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  1. I'll look at that tomorrow and report back, but if I understand you correctly, that would be the equivalent of trtblofs.narc that I've been looking for.
  2. I updated the BTX Editor last year to allow you to "properly" import and export all of the overworld sprites from the DS games. Granted, the program isn't great, but it will no longer error out on any of the overworld sprites, so long as they only have one palette.
  3. Updated with Move Tutor information. The Egg Move table and battle position files are next.
  4. Map Files - located at /a/0/6/5 - contains 5 sections #1 Section - Header - section is 20 bytes Offset Length Name Description 0x0 0x4 Movement Permission Size The size of the Movement Permissions in Section #3. Always 0x800. 0x4 0x4 3D Object Size The size of the 3D Objects defined in Section #4. 0x8 0x4 NSBMD Model Size The
  5. Personal Files - files located at /a/0/0/2 - file contains 4 sections #1 Section - General Data - section is 10 bytes Offset Length Name Description 0x0 0x1 Base HP 0x1 0x1 Base Attack 0x2 0x1 Base Defense 0x3 0x1 Base Speed 0x4 0x1 Bas
  6. Field Encounters - located at /a/0/3/7 for HeartGold and /a/1/3/6 for SoulSilver - contains 12 sections #1 Section - Encounter Rates Offset Length Name Description 0x0 0x1 Field Rate Encounter rate in tall grass or walking. 0x1 0x1 Surfing Rate Encounter rate while surfing. 0x2 0x1 Rock Smash Rate Encounter rate when using Rock Sm
  7. If you're still working on this, PM me and I'll walk you through the process of inserting Dawn in place of Lyra.
  8. As it turns out, this is something that I looked into a couple of months ago. I was able to add several moves to HG/SS. There are a few issues with this though. The editors for attacks don't have all of the information editable. There's references to animations and effects that aren't listed. Basically, from what I can find, these are the files related to attacks. moves waza_tbl.narc | /a/0/1/1 - Move Table we.narc | /a/0/1/0 - Move Effects we_sub.narc | /a/0/6/1 - be_seq.narc | /a/0/3/0 - Move Behaviours sub_seq.narc | /a/0/0/1 - waza_seq.narc | /a/0/0/0 - graphics wechar.n
  9. Do you intend on updating this with the fix you implemented in MindCrystal?
  10. This is phenomenal, thank you. I'll have to use it whenever I get around to updating my patches.
  11. This is a modification of Kazowar's BTX Editor. It's used to modify the BTX (texture) files used for overworld sprites in the NDS games. Kazowar stated that "BTX Editor is a horribly wrote program and is full of stupid limitations." But he gave me permission to decompile it, modify it, and re-release it. So I have. This version has been updated to support any of the character overworlds from HG/SS. There are still quite a lot of overworlds that it won't work with unless completely rewritten, like Pokemon, or anything not 32x32, or anything with more than one palette. I've also take the oppor
  12. I've made a few resources and found a few around the web that seem to have disappeared since. G3DCVTR Author: ??? This converts 3D files for NDS games. It's command line only. Nitro SDK Plugins for 3DS Max 2010 Authors: Nintendo These allow you to export 3D models from 3DS Max 2010 for use in NDS games. These aren't allowed to be posted here, so you'll have to search or ask around to find them. BTX Editor Author: Kazowar Thread: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?9873-BTX-overworld-editor This allows you to export and import sprite sheets from the texture files in the
  13. Is this a list that we can add resources to? Because I have a few more useful ones for Gen IV. When I get home I can provide some download links and descriptions.
  14. Thanks Drayano. For the record though, PokeDSPic DP is still useful for HG/SS. There are a few things that still need it, like trainer backsprites.
  15. That's actually rather simple. When you put the new RLCN and RGCN into Tinke, you should be able to import the other image with swap to original palette. If not, you can manually edit the image to have the same palette using similar methods to the background workaround.
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