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Found 9 results

  1. Hiya! I'm a goofy fella and have lately been wondering if we've discovered a way to save all the Pokemon trapped in everyone's Pokewalkers over the past many years, if not we should try and find one! Now that sounds like a silly thing to want but I disagree, to me this is what Pokemon is about! Here's a list of all the info we have about the device https://github.com/mamba2410/reverse-pokewalker And here's a link to the gen 4 data structure, I'm unsure if this is helpful or not https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_data_structure_(Generation_IV) Here are some test pokemon and saves from the pokewalker I got for research! (Empty)pweep.rom ------------------------ (Karpy)pweep.rom 129 - Karpy - CD18759959C0.pk4 ---------------------------------------- (Arcesus)pweep.rom 493 - Arcesus - C64D915DC67F.pk4 ------------------------------------------ (Cool fish!)pweep.rom 349 - Cool fish! - CE4E99ABD544.pk4 ------------------------------------------- (Karpy2)pweep.rom 129 ★ - Karpy2 - CCE4861AFBBD.pk4 ------------------------------------------- If anyone can figure out how to rescue these trapped Pokemon I'd be an amazing breakthrough! Thanks for reading!
  2. Hi there I stumbled upon this project here: https://github.com/aajaredc/PokeWalkerSimulator I‘ve checked out the sources and tried to build it within Visual Studio. Unfortunately, it was not able to build the PKHex sources as it was incompatible (atleast thats what the editor said). Ofc the build failed because stuff was missing. As I am fairly new to the C# community, I have no clue what to do (despite what the Readme said ofc) I also realized that the newest PKHex sources are run with C# 8, the Pokewalker project needs just 7. So I guess I can‘t just replace the PKHex sources... Was anyone able to run it? And could explain me how? I would also be happy if I could just get an executable... Many thanks!
  3. Heya! Without going into too much detail, I lost my heart gold copy in 2013 and lost what was on my team, however my friend still has my teams data in the trainer house of his heart gold from back when we used to use the Pokewalker with each other. He let me back his save onto my computer, and I am now curious if anyone would have any idea as to how to extract my Pokemon data off the save. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I'm new at this forum, I've been a Pokémon fan since it came out in the 90's. It's awesome to find a place like this. Now, going back to te request: I would like to find a site where I can download a complete set of pokewalker pokemon in 4gen format, since everything I've found is hacked... I'd get them by myself but I lost my pokewalker. Would be awesome if someone can contribute. Thanks.
  5. So, I hacked the pokewalker.... I dumped RAM when I was on the transfer screen, and looked through it with a GameBoy tile editor. I found something interesting... The graphics for the Pokewalker are stored on HG/SS This also includes a DECOMPRESSED sprite of Spinda (because of the way the game handles his spots). So, this led me to conclude, the game transfers the Pokemon sprites when it connects, (and probably the sprites for that route youre on) I'd have to assume that if you transfer your pokemon back. The only time it transfers the menu Icons and misc sprites is the first time you sync it, or after you erase it, then sync again. I did this by hacking the sprites with AR, I made a code that will copy data from a hacked gba save file to the RAM.
  6. With the US release of HGSS just around the corner, I thought I'd put together a guide using what I've learned from my own PokeWalker. Some of the other guides on other sites are missing some information. However, I suggest you use those sites if you'd like lists of each Course and what Pokemon and items are there (and their step requirements). All interaction with the Walker is handled through a menu of the main menu screen (outside of the main game, where you select your game or Mystery Gift, migration, etc). Once you enter this menu, you can choose a Pokemon to send out to the Walker, as well as a course to walk. There are 27 courses to choose from (8 before the National Dex, 12 unlockable after getting the National Dex, and 7 special courses). Each course has its own selection of 6 Pokemon to catch and 10 different items you can obtain. Normal courses are unlocked by accumulating Watts (detailed later); "Beyond the Sea" is unlocked by completing a trade with someone whose game region is different than yours over the GTS; "Edge of the Night Sky" is unlocked by trading over either a Nintendo Zone Jirachi (Japan) or a Gamestop Jirachi (US) to your HGSS game; "Yellow Forest," "Event," "Shopping," and "Champ Road" have all been released by Mystery Gift in some form in Japan; "Amity Field" has not yet been released but will most likely be through Mystery Gift. These course names could possibly change after the US localization is released (and I'm pretty sure "Amity Field" will change... the Japanese word for this is often associated with day-care or kindergarten, so it will most likely be something like that). Once your selections have been made, your Pokemon is sent out to your Walker via the infrared ports on the Walker and your game cartridge. Then, your outing has begun! Start walking! As you walk, the PokeWalker keeps track of each step you take. It will keep a record each day of how many steps you took (over the past week), as well as the total number over the lifetime of its use. Walking a certain number of steps will build up Watts which you can use to play the Poke Radar or Dowsing Machine games or keep them in order to put towards unlocking new courses. Each course's Pokemon are broken down into three groups: A, B, and C. There are two Pokemon in each group, and one from each group will be available to catch per outing (determined randomly). Group C is able to be caught straight from the start of each day, but groups B and A each have their own number of steps that must be walked that day before appearing (determined by the route... it can be as low as 500, or as high as 10,000). Each route has three Pokemon Types that are advantageous to this route and will reduce the number of required steps by 25%. Playing Poke Radar costs you 10 Watts each time, and you must search patches of grass for the Pokemon by following the pattern of "!" marks. "!" once will be a Pokemon from group C "!" twice could be a Pokemon from group C or B "!!" could be from group B or A "!!!" will definitely be a Pokemon from group A After finding the Pokemon, it will appear and a battle will start. Each Pokemon has four bars of health, and a normal attack will do one bar of damage, while critical hits do two. Apart from the "Attack" command, you can also "Dodge" or throw a Pokeball. As usual, Pokeballs have a better chance of catching the opponent Pokemon if its health is lower. The wild Pokemon may also dodge or run from time to time. If you lose the battle, you will lose 10 additional Watts. If you capture the Pokemon, it will be stored on your Walker until you finish your outing and connect with the HGSS game again. You can capture a maximum of three Pokemon per outing. Dowsing Machine costs 3 Watts to play each time. You are given two chances to find an item hidden among 6 patches of grass. If you guess incorrectly the first time, it will give you a clue as to whether the item is nearby or far. As with the Pokemon, some items are available from the start, and some are only available after a certain amount of steps have been walked that day. You can have up to three items in your inventory before you have to send them back to your HGSS game. If you have already obtained 3 items or 3 Pokemon during a certain outing, but you obtain one more, you are given the option of swapping it out for one you are currently holding. You can also use the PokeWalker to communicate with someone else's Walker. Communicating between the two via IR gives each person a random item (from the opposite person's current Course). You can only do this with the same person once per day. These items are stored separately from the Dowsing Machine items, and you may hold up to 10 of these before transferring back. If you communicate with more than 10 people during one outing, you'll get 99 Watts from the 11th person (and so on) instead of an item. In addition, after communicating with someone sending the items back to your HGSS cart, that person's current party (as of their last transmission with the Walker) will be sent to your Trainer Dojo in Veridian City. You can battle them here similar to the way it was in GSC (and also RSE with record mixing Secret Bases), and more than one player can be stored in the Dojo at a time (up to 11). There are also options to change the sound level and contrast, look at your Report (displays Trainer name, current Course and current time of day), and check what is currently in your inventory. When you are done with your outing, you can send back your original Pokemon (who will probably have gained 1 level), the Pokemon you caught, the items you obtained, and any Watts that you did not use on minigames will be tallied on your HGSS game and put towards unlocking new courses. Your HGSS game will also show you a record of what happened during your outing and keep track of your total number of steps. The PokeWalker is a great way to catch rare Pokemon, obtain rare items like the Yellow Flute, TMs, evolution items (or common items, for free, essentially), give your Pokemon a level boost, or just kill time when you want to play a little minigame. If you have any questions or you think I've left something out, please let me know.
  7. Does anyone know at what frequency the IR Receiver and Emitter operate on? I've tried several common frequencies and was unable to read anything from the pokewalker. http://www.legendarypokemon.net/2009/11/26/Articles/pokewalker-and-activity-meter-teardown Checked that out, and I still couldn't tell. (Took it apart for myself, too)
  8. What is the data from a Pokemon caught in the PokeWalker? For example, I have a PKM of a Viridian Forest Pikachu, and I want to make it look like a legal Flying Pikachu from the PokeWalker. After making one of its moves into Fly, what else do I need to edit? (Like location data, level met, PID-IV relationship, trash bytes, etc.)
  9. How is the data for a pokemon caught in the pokewalker any different from a normal wild pokemon? (e.g. location data, hex values, PID/IV correlation, etc.) For example, is it possible to catch 2 exactly identical Pikachu, one in the pokewalker Yellow Forest and the other in Viridian Forest? (besides stuff like level caught)
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