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  1. I think I found a crash site. looking through the meddles, after trying to exit the meddles menu, i get a black screen. I was going through all the meddles and clicked on a random one, IDK which it was, but im pretty sure it was one that I hadn't received yet. Im gonna try it again to see the specifics, once i go and catch my hidden hollow cubchoo again..... EDIT ok, tried, and could neither find my cubchoo again or replicate the crash. but I did find this Hiker due that asks for a trade, and the trade names are gone. he just says do you want to trade your for my ? on route 7 edit 2 In Oplucid Gym, there is a Female Veteran that is named Drake. I don't think thats a girls name. or i could be wrong, matter of opinion.
  2. alright, thanks for all the advice. Im reading the competitive guide you wrote so hopefully I will learn from it.
  3. haha, glad the snarl/charm amused you =). I was thinking about using a Togekiss with Lucky Chant/Heal Bell/(magic coat/wish)/(silverwind/Hyperbeam) for suport. so start with togekiss, use lucky chant then wish to Umbreon and go from there. or is togekiss a light weight for that kind of support?
  4. Ah, I see, so sad for my favorite poke. well thanks for all the feedback. If he really cant be an attacking poke then I guess I would have to use him for support. but i do have to ask would a Snarl/Charm/Wish/Protect work? or is that just too much of a leap. if not I will probably stick with the Wish/Heal Bell/Foul Play/Protect you suggested.
  5. I really just play pokemon games for the story, or when I just need something to pass the time. but Im thinking about starting Competitive battle. Hopefully this isn't TLTR the main Pokemon I want to use is Umbreon. I have a set in mind for it, but not completely sure how it would go, or if it's even possible. Umbreon ~Synchronise~ Item:Leftovers/maybe life orb or wise glasses Payback Moonlight Stored Power Curse Nature: Sassy(+SPD/-Sp) or Quiet(+SPA/-Sp) with 252 on HP and ATK I figure the Curse/payback for stab and the payback bonus after a few slowdowns from curse. And I really don't want to use the stalling umbreon (toxic,wish,protect,"dark move") and i know that it's not all that offensive. I also figured that Curse and Stored Power would work good together as if im correct, by gaining attack and defense it would get a 20/20 boost in power giving it 60 power after one curse as it's a base of 20. and is it possible to breed in curse and stored power? can i do it at the same time? or is it not possible at all to have both.
  6. if it is a pkmn breeder than that is normal, you will find various breeders throught the unova region, and they will battle you each time you enter the route they are stationed in. it's really good for exp, especially if you have a pkmn with some stab against them. sorry for the double post =)
  7. Not really sure if the translation effects it, but while using a cheat for making instant wild encounters and shaking grass etc. I have the instant encounter on R trigger and shaking grass as L triggered, but L is instant encounter now, and on the previous version it was working as it should. can the translation change the button input readings of the game?
  8. I was bored, and since this is just the translation and not my official game (NA release) I decided on a team based off the trailer from what I seen. current town Mistralton (before gym) Team: Emboar LV61 Item: Muscle Band Ability:Blaze Heat Crash Thunder Punch(Replace with grass knot) Assurance Rock Slide Lucario LV60 Item: Expert Belt Ability:Inner Focus Aura Sphere Ice Punch Bone Rush (Replace with Shadow Claw) Feint (Replace with Drain Punch) Arcanine LV60 Item: Shell Bell Ability: Intimidate Fire Blitz Outrage Thunder Fang Extreme Speed Umbreon LV62 Item: Iron Ball - I want to breed it to have curse and stored power if possible Ability: Synchronize Payback Quick Attack Screech Moonlight alt with leftovers Payback Curse Stored Power Moonlight Haxorus LV60 Item: (Quick Claw once I find it) Ability: Mold Breaker Dragon Claw or Dual Chop - Undecided Sword Dance (want to be Iron Tail) Dig (replace with Earthquake) Surf (replace with Outrage) Swannan LV60 Item: (Nevermeltice once I find it) Ability: Big Pecks Hurricane Fly Bubblebeam (replace with Ice Beam) Aqua Ring (might swap for Dive)
  9. Thanks for all the hard work on the patch! on a side note, What in the world is all that text in joint avenue? already past that part, so just wondering if anyone knew.
  10. would the shaky grass,dust cloud,bubble code for the first black and white work with black 2 as well? Edit: ok, tested b1/w1's code, it doesn't work (misleading second post lol). I gott lucky and found one for B2/W2. here it is if anyone else needed it. found on http://cheats.gbatemp.net/forum/index.php?topic=6389.200 :Instant Shaking Grass/Surf/Fishing Spot (Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 521A0A30 6AA12001 521A1A30 D01D2800 121A1A4C 0000E004 121A1A32 000046C0 D2000000 00000000 White 2: :Instant Shaking Grass/Surf/Fishing Spot (Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 521A0A50 6AA12001 521A1A50 D01D2800 121A1A6C 0000E004 121A1A52 000046C0 D2000000 00000000
  11. main one i would like to see is change month/year to any time you want. anything else is a bonus.
  12. yes, you can modify everything, and there is a PID generator that creates a PID with the corresponding EV changes that you make, if there is one for the EV's you give, sometimes you have to compromise with a few EV's to have a PID. you can modify Move, IV's,EV's, Nature, Ability, Shininess, basically every aspect of your pokemon. on the nature mod question, not sure if it will show as legit, since even though it changes the right value, the nature won't match the PID. IDK how to multi-quote...
  13. if you want a legit shiny, try using pokegen. it's pretty easy to do, and you can do it on any pokemon. that is if your able to load your gamecart's save on your computer. still anyone know where i can get the code i posted earlier converted? or how to do it?
  14. Is there anyway to get this code converted? I dont want an alternative to it, just this code specifically. or if nobody wants to fool with it, lead me to a tutorial or something so i can convert it my self. please and thanks =) ::Move Modifier, Select A Move on Move Screen Then Press(Left/Right/X/Y) to Modify Move 521D9970 60083190 E2002100 000000C0 2800482F 2080D006 4486309C A1202000 47706308 F034B5FE 21C3E81A 42080109 BDFED100 29006961 BDFED000 21011C28 FF40F1D3 F1D31C28 1C07FF05 31291C21 1C31780E 22003136 FF1EF015 F0331C03 0900EFFE D1012801 E00A3301 D1012802 E0063B01 D1012840 E0023310 D1002880 20013B10 210207C0 312F0209 3A011C1A D9004282 428B2301 1C0BD900 1C1A1C38 31361C31 FEE6F015 21001C28 FF0AF1D3 F1D31C28 1C21FCE9 3E013129 2000700E 98077120 900730A4 20014679 BDFE6048 021DA974 FBC4F627 D0000000 00000000
  15. ok, so i shouldnt be worried about my shiny crown trio and celeibi then?
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