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  1. I tried to edit the attacks of my Pokemon (previously learnt but forgotten in favour of another ie legit attack) However, when I tried saving either through "Save [save file]" or "Save [save file] as", the changes did not take effect for some unknown reason. Other changes such as moving Pokemon positions do take effect though. Anyone has any idea why this happens? And how to rectify it?
  2. Well, I think google will give you a better explanation cos i have only seen it online and never had any first hand experience on working it out. The only reason i listed it was as an alternative. If you have a DS i suggest getting a DS flashcart. I can personally tutor you if you want.
  3. You could go for DS flash carts. Needs Rudolph's backup tool and a DS and to some extent a computer. Tried and tested personally. Or get flash linkers. Pretty old stuff so I am not too sure if you can find them easily. Needs a computer if i remember correctly. Not 100% sure if saves can be backed up. These are the only ones i can think of so far. Yea I do realise that the ones i mentioned are essentially flashcards (or at least come with flash cards). Hope this helps anyway.
  4. Used Typhlosion and Ampharos. The remaining 4 were for backup ( read: to be used as punching bag while I revive and heal) as well as my hm slave...
  5. Wow! This looks awesome. And I loved the manga. Anyway, good luck Alpha!
  6. Hi. As mentioned a few posts above, it would be great if ppse is hgss compatible. Another feature that would be nice is if you can add a major event checklist (if I am not mistaken this was also already mentioned and is already part of the to-do list). Just to clarify, it would be nice to be able to 'legitimately' obtain the other kanto and hoenn starters by redoing the battle with Red and talking to Prof Oak and Steven again. In this link there are the sav files: -before the battle with Red -after defeating Red -Right before choosing the Kanto starters -AFTER choosing Bulbasaur -AFTER choosing Charmander -AFTER choosing Squirtle -Before Steven asks you to choose your Hoenn starters -AFTER choosing Treeko -AFTER choosing Torchic -AFTER choosing Mudkip http://rapidshare.com/files/394437755/hgsav.rar I hope I did not break any rules by posting this link. Good luck on the PPSE project.
  7. In one of the replies someone mentioned about Gen 3 and posted codes. Maybe I misread it. Sorry.
  8. Well, I was just wondering if it was possible to uncheck events (other than the number of badges obtained). Like in the DPPt version of pokesav you can uncheck certain boxes so that the mesprit event will occur again. I was thinking of editing the sav file so that it will seem as if i had NOT beaten Red. Therefore, when i beat him (again), I will be given the choice to choose the Kanto and Hoenn starters (again). However, I am not too sure if it will cause the game to crash since the experience points gained from defeating Red the first time would seem to come out of nowhere, right? Yea just wondering. Thanks!
  9. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?6424 This may help but I am not too sure as I have yet to try it out. However, there are other ways for you for you to transfer but it is lengthy and you need flashcarts and preferably an original game cart (depending on what version you played.) So pm me if you want to know how.
  10. Basically I want to make a remake of the TCG game which is only for the Gameboy Color. Too bad Nintendo never released a remake for the GBA. I plan to make it for the DS but i guess it will have only GBA graphics for now. Other changes I intend to implement is that the Gym Leaders will be replaced with Gym Leaders from the conventional pokemon game. Will only cover Gen 1 cards (Kanto) for now. Sorry for the disorganised post. Will retype this soon I hope. Anyway, comments and suggestions are most welcome. @Poryhack: Oh ok. So i guess this is more or less out of the question since i am still not good at romhacking much less programing from scratch. Thanks
  11. Another idea that I have... Region: Holon Suggested storyline (to be amended) : Takes place after the use of mutating electromagnetic waves has ceased. It is observed that some Pokemon have mutated: classified as the Delta ( δ ) species. And recently it was suggested that maybe, just maybe, the Pokemon in Holon are naturally different from Pokemon from other species (which should also be called Delta species Pokemon but are denoted with Δ instead of δ.) So you are sent to find out. Any way, the main baddie this time won't be some control freak bent on taking over the world: he just wants to find something ( I was thinking Mew) for some less ambitious purpose ( like for healing his son or something like that since the delta species mew is said to be special and it was actually SIGHTED so it is possible to find it etc.). And maybe we can have a guy who starts to expose pokemon to high levels of electromagnetic waves to try to mutate them for errrr....i dont know maybe top generate clean electricity. Oh yea and we can introduce Team Rocket once more. Spoiler: And this time Giovanni is a good guy. End of Spoiler. So yea that's about it. Yes in case you are wondering, this is 'adapted' from the original storyline of the Holon arc in the TCG. Still needs some work with the storyline though. Seems ......I dont know. Some other stuff: I was thinking that instead of making us choose either fire, water or grass pokemon (which is not really all that fair since there may be a change of type which will throw it off balance), we will have to choose pokemon of the same type. Eg at the beginning, we will have to choose between Bulbasaur Δ, Chikorita Δ and Treeko Δ. And along the way, you will choose among the fire type and later the water type or something like that. You will receive a pokedex which is fully filled. But only when delta pokemon are caught, more entries will be made and more info is added to the current pokedex like it should have been. I mean how many times had professors sent kids to collect data? It's about time we got a functional pokedex like those in the TV show. Alternative names? Pokemon Delta Species ( you know....DS) So that's more or less it. Most likely to be a romhack of HGSS but still waiting for more tools to be developed as i admit that i know next to nothing about romhacking. If you intend to take this project up feel free to do so. Would be nice if you would inform me first though. Any suggestions?
  12. This is interesting. But I can't be of much help since i dont have the technical knowhow. Sorry dude. Hope this project will work out. EDIT: Btw, maybe you would want to start out with a smaller region first? Especially since it will be a GBA game. All the best man.
  13. Well, still need to find the tools. But yea i do think that it is cool.
  14. Well, not too sure if anyone else has already thought of this. To-do list 1) Make words spoken by male characters blue and females pink a la FRLG. 2) Make stat changes during battle colour coded again like in RSE and FRLG. - Didn't like it when DPPt changed them to just red for increase and blue for decrease. Should not be TOO tough right? 3) Introduce VS Seeker into HGSS - This will be tough....... 4) Enable VS Seeker to be used in buildings and caves etc. - Not sure if this is possible but will try - I want it to be usable on Gym Leaders as well. Will keep the current rematch function. 5) Put in the Sevii Islands - I plan to put Lorelei here (since it was mentioned that she did come from one of the islands though i don't exactly remember which one if i am not mistaken). Agatha.....I will think of a place (Maybe where Moltres was in FRLG?). - This will probably be the toughest especially designing it in 3D.... 6) The little pic during conversation (what do we call it again? Avatar? Hmm that's not quite it....) - You know, like the ones in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ( I think) and the Megaman games? In the conversation box there is this little pic of whoever is talking.....yea. 7) Game Corner : Kanto branch (again) - Like many people out there, I was disappointed that slots were removed ( and you cannot buy coins anymore). So I was thinking of putting another game corner in Kanto where it used to be in FRLG (what is in it's spot now anyway? Need to find out....) Either that or I will expand the current game corner. 8) Poketch style Pokegear add on - Nah I won't do away with the current pokegear. I was thinking that if i added a button (since there is some blank space left) to 'activate' the poketch style add-ons. So basically, you can have a clock on the lower screen instead of the usual menu or the status of your party etc. All 'pages' of the apps will have a button to bring back to the menu page (kinda like the START button). So yea you will have the best of both worlds. I mean there are certain aspects of the poketch that i like over that in the pokegear. I am really new to rom editing. Yea my ideas may be are kinda absurd but will still try. If anyone wants to adopt any of these it's fine by me. Don't even know if i will still have any free time to pursue this. @ Xor Vok: Thanks man. Good luck in your ShadowWhite project too. @Frolossus: Yea. I think that is a good idea. And I think i would want to make them accessible in either the house or in Elm's lab so that Pokemon can be withdrawn without going all the way to the nearest town. The Wifi thing.....I don't have any idea about how to do that yet. @ Skyblade 12: Hmmm never noticed that before. Will take another look. @TehReelK41: True, but I am not particularly interested in cramming all regions into one game especially since many people have thought about that and i believe are already working on it. I just want to make a slightly more 'ideal' version of HGSS. Oh yea and if anyone has any idea of how to improve my ideas feel free to post here. And if anyone knows how to use any program to implement the ideas in this thread, it'll be great if you can post it here as well.
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