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  1. Very helpful in Colosseum research, thank you!

  2. I'm sorry, what? Hatch level is only 5 for Gen3 and below, the level hatched is set to 0 in Gen4 mons too.
  3. This is mind-blowing, it'll definitely be interesting to see what some people decide to do with this.
  4. Yes, it was a harsh statement, I can understand why they'd be butthurt, I just thought it was something that PPorg as a whole should consider. I never meant to imply that I was singling out Ammako specifically, it was more general.
  5. This line of thinking is toxic and is probably the reason why the PPorg community is infested with cheaters despite there being clear rules against them doing so, back when I asked for legality help in Gen 4/5 for events it was extremely common for the more prominent members on this board to just resort to hackusations instead of actually helping with anything. No one has even bothered to make a collaboration of data for those gens anymore because as far as I know xfr just disappeared from the face of the planet, taking PokeCheck's files with them. It's very assuring when we have actually productive threads on here like the ones concerning the legality process of 3rd gen events. That being said, it's not really necessary for Pkhex to have added DV checking because the information is readily available to anyone if they're willing to search for it, but at the same time it just drives me insane when some of you dismiss it as not a big deal because cheaters are less likely to use it to their advantage and then turn around and lynch anyone that gives the notion they might be doing so, it's almost hypocritical.
  6. You have a lot of respect from me because you're trying to help document events. Keep up the good work, you wonderful person!

    1. HaxAras


      ahahahahah thanks. I've always been a packrat and I'm pretty sure I just made the word up. But I like to think of myself as a preservationist. I hate that so many things are lost to time. I've always liked museums and fossils, etc. Preserving old Pokemon roms, carts, events and knowledge that most people don't care about falls into that passion. 

      After I started working on Insane Nutters event thread on his website, I became an event trader in gen 6 to preserve as many events as possible, on the oldest generations possible. 

      I mostly deal in physical hardware. If you ever need help with anything, send me a message. I have


      GameCube Interactive Multi Game Demo Disk V.16 - Shiny berry fix Zigzagoon
      Every English E-reader card
      A good chunk of the Japanese ones, including the Colosseum and Regi dolls cards. 
      All games from gen 3 in English and Japanese and a couple French and Spanish. 
      Winter 2011 Celebi distribution cart 
      Summer 2012? Keldeo cart

      I've always been a fan of the gen  3 Pokemon games so I've always wanted to help the community out as much as I could. 

    2. KonohaDaze


      I agree completely! If we don't preserve what we have left of older distributions then they'll likely just fade away...

      Certainly, I will inquire you if there's anything that I want to look into in the future.

    3. HaxAras


      I was actually about to send you a message. So keep an eye out for that. 


  7. I'll take up the task whenever I get back into 6th gen if it isn't done already by then. Honestly, I was going to anyway for completion's sake, but I like helping out the community whenever I get the chance.
  8. These are actually beautiful, it would be amazing if PKhex implemented editing for them. In the meantime i'll just experiment with them manually and see what I can do, which is exactly what I did a while back with the Pokeathlon in HG/SS
  9. @trigger_death Just curious, were there any plans to enable ribbon editing just as equipping/dequipping/wiping ribbons on a Pokemon? I was about to look into doing it manually but if you think it could be a potential feature I might just save myself the trouble. I've been looking on here to try and aid me in figuring this out as I can't find anything else pertaining to gen 3 pkm other than PID/IVs/EVs.
  10. Heya, good on your for stopping by again. Anyway, to answer your questions, yes, trading eggs is still possible. However, in your post it seems you are wanting specifically Chandelure and not Litwick, this makes things a little bit trickier as eggs do not legitimately hatch into Chandelure. There is hope though, in your post you do not specify if you do have access to Homebrew, so I will assume you don't based on your last statement. I believe your first order of business should be to get an entrypoint so you may run the Homebrew channel and extract your savegame to begin the editing. Not to worry though, 3DS homebrew is (at least in my opinion) the easiest to get a hold of, though i've been out of the loop for a while since I downgraded my O3DS a long time ago. Do yourself some research and try to find an access point that works for you, and i'm sure someone can assist from there. Alternatively, you could always request someone who already has the ability to hex edit to give your gf the egg under the conditions you can specify her in-game information. Do keep in mind though that online trades go through a very basic legality check meaning something as blatant as a Chandelure egg will not get through, so if you decide to settle for this method you will have to do with Litwick instead. Get back to me as soon as you can specify what you're really able to do or not. There are some elitist people here but the only thing you'll get flamed for is not being able to tell everyone what you want.
  11. Hey, i'm still doing a little research on it myself, since you're only testing Emerald I guess that kind of works out as I was practicing this in Ruby and Sapphire and we might be able to just fill in the blanks. As a note, I encountered the error when attempting to convert a save to Sapphire playing as the female player instead of male for my sav collection. In any case, here's the save just before the league.
  12. An interesting curiosity: Changing gender in R/S (Not tested with Emerald) fails to correctly change locations of NPCs in the houses in Littleroot. I'm gonna take a look at the differences it makes in the sav when picking gender legitimately that way I might be able to find a fix.
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