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    I can help What system Ds,3ds,Gameboy?
  2. Hi I am shadow666. Its nice to meet all of you. I have been playing pokemon from the very start. I was 1 When I got My First Pack of pokemon cards I love rap Rock And "Rock." I just started Learning Basic Coding. I am looking for spare gameboys,ds,dslite,3DS,3DSXL,Ipods. I love fixing things Like That And I want to build My Own Custom Gameboy So If You have Any Spare things you want to send me I love neopets been playing that for 11.5 years. I am in 11th Grade Dream Is To Own My Electronic Repair Shop :cool::biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Mattpc Shiny Yvetal and Or Xerneas Are not trade-able At this time.
  4. So there is no In Game Glitch that can create one?
  5. I have my plans. I thought you can get one from Pokebank? I might be wrong. I just want the data of the egg.
  6. I need a bad egg for a project of mine Please Trade Me One
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