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  1. kay.. it works now, that was weird... Edit: Wow, he's got some really good tools for editing Gen 2 Roms.
  2. Thanks... I did look hard, you don't have to get up me because I asked for a little help, geez. Edit: Thanks evandixon
  3. Hey, trawling the internetz with mah eyes and google, I was trying to find a save editor. filb.de used to have heaps of ROM editors but I can't find those in case there was a save editor too. I did find one however it doesn't work with my emerald save. It was written in spanish or german or something so I don't understand the error. If someone knows where an editor is, that would be great if you could tell me, thanks
  4. Le bump. Did anyone ever research a bit more into this? And could I have that thing you worked on Poryhack, if you still have it that is?
  5. I got a shiny Gravelar in Emerald and then I got a shiny Bagon. I almost shat myself.
  6. I found this too but I wanted one where I could change items in all the pockets. That's all I wanted it for and I was a a bit dissapointed when I found out I couldn't change the key items pocket If anyone happens to find one that does this could you let me know please? Thanks
  7. Hay, I spent a few hours trawling the interwebs to try and find any Gen 2 ROM editors. I wasn't able to find any. If someone has found one, could i haz linky please? Thanks
  8. Ooh, really? Sounds good. I'd test it but a super scribblenauts rom broke my ds so, sorry, I can't test it.
  9. I don't know where the others are and I can't make you one because of personal reasons.
  10. Hey guys, like Toffeuy, I won't be on PP for the holidays. However mine are for 8 weeks, sorry.
  11. As I said, that would still be good to download error-free, pure .pgt and.pcd files.
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