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  1. white definatly Reuniclus Rules! and zekrom pwns resiram is cool too but i think you can get both of them cause on serebii it said if you miss catching the pokemon it will be waiting some where for you and if you already have it the other will come or something but Reuniclus rules! and in white forest there is some sorta tree with powers and stuff but black follows the anime story line if you want to battle a tougher male version of iris or is it white that has the dude oh well i cant remember wait ill check yea iris as leader in white and drayden in black besides i already pre ordered i cant un pre order any way white for sure not just cause of alot of diffrences and a little bit more story line it want it cause of the version exlusive pokemon
  2. Yea Riolu Oshawott rules! now im not that fond with the lest evo of it though serperior(snivy last evo) looks cool but dudes Dewott(2nd osha evo) looks epic! and smurott(the last) looks cool but Samurott? it sounds like Sam you rot not cool right? and tepig im not so sure i mean it is cute and all but the previous pig pokemon grumpig now im just saying that thing is ugly and a flaming boar is not that cool dude oh yea a pig on fire yummy meat! no and just a little off topic here you know Buizel in the pokemon episode The Pik-ahuna! to the left of misty's head at 9:38 or something like that there is a picture of buizel any way back to topic snivy= good attack and speed tepig=attack and defence oshawott=Good defence and Sp.attack so oshawott is mine! >
  3. hey at least it helped right? you guys made it so every other person here could play the game in Err english-ish before it came out and if no one can buy the game maybe they will use this patch to enjoy the hard worked on game not the hey look! we finished translating this in a week cause we dont want to realese it yet with out any hard work! version(yes nintendo can translate it into english in 1-3 weeks tops) so they want the hard worked stil almost japenese version you guys make me feel lucky to be apart of this community of pokemon lovers you guys should keeps doing what you guys do keep translating games guys you guys are awesome! LoL pepe talk much? just saying Good job on completeing it!
  4. Hello i am starting this thread to dicuss if and anything about pokemon Naranja or Pokemon Orange So ask questions about the game and i will too my question is Will some one Start to translate it again? OR is there a fully Completed English Version with proper spelling and no Bad Language? And finally please do not Post any links on this thread it just wont help the Forum if it is against the rules the forum agreed to Than you for checking this Thread Out please post if possible Last thread got no post's AND does any one know why it was discontinued? I want to know!!!!!!
  5. Wow i wish i could get help in my pokemon game that im trying to make but no one wants to help...... i hope i can get help wishing this hack luck!
  6. Wow It's awesome that your working on the translation again and seriously Nintendo should turn to you for translating japenese games to english like you got what black and white done in i dunno 4-2 months? and nintendo started when they released the Game same time you did and they arent done yet! seriously what is holding them back? but i am still going to buy the game just to match them up and cause well i am having issues with my Flashcart......... dont ask. any way nice job i wish i could help but i dont know japenese nor would use google translator metioned NOT to use in the V3 thread any way Nice job to Translating it bigg follower scince V2 wishing you guys luck in completely finishing the game
  7. Hey guys i just want to say AWESOMENESS dude's you are almost done! the things i spotted that where in jap where these: 1:Mystery gift some of it is still jap 2:when you beat the plasma grunts in yagurama forest the stuff they say before it goes back to ever world is still in jap 3:innfa red wifi wfc in the c-gear some still in jap 4:well i havent found anything im still in yagurama forest.... i fail oh and if you have r4i latest version Sdhc it comes with an code for Ap patch fix and no$Gba Fix so if you use that you wont have to patch with roudolphs but i suggest using it... Also if you have HG SS and dont have the event celebi or the beasts for black or white i will give to you just pm me your freind code and name.
  8. OK i solved it i uhhh got a pre'd just tell me if this is agianst the rules to say it's just cause i didnt know how to word it if you say its agianst the rules just pm me and i will delete it
  9. hey guys my track meet was awesome i got 54th outta 100 any way when i try to patch using any of the patches all i get is something called Pokumon_patched.Nds and it has no data on it litterally it says it has 0kb(kilobytes) and when i try to play it well it wont workcan some one help me?
  10. finnaly gained kb then i tested it ( pokumon) and it crashed so i deleted it im now going to try to patch the patched game.... i hope it works and wish me luckin teh sucseffu l patching and i have to run for cross country thurs so i gotta get prepared EDIT: i patched the v4 patched game and i will now test it out wish me alot of luck
  11. When i patch the game all i get is a game called Pokumonwhitepatched.nds and it has no kilobytes so i dont know what to do plz help. EDIT: i tried it agian with an already patched rom and it was called pokemon_White_Patched.nds and it had 0kb so please please! help and respond fast!
  12. Yes yes i can and i am looking oh yea i searched my history and it wasnt there Wierd huh? i think i have a computer bug from downloading to many things.........
  13. hmmmm good job i like it at this rateif every one keeps translating we will be done soon EDIT:I was searching the interweb yes the inter web and this dude had a full english copy of pokemon whitehe showed every part of white AND black and ppl where asking him and begging him for the game i forget what the vid was called sorry....... i suck atr remembering.
  14. kk but i dont have my r4i's upload stick so i wouldnt know if it works on there cause i have a save file on it soo shizam
  15. IS the shioppu gym tranlslated and shouldnt you put a unooficial v5 change log like how v4 and v3 and v2 AND V1 DID? i think you shoul do that so ppl wouldnt be asking any way ima gunna try this out kk
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