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  1. Nvm, found out by myself. Wow screw this.... 1 week not one response HA
  2. My friend the best way to do something is makingit born from an egg,that way you can select Day Care and hatched at whatever legit place you wish. Not only that but it opens the door to egg moves and the like. In that case you would select Egg/Yadda/BlaBla
  3. Actually this: http://pokemon.marriland.com/black_white/pokedex/umbreon/ Is quite the user firendly interface for checking moves. I have found it invaluable in my quest for making em all.
  4. You're banned for carring a ilegal Trainer Card.
  5. You're banned for being a grammar nazi.
  6. Darn image uploader: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/21/wtfvu.jpg/#
  7. So I got kicked the other day for saying pokémon Black or White. Today I went to see wtf happened as just one line refering to the games makes no offence, this is what happened: Well?
  8. Granted, but... You didnt get hooked with the thread (name made it less popular) a Monday, that monday you went to get some milk and a punk gang killed you thus changing creating a tangent in time with a 2011 with you and a 2011 without you. I wish to be the very best, like no one ever was.
  9. Walrein is actually pretty good with the new DW ability (for him ofc) Pressure. 200 Hp, rest in defences (don't wanna check mine atm ) Rest Sleep Talk Ice Beam Water Spourt Massive HP+Hp bassed STAB attack? Yes please.
  10. Well it may not be the best but I run a mixed Pikachu. Pikachu @ Light Ball Ability: Static (Ligthingrod once it is out) Ev Spread: 78 ATK/181 SP.ATK/252 Speed (Hasty/ +Speed-Def) - Thunderbolt (Stab, no recoil) - Substitute (In case of a switch or the opponet trying to set up) - Focus Punch - Hidden Power Ice Hitting: Steel, Rock, Ice, Water, Grass, Flying, Bug(Ice?), Dark for at least 2x. Has a good coverage, his speed makes sure he wont be getting outspeed much and if behind a subs it can take priorities very well. I didn't run Grass Knot cuz I think is overrated not every pokemon weak to grass is heavy and really 20 BS power isnt great when dealing with waters. Also I opted to a mixed set because Light Ball gives a 50% boost to both ATK/SP.ATK giving Pikachu with the giving spreeds ( 247 Atk which is enought to decimated with F.Punch any steel thinking it can wall Pikachu all night all day long, and 271 Sp.Atk) For short understimated da mouse and you are going to pay for it and hard. I think that this pikachu with some support can become deadly, Ninjask speed boost/Swords dance and another 'mon batton passing Nasty plot to Pikachu pft... =D boost his stats to sky high.
  11. <p><p><p><p><p><p>I am serious cuz I haz sad.</p></p></p></p></p></p>

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