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  1. The one I'm trying to clear of scripts right now is talking to mum at the start. I tried deleting her overworld in overworlds, all the scripts, functions, texts etc. It shows there are no Triggers in PPRE, but it acts like there is one there when I test ingame For example, if I have just one script (because having none causes freezing) such as a standard dialogue script, it repeatedly runs the text script without me being able to move. I'm after making a new game from scratch but not being able to delete scripts is getting in the way a bit >.< Thanks for the quick response
  2. I'm trying to delete the scripts near the start of the game, like your mom approaching, or Lyra and her Marill walking about. When I delete all scripts in these areas, it freezes upon entering the area. Anyone any idea why this happens? Thanks.
  3. Ah okay. Shame really I only wanted to do it so I could create boss enemies. Don't really want to replace old Pokémon though.
  4. "Note: this is a modified version of Drayano's hack Pokemon Spirit Gold." So it belongs to Drayano? Also that hack is uploaded on a different website. But, if you're really bothered, I can change the name when I come up with one. I'd rather people didn't confuse mine with another anyway.
  5. I just had a look. Yours is called "Pure Crystal". And seeing as Crystal is the original remake of Gold and Silver, you can't really claim "Crystal" in a hack
  6. Is it possible to add new Pokémon in hgss without replacing old ones? Thanks.
  7. I've seen several scripts in HGSS that use "Callstd". I see these are used to re-use the same script in several places. Is there a way to find and view these "std"s? And is there a way to create new ones? Thanks.
  8. Thanks Kravos. I'll be giving a lot more detail on the hack once I've given it some kind of foundation. When you say tutorial on adding trainers, do you mean the one on how to place one onto a map, then link it to a trainer's data? If so, I know how to do that. What I want to do is increase the maximum amount of trainers. The current maximum being 400 odd? I hope to put in many more than that. If there is a tutorial on increasing the maximum amount of trainers, any chance of a link?
  9. Thank you Robbie. I'll get up some screenshots when I have enough to put on a little showcase. Watch this space in the next week. Edit: I plan to have private and public beta testers for this. If you have the time and patience, and would be willing to put in the extra effort as a tester, PM me if you're interested in being a private beta tester. You will get to play the hack first and see the new features first, but I only want people willing to commit to be beta testers. I also want private testers so I can make sure everything is good for when it is released as public. Thanks.
  10. Name: Spirit Crystal Hack of: Heart Gold Features: - Improved story. The same events happen in the game, only they will have completely new dialogue, with the hero having a voice, responding to the people of Kanto and Johto. - All Pokémon from Kanto and Johto catchable, with new story events for certain legendaries, such as Celebi, Mew and more. - New scripted battles. Several gym leaders may need help before they are ready to challenge you. - Decapitalised Pokémon names. NO MORE SOLID BLOCK CAPITAL NAMES. - A single starter. No more Cyndaquil, Totodile or Chikorita. You will start off with one different starter, and the original starters will be found via one-off events. All of this I know I can do. Here are features I hope to include after getting help and finding out I can do them. - A more populated Kanto. No more 1 and a half trainer per route. - More items lying around. - What other upgrades I can find. Post below if you are interested in helping, or interested in general.
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