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  1. Yay! I guess I can start making my Reshiram now.
  2. The date is February 20, 2011. It has been exactly 9 months. Still no update. I am disappointed.
  3. I have an action replay DSi, and I don't know if it works with PokeSAV, but I know it works with PokeGEN.
  4. I recently bought an Action Replay DSi and love it, but there is one problem: It can back up all my saves from games, except Pokemon Heart Gold. When I try, it says there is no cart in my AR, when there clearly is. Does anyone else have this problem, and if so, does anyone know the solution?
  5. When Pokemon Black & White are first released in US, will the current beta of pokegen work with that, or is it currently only compatible with the Japanese version?
  6. Zubat. Definately. Zubats are really annoying with their constant Confuse Ray. I can beat them slowly, but I've seen my friends Torterra brought down by that dumb move. I've lost some pokemon to it, too.
  7. Submit any Pokemon request below. I will give it to u in AR code. Happy Hacking, Omerick200
  8. Hello, Pokemon Masters! I am Omerick200, famous pokemon trainer and hacker. I have made this thread for this reason: I would like to create a team of hackers and create a perfect save file. By this I mean: Game won, all 493 Pokemon, with lvl. 100 and max moves, along with some event Pokemon. I mean everything in the game complete, pokedex too. We will do this using AR codes and Pokesav, and possibly PPSE. To join, please respond below. We will begin work on Monday, November 23, 2009. Happy Hacking, Omerick200
  9. Hello. I;m Omerick200. If you want a code made in Pokesav fot DPP, i'll do it. Just tell me here. :grog:
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