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  1. Version 1.2.2


    This is a pretty accurate replica of a Japanese Psyduck with the OT "ジュン", or Jun, which is an abbreviation for Junichi, of course for Junichi Masuda. There were two other OTs alongside Jun: "けん", or Ken, which stands for Ken Sugimori, and "しげしげ", or ShigeShige, which stands for Shigeki Morimoto. Given out in the GTS in the Diamond and Pearl games, they were distributed to a total of 30 players for each OT Psyduck starting August 7th, 2007 and ending August 30th, 2007. To my knowledge no completely legitimate Psyduck has ever surfaced, at least on the internet. The only faults w
  2. So I was able to put some Shiny Lunala Zecros in the gts. I can also wondertrade them. If you want one, reply to this Topic with your discord tag. Thank you! here is a proof:
  3. In the same vein as the distributors that ran on ShinyGTS/DTS, will there ever be an equivalent for X/Y/OR/AS? I have heard that it's theoretically possible, but a lot of hard work. Is it really possible, and if so, is the sheer amount of work required in order to develop such software the bottleneck on it becoming a thing?
  4. Hi, don't know whether this is the right place to ask this. I have Pokegenned a few Pokemon to Pokemon Black and then transferred them to X but my Skarmory will not go through whatever I do to it. These were my latest inputs into Pokegen: PID: blank Species: Skarmory Nickname: Oskar (ticked) Experience: 1250000 L: 100 Nature: Bold Happiness: 255 Ability: Sturdy Country: US/UK/AU Origin: Platinum Game: Black (2)/White (2) Location: Sinnoh Ball: Poke Ball Level: 53 Date: 28/02/2014 Encounter: Tall Grass/Drakrai Stats were all legal Stealth Rock/Defog/Whirlwind/Roost Then I put
  5. So is there any recommendations for a pokemon gts distributor because pokecheck always adds a premier ribbon which basically makes your pokemon fake.
  6. So, ever since I discovered there were custom GTS servers out there, I was thinking about how to use them. I thought it would be nice to have something similar to Pokemon Ranch, but compatible with the new generations, with the ability to take Pokemon back out. I've tried to search, but the only GTS servers I can find either only send Pokemon to your game, or collect data and reject them. I am not interested in cheating/editing Pokemon, this is simply in the interest of extended storage. There are plenty of websites out there that will allow you to see your Pokemon's info, but what I'm inter
  7. So I missed the Keldeo distribution from Gamestop, but found his .pkm file on the internet. I haven't dealt with transferring pokemon via the GTS exploit since HGSS. I downloaded shiny2 and placed the keldeo.pkm file within a folder that I then specified in shiny2. My problem is I can't seem to edit the internet settings on my copy of Black2 because my router doesn't support an encryption type that the DS can work with. I tried editing the 3DS internet options but I'm a little lost as to what to change. help would be greatly appreciated. In a nutshell: I downloaded a pkm file that I want t
  8. Hello, I am new to Pokegen. I have used it on my old Pearl for like a month and it has been working perfectly on that game. Now I decided to try it out in Black. Pokegen updated to 3.1.3. Now when I go to the "met" tab in Pokegen the game section there is only "Black (2)/White(2)" there. The intended game is Black and White. IDK if that was there before b/c this is my first time using Pokegen on Black. But, does this matter when I try to use it on my 3DS or Black? I am doing everything just like before: I change my DNS settings and got to my game to the GTS trade, but nothing happens. The onl
  9. PokéYOG1 is officially DEAD! Since when? Since December of 2011. Why? Because my life had become so stressful from a number of things, mainly the unknown disappearance of my Nintendo DSi, and school. What's new? Well, I have a Nintendo 3DS, and Pokemon Black Version 2 (English version, of course). I also have Pokemon Rumble Blast, and I run a Minecraft server much like I used to run this GTS Distro. Also, my computer crashed in the summer of 2012, and I had to wipe out my hard drive and re-install Windows. I still have Pokemon Black Version (the first one), and I'm pretty sure my copy
  10. Original ShinyDTS (by Shiny Jirachi, aka formlesstree4). Permission given to edit and re-post. Introduction ShinyDTS v2 is an edit of ShinyDTS, created by formlesstree4. It is an emulator (or spoofing program) for the in-game Global Trade Station (GTS) in Generation IV [Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, & SoulSilver] and Generation V [black & White] games. It allows a user to send Pokemon to and from their game, or for some people, host distributions (unmanned!). Program Usage 1) Unzip contents to a folder. 2) Run ShinyDTSv2.exe 3) DNS IP If you are distributing to Y
  11. Hi so I just made some pokemon and I used the DNS from this website right here: http://www.pokegts.us/upload_file.php# I went did everything including entering DNS server thing and moving the 1st pokemon on the 1 box away and checked it million times it is right and when I went into the GTS my character clicked on the computer an nothing happens.Just the regular screen.No pokeballs coming out of the sky nothing just regular old GTS.What am I doing wrong?Is there sometthing I could do?Thanks :3
  12. I've seen some posts around here that said they thought that having a gts on their droid would be a cool feature. I already know that if you go onto pokegts.us on your droid, it acts just like a GTS, but it looks terrible on that tiny little phone screen. I've designed a frontend to use for the site that looks nice, simple, and is easy to use. I've been testing it out on the site this morning (the site has given me some weird errors), however I've fixed almost everything, and so far it works really well. Pretty much, you have a nice simple layout of all the selections your usually do on th
  13. Hey guys. My Pokemon B/W DNS server, called PokéYOG1, isn't working. Let me explain in full detail: Whenever I start up ShinyGTS, it works fine, except for one thing: it doesn't detect any connections from anyone! I have Ports 53 AND 80 opened and it's still not working. When I connect to my server, it acts like the regular GTS. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. P.S. Later on, I might start using a user-friendly of IR-GTS called PYE-GTS, which is still under development by ILOVEPIE.
  14. it's based on IR-GTS/IR-GTS-BW. It works with both Gen IV and V. It Auto updates. and it's not ready yet but if you want to help me with the project here is the link to the repository: http://code.google.com/p/pye-gts/ :cool:
  15. Hey guys. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but.. I'm having a problem with my DNS server I'm trying to set up for distributing free Pokemon. I use DNS_Server.exe and HyperGTS, so... I can't find anything on these forums that answers my question. The problem is that whenever I connect to my DNS server, I get booted off with error code 13274. Every time. I've tried all sorts of stuff. I even tried disabling my Firewall. I'm pretty sure that ports 53 and 80 are open, because I went into my wireless router's settings and forwarded them. Well, at least I'm pretty sure I d
  16. Well, I have been trading a lot on the GTS trying to get lots of Japanese, French, and German pokemon, but one day I was looking for a female Gardevoir and what a surprise, one of the candidates was from South Korea and so I traded for the Gardevoir, I read Gen 4 games are not compatible with Korean mons, but is this now fixed for Gen 5? Also, they are still pretty rare, most of my searches on South Korea are met with no results, I wonder which Pokemon are more common from the Korean players on the GTS (I really like to have mons with their names in hangeul.) Anyone else got mons from Korea?
  17. Can anyone here help me and trade me my pokesav files to my pkmn White? I just need someone who can access the pkmn. files and put it into their own games via (AR) or whatever and trade it to my white version. I would be very grateful, as im desperate for these pokemon as I need them to battle friends D:
  18. Can anyone here help me and trade me my pokesav files to my pkmn White? I just need someone who can access the pkmn. files and put it into their own games via (AR) or whatever and trade it to my white version. I would be very grateful, as im desperate for these pokemon as I need them to battle friends D:
  19. Hey all My last thread where I attempted to ask this got removed from the general B/W thread because it didn't apply (grumble), so here goes. So, I've been wondering The GTS system has changed enough that, from what I understand, sendpkm, HGTS, and the like can no longer distribute. As such, I was wondering if someone could tell me how far we are from a new working system (or link me to the main thread?). Also, I have been attempting to open some of the new .pkm files in pokesav. what i have found is the result of opening a victini.pkm I got in a mass zip file (attached below) of all the
  20. I want to use one of the GTS softwares (I have sendpkm.py, HGTS, and ir_gts) to set up a distribution system so that I can send some .pkm files to my friends. anyone want to help me set this up? because regardless of what I do, I can never get these programs to distribute publicly on my computer's IP address. it only works locally (, the routers IP address). So, anyone want to lend a hand?
  21. Now that we have the GTS exploit to transfer files to the game, has there been developed a way to go backwards? as in saving a pokemon from the game to a pkm file on a computer. This would really come in handy for me when starting a new game.
  22. How come in pokemon platinum, when I'm seeking pokemonin the GTS, it doesn't say the level condtion the offerer wants? it says what species and gender at least it says so in diamond and pearl... why is that?
  23. i have a garados lv up for trade on gts, plz some one trade it, my name on there, is SETH
  24. Hello, I am interested because of these PCNY: PCNY NV:50 Cacturne Staryu Item: Water Stone Shedinja Shuppet Duskull and alls GCEA Tokyo Less chimecho. and this Heracross TOM and CRHISTY I offer almost all other ^^. mi FC Diamante: 1719 3855 4706 Nick: Sukeny
  25. alright so bassically i want to know how to trick the gts building video uploader (if you dont know if one of the pokemon in the battle is hacked it cat upload) so even if your pokemon look 100% legit thay can still screew you over i gave my hacked pokemon (latias in this case) very modest IV just because the only reason i savd is was i didnt feel like taking the hours to catch one on emerald and then transfer it to platinum only to find out that its IV are horrible so bassically i gave it fair IV i know theres a way to trick the gts uploader but idk how also can you alter the hex values s
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