite pokemon game and pokemon is ok bye adios sianara ta ta for now
  7. What dou you think the new pokemon games will be played on? Do you think it'll be on dslite/dsi or an entirely new console? and if you have any speculations about the upcoming games feel free to share them with us :grog:
  8. Alright so to get a pokemon i enter the code in the ar. Then to get it i have to press L+R to get the pokemon code to work. Well i have a problem. I want so many pokemon but i cant get multiple pokemon at a time without turning my ds off and selecting the other pokemon code. Well my question is(il make an example): I want a lucario, kyogre, and groundon. I make a groundon on pokesav. I get the code. I put it on my ar. I put a check. I press L+R = Groundon. Now if i want the other ones i have to turn it off and do those steps again for the others; and if i keep turning my ds lite on and off, it will get damaged. So is there anyother way of getting multiple pokemon at the same time other that turn it off and on every time?
  9. What are your top 3 Favorite Pokémon Types? Copy and Paste Format: 1. 2. 3. Mine our: 1. Steel - I love how so many are resistant. 2. Dragon - Some of the most powerful Pokémon. 3. Psychic - Moving objects with your mind is awesome.
  10. can someone make me a japanese jigglypuff, heres what i need..make it a code for diamond put it in box 10 slot 10 caught with timer ball nicknamed プリン gender: male date met april 14 2009 make it level 40 SHINY contest stats maxed OT: MIKAL met at twinleaf town met at lv 5 region johto trainer id 11111 infected with pokerus and give it is default move set so i can play online wit it THANKS!!!!!:kikkoman:
  11. this topic is to tell the people of this forum what you first caught in d/p mine is starly and it's now starraviea at lvl 25 or 26:kikkoman:
  12. I've edited some pokemon (created from pokemon files) for example: Charmander Pikachu I've matched the all the pokemon's id and secret id with my own id +OT's name is my name Only Charmander works and the OT name in the pokemon>start>pokemon>summary is blue but Pikachu's OT name is in red... the pokemon won't listen to me cause it's level 31, and i need at least another badge to make it obey me how can I make Pikachu to obey me? and why the OT name is still in red? Thanks Jer_and_bow
  13. What number of Ev's and Iv's should i give a pokemon at level 20 using pokesav to make it look legit and for it to have good normal stats so i wont suck in battling? Please list it: EX: Defense: 34 Attack: 45 ^ Thats what i mean by list it. Please i really need help with that!
  14. I am going to be battleing in the Regional pokemon fights and I wish to train and develop a party that will do well. I wont say which fight I am attending but I will ask you to follow the rules! http://www.pokemonvgc.com/en/ A link to the whole site. http://www.pokemonvgc.com/en/rules/rrg.html Rules of the tourn. If you wish to help or at least train yourself then message or reply here and lets get this shindig goin!
  15. Which Pokémon DPP Versions do you currently have? Also, leave a comment on which you got first. I have Diamond and Platinum. I got Diamond two weeks after it came out and Platinum one week after it came out.
  16. Im not sure if PBR is a spin-off game, but anyways...... Is Pokemon Platinum compatible with PBR? Because Im getting that game:)
  17. What Pokeball did you use to catch Giratina in the Distortion (Torn) World? For me, it was a Timer Ball. I forgot to stock up on pokeballs before I went under, so I literally had 2 pokeballs, 4 greatballs, 4 ultraballs, 1 luxury/net/timer/dusk/masterball. My first attempt, I used everything but the Master. Reset. Second attempt, killed the Giratina. Reset. Third attempt, used up the greatballs and the pokeballs, used the timer. Caught. Good stuff. ^__^ Secondary question here: At what time did you first beat the E4?
  18. tell me a list of hacked pokemon that have been made. tell me their name, and what it does, in this format: name-what it does. example: wondertomb-spiritomb with wonder guard. the list so far: wondertomb-spiritomb with wonder guard ability. (from k41) aquatile- shiny sceptile with arceus's ability, aqua plate, and azumarill's moveset and stats.(from k41) levijolt-jolteon with levitate ability, it replaces its ground weakness with ground immunity.(from K41) instant kill weaville-weaville with no guard and all the auto 1-hit KO moves. (from k41) I will edit this post to add other submissions, lets do this!
  19. hi, i'm new to the pokesav thing and have some problems when using it, i recently put the oaks letter and members card on so i can catch shaymin and darkrai but they don't work. i can't enter the lodge still and shaymin isn't at the end of route 224. Also, when i added gba event pokemon to my game, their pokedex entries are still blank. 151 on the dex is still empty instead of there being a mew there. help please!!! thanks =)
  20. hi, i'm new to the pokesav thing and have some problems when using it, i recently put the oaks letter and members card on so i can catch shaymin and darkrai but they don't work. i can't enter the lodge still and shaymin isn't at the end of route 224. Also, when i added gba event pokemon to my game, their pokedex entries are still blank. 151 on the dex is still empty instead of there being a mew there. help please!!! thanks =)
  21. I hacked a couple Pokemon ages ago, but I also bred and then stopped playing my Diamond cart all together. Now with the advent of Platinum, I don't know which ones are the ones I bred or the ones I hacked! I want to only trade over my breed pokemon, so could someone just check a few of my pokemon for me?
  22. FC: 1761 9260 9483 Pokemon: Gyarados Nickname: None ID: 11991 Secret ID: Don't know(Would like a legit one thnx) OT: Nicole Level: 100 Ability: Intimidate Held Item: Life Orb Move Set: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Ice Fang, Earthquake PP Usage For Move Set: Legally Maxed Nature: Adamant Egg: Yes Shiny: Yes Pokerus Infected: Cured Ball Caught In: Pokeball Battle Stats: Whatever it is at lvl 100 EV Stats: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Speed IV Stats: 30 HP, 31 Atk, 15 Defense, 31 Speed, 25 Sp.Atk, 30 Sp.Def Ribbons: None Contest Stats: None Location Met: Egg hatched in Solaceon Town Where: Trade Request: Wi-Fi Trade Which Game: Pearl Please and Thnx! =D If there is more info you need on the pokemon pm me. If you can make it as legit as possible that would be great! Thnx
  23. well this thread is just supposed to be, if you had a chance to create a pokemon game, how would it operate? I have had an idea for so long, I imagined if someone made a virtual reality pokemon game where whatever happens to you in game happens to you in reality, and if you start a new game, the plot is always different
  24. I just wanted to know what everyone thinks about their favorite games. Which one it is and why. Mine would have to be Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time and Darkness. I love it because you can be a pokemon, and there are so many upgrades from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue. Its got more of a plot, more pokemon, more everything! Don't get me wrong, the original trainer battles are nice but it was such a breakthrough into pokemon gaming when you could actually become a pokemon! So, what about you?
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