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  1. Welcome to the World of Pokemon Solaris! EDIT: Has been Changed to Heart Gold. The Basics Pokemon Solaris is a HeartGold hack that takes place ~15 years after Pokemon FireRed. Since the time of Red's adventure, many changes have come to the Kanto region. They've opened trade and travelling with Hoenn and recently reopened trade with Johto, allowing trainers to go from Kanto, to Johto, to Hoenn. With the new regions, Kanto has been brought to new heights. New Pokemon, New Abilities, and even two new Typings have been brought to the Kanto region! Story You are the adopted child of Pokemon Champions, Red and Brendan. You originally hail from Johto, being adopted by the Celebrity Husbands after two years of grueling paperwork on their part, and many teary eyes and temper tantrums from you. Eleven Years Later, you just celebrated your 15th birthday, and with that, you're finally receiving your starter Pokemon after five years of intense arguments in sign language. Yet as you prepare for your adventures, others are preparing for domination... Enter Team Lunae. This Team is a mixture of Team Rocket and ISIS, using terrorism and brutal methods to get their points across. They're not above stealing Pokemon or killing, as long as they make it clear that they own the Kanto region, and soon the entire world. Upon the time you started your journey, this Team has began getting their methods out there. Your Fathers are begging for you to come home, so you can have all the protection you could need in Uncle Gary, Red, and Brendan. Until Red goes missing, and all of Kanto are on the ready to find their Champion. Planned Features All Pokemon up until Gen III Visiting to Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn New Abilities New Typings New Fakemon Current Production Map Editing Text Editing Type Matchup Editing/Move Editing Pokemon Editing How YOU Can Help! Simply put, just volunteer, please! I would love to have a team of people to work with this on, since I'm new to the scene and there's many things I have trouble with, such as HeX editing and other things. I mostly rely on tools, but I would really, really like it if you guys would want to pitch in and help me. Shoot me a message either here, or on my Skype. Thanks in advance!
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