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  1. Project Pachirisu Is A Project I Have Set Up Having Pachirisu Is The Main Character (Meaning Playable), The Game It Will Go Over Is Heart Gold And Any Pokemon That Changes Gets Overwolds Too! (And More Features Like: New Pokemon, More Findable Pokemon, New Starters And More!) The Project Is Going Really Well, Apart From The None Loading The Sprite And *Secret* Is Broken Too, I Will Release The Project Beta When I Get Pachitisu's Trainer Sprite And Walking Sprite Up And Running (Ill Have Videos Too) Beta 0.1 Is Not Done Update Log: Overworld Sprites Fixed Overworld Sprites Done Including: Surf, Walking, Running and Bike
  2. Well i am hacking HGSS and i have made a title but i seem not to be able to add it, i can't find any file for it also with the battle sprite i need to change the trainers front and back, can someone please help
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