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    Ohhai there

    Dusk Sorry if you took that the wrong way. What I mean't to say is that my sister is very immature and I am more mature than her. And BtW I like Black Eyed peas and 3 days grace. Breaking Benjamin is pretty cool too. Fox I listen to rock metal and scremo type music, but I like Black Eyed Peas and Flow too. Odd Music choice d:
  2. Hello there! Fox here, I'm new, so you probably don't know this is a shared account with my brother, Dusk. I'm a girl, he's a guy. We share 'cuz we're too lazy to log in or out Anyway enough messing around; I want you people to tell me if my team is good or bad C: THIS IS MAH FUTURE TEAM :C I HAVE PIKACHU EEVEE HOUNDOUR AND GHASTLY RIGHT NAO. Also a star next to the move means they already know it Raichu female Moveset -Volt tackle* -Thunderbolt* -Thunderpunch -Irontail* Houndoom male Moveset -Crunch -Flamethrower -Fire fang -Rock climb Gengar male Moveset -Hypnosis -Dream eater -Shadowball -Mean look (for those annoying Entei and Raikou) Vaporeon female Moveset -Surf -Waterfall -Aqua tail -Water pulse Marrowak male Moveset -Rock smash -Strength -Bone rush -Skull bash Dragonite female Moveset -Fly -Dragon breath -Whirlpool -Hyperbeam Please correct me if these pokemon can't learn these moves, I'm not all that familiar with pokemon moves ^^; Also if anyone has an idea on where to fit in cut, it was originally for Raichu but Pikachu couldn't learn it.
  3. Ohhai...this is a shared account first of all so you all know ^^; me and my brother are lazy and don't want to have to log in and out all the time I am Foxeth, Fox for short, and I'm a girl. My brother Dusk is obviously a boy. Make sure you don't get too confused by our account sharing! Fox I'm 14, almost 15, love Pikachu, Eevee, and any cute pokemon. I can draw pretty well, and do a bit of rom hacking but not anything special. I own three main series games and one spin off. My MS are white, HG, and diamond, and my SO is Mystery dungeon red rescue team. I love electric type. I can be hyper, rude, or adorable little chibi fox, but if you get on my bad side you're staying there. Watashi wa daisuke ga pokemon desu! Dusk sup im 12 almost 13 and im pretty much older than my sister...I suck terribly at drawing but im good at basketball and video games...I own 3 main series games just like fox but thats it. I have Black, Pearl and Soulsilver. Mess with my sis and your messin with me. Mostly my fav poke is Umbreon, but charizard and houndoom are also some of my favorites...bye. Fox: BIDOOOOOF! :bidoof: XDDD
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