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  1. The problem with HGSS and Poketex is that no one list fits all ROMs due to different patches and edits. The new idea is to isolate the single texture narc and to edit it directly with a single list. Figure out how to extract the NARC from /a/0/8/1 Rename that file to ANYTHING.nds (Please don't try to load this into an emulator....) Open up Poketex with the attached list and load ANYTHING.nds Edit as desired Reload NARC (with its original filename) into the ROM at /a/0/8/1 hgssover.txt
  2. So I edited my team in the latest English version of Pokesav and I also changed my ID and Secret ID as well as my name. I put the code into desmume and whenever I activate it the program just crashes. Can anyone help ?
  3. Those of you who played Platinum before its English release probably remember the patch that allowed for a partial translation floating around the net. It should be possible to do this again for HGSS. Due to a new tool by loadingNOW, thenewpoketext, the process is actually even easier and better than before. It's as simple as finding which japanese files have already be translated for use in the english versions of DPPt and replacing them with said english version. Note however that any in-game text that is specific to HGSS can't be translated without a proper translator. An example would be the pokelthon. An example of something that could be translated would be attack and pokemon names. Just in case there was any doubt, I'm volunteering to do this translation as soon as humanly possible after I get HGSS. If there is interest it should also be possible to put up HGSS-exclusive text that can't be translated on a webpage somewhere for capable people who are willing to translate. Although I wouldn't advocate a full translation this way it might be nice to play some of the minigames in english... I'll leave that up to the community though.
  4. I played the demo for HeartGold and SoulSilver at the Pokemon Center in Tokyo yesterday. It's been there for a while now, but I had been out of the country so yesterday was the first chance I had to get down there and see it. There have already been videos of the demo posted elsewhere on the web, and between that and the screenshots, there wasn't any thing much that surprised me in the demo (other than the presence of Eusine). But I'll give you my impressions and we can use this thread to discuss what we think about the demo. If you don't know anything about the demo, the premise is that you have 5 minutes to go from Route 37 to Ecruteak City and deliver a package. Your character gender and name are random. My character was the girl and her name was Heart, just going to show you all that the gender does not determine the name Heart, Gold, Soul, whatever, it's the VERSION of the game that determines which name is suggested. Your party starts with three Pokemon (starter, Pikachu, and one other big pokemon), and you fight a set of twins and a psychic with Dunsparce along the way through Route 37. -The first thing that jumps out at me about HGSS is that the battle menus look a lot cleaner/shinier. I really like the new look that they have. -The new menu system outside of battle was VERY good, and I'm really glad that they've finally made the menu systems all at least somewhat similar. Using the stylus for everything will be very nice and easy. -My party was Chikorita, Pikachu and Snorlax. I hadn't seen a Snorlax in the videos yet, so that was a small surprise. -You may have noticed, but the Pokemon that follows you around simply slides onto the screen during battle instead of coming out of a Pokeball (for obvious reasons). -The Running Shoes button is indeed a toggle, so that's great. -One thing I forgot to do was to check the Pokemon menu to see if I could get any info on how to change whether or not your Pokemon follows you around. If I go back down there later this week, I'll definitely try to check that out.
  5. Hey guys you think you can edit the game so you start out at pallet town. Make your starter pikachu, etc. I thought this idea would be great because of the pokemon following you around idea. Since in yellow your pikachu would follow you around, it would seem to make sense. and as addition you can go to johto region! basically reverse johto - kanto to kanto - johto. Neat huh?!
  6. The theme is beta at the moment. Let me know of anything you guys find that needs fixing.
  7. Okay, before I tell you guys what happened... *I'm using HeartGold (USA) *Using the non-compact version, .03a. *Using the ARDS, not DSi. Basically, when I output my box code from Pokésav, my AR read it as an Unknown Game. I noticed that the ID Code isn't the same as the usual HG USA code. It can read my SS USA perfectly fine, but not for HG USA. Has this happen to anyone else? EDIT: No, it doesn't work with my japanese version either. Before anyone asks.
  8. can someone switch the sprites so i can play as silver and gold is the rival??? i'm not really the type that can do this kind of stuff so if anyone can help me that will be awesome
  9. Name: Spirit Crystal Hack of: Heart Gold Features: - Improved story. The same events happen in the game, only they will have completely new dialogue, with the hero having a voice, responding to the people of Kanto and Johto. - All Pokémon from Kanto and Johto catchable, with new story events for certain legendaries, such as Celebi, Mew and more. - New scripted battles. Several gym leaders may need help before they are ready to challenge you. - Decapitalised Pokémon names. NO MORE SOLID BLOCK CAPITAL NAMES. - A single starter. No more Cyndaquil, Totodile or Chikorita. You will start off with one different starter, and the original starters will be found via one-off events. All of this I know I can do. Here are features I hope to include after getting help and finding out I can do them. - A more populated Kanto. No more 1 and a half trainer per route. - More items lying around. - What other upgrades I can find. Post below if you are interested in helping, or interested in general.
  10. Okay, so first off, Hello! I'm new, hope I didn't do this wrong. On my game (SoulSilver, rom, Acekard2), I enabled the "Walk Anywhere" cheat. I went to Azalea Town, and went north towards Route 34 (avoiding Ilex Forest). On the very edge of the Azalea area (Northwest corner), the Rival is facing North. He can't be interacted with, but he is there. If you interact with anything else you get the headbutt trees message, but not on him. Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone know what purpose it serves? Is this the right place to ask this?
  11. pokemon ash johto is alot like pokemon ash gray but this time it's in johto region you start in kanto and phrofessor oak say's there a new region to be descover features side event's like in the amie same rivals like in the amie unova ledgenarys possible to catch and more i apreciate anybody who can help me
  12. Hey I was going through some scripts in my HeartGold ROM with PPRE yesterday when I found something quite interesting. When you open the map editor and open the map "Burned Tower R1-02" there's three scripts. The first one just checks a flag and the second one triggers Raikou and Entei to roam, the third one, however, is quite interesting. This is its code: Fanfare 1500 Lockall Faceplayer Cryfr 245 0 Waitcry Setflag 164 [b]WildBattle2 245 40 0 [/b] Clearflag 164 CheckTrainerLost 0x800c If 0x800c 0 CheckLR 1 func_4 StoreEmbStatus? 0x4002 If 0x4002 3 CheckLR 1 func_5 If 0x4002 4 CheckLR1 1 func_6 Releaseall End As you can see in the bold part, it uses the command WildBattle2 245 40 0. Now 245 is the number for Suicune in the Pokedex. Does that mean it was originally planned for Suicune to be catchable right in the Burned Tower like in Crystal? Interestingly enough, the flag 164 that it sets before and clears after the battle is the one that is also checked in the first script. As I said, I have only started to look into this yesterday so I don't have much knowledge about scripting in general (it's very hard to even find information about scripting for the fourth generation) but I guess my assumption is right? Well the command clearly triggers a battle with Suicune, that's for sure. Is there a way that we can find out the means to trigger this script in the game? Lastly I want to say that I'm sorry if this is an already well-known fact but a quick google search before posting this didn't bring up any results. I'd like to have your opinion on this. For reference, the ROM I looked into was the US version of HeartGold and I can guarantee that it was not modified in any way. I do not know if that script is also present in SoulSilver, might have to look into that.
  13. Maybe this was already known but I couldn't find anything about it on the Internet, so here I go. I think I may have found something weird about how the Counter / Mirror Coat / Metal Burst trio behaves against damage-reducing berries (including the Chilan Berry). Note that this behavior is for Gen IV only (Gen V onwards it behaves like one would expect it to.) What is already known: Counter sends back to the attacker 200% of the damage taken by a physical attack, and fails against special attacks and Ghost-type Pokémon. Mirror Coat sends back to the attacker 200% of the damage taken by a special attack, and fails against physical attacks and Dark-type Pokémon. Metal Burst sends back to the attacker 150% of the damage taken by an offensive move, provided the attacker was faster this turn. What I accidentally stumbled upon: Damage-reducing berries, when activated, doesn't touch the actual damage value (like it does with Focus Sash for example), rather it seems that the calculation for halving the damage is done separately from the actual damage value read by the game. Hence for example if a move was supposed to deal 200 HP damage, the berry will activate and will deal instead 100 HP damage (rounded down), but the game doesn't update the damage value (it still reads it as -200). Thus if a damage-reducing berry was activated this turn and the user happens to use one of the "Sends back to attacker" move, it will deal 200% damage (150% damage if Metal Burst) of the value stored in-game instead of the actual damage dealt. That is in this example, Counter/Mirror Coat (Metal Burst) would deal 400 HP (300 HP) damage and not 200 HP (150 HP) like one would expect! If this was already known, I'm sorry and you can slap me a thousand times.
  14. This is a very simple hack idea, where the trainer (you) is a Mewtwo, rather than a human trainer. All sprites dealing with the player (trainer card, in-battle back sprite, overworld sprites including bicycle and surfing sprites) are going to be changed over to those of the in-game Mewtwo sprites. The scripts will be changed over to reflect you being both a Pokemon and a trainer. Examples include "Aren't you a cute Pokemon--AND a trainer, besides! Let's battle!" and "I've never faced a trainer who is also a Pokemon. This should be fun!" Trainers will also have kinder words when defeated. Examples include "Wow! Despite being a Pokemon, you are certainly a skilled trainer!" and "Being a trainer who is also a Pokemon does have distinct advantages, doesn't it? Good job!" As a young Mewtwo, you are naturally very intelligent and also quite curious about EVERYTHING. You quickly learn all there is to learn at your home laboratory (your "mom" is actually the scientist who created you, but she's very nice toward you and nurtures your burgeoning adventurous spirit), and therefore are asked to seek further "education" by adventuring all over Johto and Kanto, in hopes of achieving your full potential. Of course, along the way, you'll meet Professor Elm, who will tell you "two Pokemon are better than one", and offer you a choice of three starter Pokemon (the same Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile normally available), and he'll ask you to walk with them, rather than hold them in a Pokeball all the time. Naturally, you think this is the coolest thing ever--being able to help train a fellow Pokemon, and be able to TALK to them (yes, as a Mewtwo, you'll be able to understand what the other Pokemon are saying). UPDATE: I've already ported over two of Mewtwo's HG/SS walking sprites onto the player trainer's walking/standing sprites. I've even created additional sprites for the player's standing sprites (normally, your walking Pokemon is always moving, as if walking in place; therefore there are no actual standing sprites for it). Additional tweaks to the rom will include having the Fly command available from the start (and is one of your default moves), and also being able to access the PC system at any time (by pressing START). Yes, I know that Mewtwo isn't normally capable of learning Fly (or Teleport, for that matter? What gives? The guy's PSYCHIC!), but I will have him be able to do so to make navigating throughout the in-game world easier (and faster). Of course, you'll still have to actually walk to places you wish to fly to later (in a sense "adding" them to your Town Map).
  15. I'm not sure how well this is going to go down, but I saw that the forums only had 3 styles to chose from: HeartGold vB4 Default Style Mobile vB4 And because there isn't a Soulsilver theme, I got thinking: I have no idea how this is going to work (someone is going to have to figure out that), but maybe people could create their own style/themes and upload them here. Then a Moderator/Admin (or whoever has the power) to add them to the list. Questions, comments?
  16. Well, not too sure if anyone else has already thought of this. To-do list 1) Make words spoken by male characters blue and females pink a la FRLG. 2) Make stat changes during battle colour coded again like in RSE and FRLG. - Didn't like it when DPPt changed them to just red for increase and blue for decrease. Should not be TOO tough right? 3) Introduce VS Seeker into HGSS - This will be tough....... 4) Enable VS Seeker to be used in buildings and caves etc. - Not sure if this is possible but will try - I want it to be usable on Gym Leaders as well. Will keep the current rematch function. 5) Put in the Sevii Islands - I plan to put Lorelei here (since it was mentioned that she did come from one of the islands though i don't exactly remember which one if i am not mistaken). Agatha.....I will think of a place (Maybe where Moltres was in FRLG?). - This will probably be the toughest especially designing it in 3D.... 6) The little pic during conversation (what do we call it again? Avatar? Hmm that's not quite it....) - You know, like the ones in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ( I think) and the Megaman games? In the conversation box there is this little pic of whoever is talking.....yea. 7) Game Corner : Kanto branch (again) - Like many people out there, I was disappointed that slots were removed ( and you cannot buy coins anymore). So I was thinking of putting another game corner in Kanto where it used to be in FRLG (what is in it's spot now anyway? Need to find out....) Either that or I will expand the current game corner. 8) Poketch style Pokegear add on - Nah I won't do away with the current pokegear. I was thinking that if i added a button (since there is some blank space left) to 'activate' the poketch style add-ons. So basically, you can have a clock on the lower screen instead of the usual menu or the status of your party etc. All 'pages' of the apps will have a button to bring back to the menu page (kinda like the START button). So yea you will have the best of both worlds. I mean there are certain aspects of the poketch that i like over that in the pokegear. I am really new to rom editing. Yea my ideas may be are kinda absurd but will still try. If anyone wants to adopt any of these it's fine by me. Don't even know if i will still have any free time to pursue this. @ Xor Vok: Thanks man. Good luck in your ShadowWhite project too. @Frolossus: Yea. I think that is a good idea. And I think i would want to make them accessible in either the house or in Elm's lab so that Pokemon can be withdrawn without going all the way to the nearest town. The Wifi thing.....I don't have any idea about how to do that yet. @ Skyblade 12: Hmmm never noticed that before. Will take another look. @TehReelK41: True, but I am not particularly interested in cramming all regions into one game especially since many people have thought about that and i believe are already working on it. I just want to make a slightly more 'ideal' version of HGSS. Oh yea and if anyone has any idea of how to improve my ideas feel free to post here. And if anyone knows how to use any program to implement the ideas in this thread, it'll be great if you can post it here as well.
  17. THIS IS A SUGGESTION; I suggest using HGSS, To make a rom edit, Which the main character is RED, and you progress from Kanto to Johto! Also, gym rosters and levels has to be adjusted to the playing style of the game (From low level regions to high level regions). Storyline should also be modded! So who is willing to take up the challenge to bring us a fun game!!!
  18. Hey guys, I am looking for the yellow forest pikachu UT dialga Lv1 UT Palkia lv 1 UT and giratina UT thats all all must be UT and Birthday chimchar I am offering Spain regigigas Eigakan darkrai PokeFeasta Electabuzz PokeFesta Magmar Palkia Lv70 UT
  19. Hey guys, Most of you think the freezing is caused by a build-in anti-piracy code. But... I wanted to let you know there's also a possibility that there isn't enough free memory when you play HG/SS on a flashcard. Do anyone of you know the 'hack' in D/P/Pt with the layers of the map in Jubilife City (quickly moving through these layers to get Darkrai)? Well, I thought the freezing problem in HG/SS is may be the same problem. Because, while I was playing HG (on my M3), I was running through Violet City, but when I ran past the gym from the left, the right part of the city was blacked out (and actually no gym, because the area that was blacked out, was kinda overlapping the gym). That area wasn't loaded and I couldn't walk through it. It was just solid black. Then I moved upwards into a invisible warp (it was the door of the missing gym), but then the game froze completely in black. It's just a thought I'd like to share with you. I don't know if this is really the case, but since I've encountered this, I thought that it needed to be considered as a possibility: The game loads too much maps or other information in its memory, but forgets to dispose this in some way or something which cause these random freezes/crashes... Or, since I've read there were other flashcards without freezing, the problem might lay in the emulation of some flashcards. I don't know if someone of you have this or something samilar, but I haven't seen this anywhere at the moment (or I've searched with the wrong words). Too bad I didn't take a picture of it... but before I realized I entered the invisible gym. When this happens a next time, I'll make sure I take a picture of it Grtzz!!
  20. Hey guys, For some reason whenever I try to load my HeartGold on my R4, it takes me to a white screen and doesn't load. I've attached it and can someone take a look? >< it also crashes on No$gba. It was weird though because I was playing it yesterday fine. After I saved and turned off my DS, i left the house for awhile. and when i came back to play again, it gives me a white screen. So if anyone can help, thanks! 4159 - Pokemon Heart Gold (J)(Xenophobia) + English Patch + Rudolph Patch.SAV
  21. Hi ProjectPokemon, I have noticed many translation hacks and yet their translations are missing english banner informations. I don't think images are necessary but here is an example if you don't understand what I'm talking about: "Pokemon Heart Gold NDS Version Nintendo" So now you're translation(s) can look more official! I have only done Heart Gold so far so I don't have a Soul Silver file yet but tell me if I should upload one You just need a uncompressed Pokemon: Heart Gold Version ROM (not supplied because it would be illegal to distribute them), TheNEWPokeText (I think we all know where it is located), and the edited banner file (Click here to Download). Just replace the banner.bin file located in your "tmp_XYZ" folder (Note: Not actually "XYZ" but your ROM's name) and repack the files into your ROM and you're done. Remember to give credit to me if used Project X out
  22. New and improved BTX Editor 2.0 http://www.mediafire.com/file/49nycebcfywyh2y/BTXE old post
  23. I probobly should have done this a long time ago, but anyway; I'm ShinyLucario889; My name, you might realize, represents my favorite pokemon and more... that's about it.
  24. I am thinking of making a edit for heart gold with the gym leaders having changed teams, I already made a outline for what pokemon I want to place with each gym leader. The following list is my outline for the gym leader & elite 4 edits with guidlines on what how many releases: POKEMON GOLD DESTINY(HEART GOLD EDIT) BETA 1 JOHTO GYM LEADERS POKEMON FALKNER: LV. 12- Swellow LV. 12- Staravia LV. 14- Pidgeot BUGSY: LV. 16- Heracross LV. 18- Vespiquin LV. 20- Scyther WHITNEY: LV. 20- Persian LV. 23- Granbull LV. 25- Delcatty MORTY: LV. 24- Mismagius LV. 26- Banette LV. 28- Gengar LV. 31- Dusknoir CHUCK: LV. 35- Poliwrath LV. 36- Infernape LV. 38- Machamp LV. 40- Blaziken JASMINE: LV. 41- Luxray LV. 41- Magnezone LV. 42- Steelix LV. 43- Metagross PRYCE: LV. 42- Dewgong LV. 45- Lapras LV. 47- Weavile LV. 48- Mamoswine CLAIR: LV. 48- Charizard LV. 50- Salamence LV. 52- Dragonite LV. 53 Garchomp LV. 54- Kingdra ELITE 4 LEADERS POKEMON WILL: LV. 56- Espeon LV. 58- Metagross LV. 58- Gallade LV. 60- Gardevoir LV. 62- Alakazam KOGA: LV. 60- Muk LV. 61- Drapion LV. 63- Skuntank LV. 63- Venusaur LV. 65- Crobat BRUNO: LV. 63- Poliwrath LV. 65- Lucario LV. 66- Machamp LV. 66- Blaziken LV. 68- Hariyama KAREN: LV. 65- Umbreon LV. 67- Houndoom LV. 68- Crawdaunt LV. 69- Spiritomb LV. 71- Tyranitar LANCE: LV. 70- Gyrados LV. 71- Charizard LV. 72- Flygon LV. 73- Salamence LV. 73- Garchomp LV. 74- Dragonite BETA 2 KANTO GYM LEADERS POKEMON BROCK: LV. 65- Golem LV. 67- Rhydon LV. 67- Aggron LV. 68- Onix LV. 70- Probopass MISTY: LV. 68- Blastoise LV. 68- Vaporeon LV. 70- Wailord LV. 72- Lapras LV. 73- Walrein LT. SURGE: LV. 71- Raichu LV. 71- Magnezone LV. 72- Electivire LV. 74- Jolteon LV. 75- Ampharos ERIKA: LV. 72- Vileplume LV. 73- Torterra LV. 73- Roserade LV. 75- Leafeon LV. 76- Tropius JANINE: LV. 73- Muk LV. 74- Drapion LV. 76- Skuntank LV. 78- Venusaur LV. 78- Crobat SABRINA: LV. 75- Espeon LV. 77- Metagross LV. 79- Gallade LV. 80- Gardevoir LV. 82- Alakazam BLAINE: LV. 77- Charizard LV. 79- Magmortar LV. 79- Camerupt LV. 81- Blaziken LV. 83- Arcanine BLUE: LV. 80- Gyrados LV. 81- Pidgeot LV, 83- Machamp LV. 85- Rhydon LV. 85- Arcanine LV. 87- Electivire RED LV. 92- Snorlax LV. 94- Venusaur LV. 94- Blastoise LV. 94- Charizard LV. 97- Espeon LV. 100- Pikachu Would that be a little to hard?
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