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  1. actually... hatched eggs have a PID set when the data is first assembled. if you set the PID in pokesav, the egg will hatch as what the PID is set as. There arent all that many Shiny PID combinations either, and if you want a legal shiny, i also suggest the PID Generator suggested above
  2. I see the points, and they all make sense. I guess ill have to give that to you. BTW, when i said BL i was referring to borderline, as stated on serebii.net >.> to wrap this up, ill explain extrasensory because i luck-sac out alot >.> on top of being a psychic move to deal with fightings (who take advantage of typhlosions lower Def), it has a chance to make the opponent flinch and has decent base power. Well, i guess im done. delete or leave it, whatever, doesnt matter. ill still use typhlosion on my teams >.>
  3. I personally feel that Typhlosion hasnt gotten enough credit for its own abilities. I would not be posting this thread without support, which is as follows: Typhlosion has good base stats: 78 HP, 84 Atk, 78 Def, 109 Sp Atk, 85 Sp Def, 100 Spd. With the base stats it has, it is cut out for special sweeping in higher tiers. Typhlosion has a good move pool, including Fire, Psychic, Grass, Electric, normal, ghost, fighting, Ground, Dark, Rock, and even steel type moves, shown below (the best of each for the most part) Fire- Eruption, Flare Blitz Psychic- Extrasensory (HGSS) Grass- Solar Beam Electric- Thunder Punch Normal- Headbutt, Hyper Beam, Double Edge Ghost- Shadow Claw Fighting- Focus Blast, Brick Break Ground- Earthquake Steel- Gyro Ball Rock- Rock Slide, Rollout Dark- Fling (chuck a flame orb at face?!) There are no types that typhlosion cant do a single thing against (Dragons are usually flying in standard, thus rockslide is best, Water can be taken care of with thunderpunch or solar beam, steel by eruption, psychics by shadow claw, darks by focus Blast, Dark/Ghosts by a neutral eruption.) Sure, it has the weakness to stealth rock, but i dont think that alone is enough to knock it down to the BL tier. Typhlosion has the versatility to be a jack of all trades for a team that needs to cover two or more types at once. It also handles most Standard pokemon well (depending on moveset), and on serebii.net, apparently has a shallow move pool? 11/18 types isnt shallow to me... its not the deepest, but it isnt shallow by any means.
  4. The Idea of the band is to ensure that typhlosion gets at least one howl in, to ensure some real damage (due to the fact that its defenses leave much to be desired) but a focus band might work just as well, if not better. More than likely, typhlosion wont be able to take a crit-quake and so, to make up for its poor defense, it needs something to ensure that it survives. if you get a second howl off (assuming you get lucky and the opponent wants to switch to counter typhlosion better), you can smash water types with thunderpunch. most standard pokemonll take a hard hit from flare blitz or earthquake. thinking on it now tho, if you have a baton passer that can pass Atk, Def, Sp Def, or Spd, they all help typhlosion survive alot longer for much more sweeping. This set is actually designed to be the head pokemon of a team tho, b/c in standard, typhlosion is very rarely seen (so i hear). opponent sees it, they switch to try to counter it, and it survives long enough to use 2 howls, doubling its attack power. When its about to die, or if you need a kamikaze attack, blitz it out. Even against gyarados, typhlosion can strike hard and fast with thunder punch, and he resists steel. Being that, If played by the strategy above, hes sent out first, theres no time for spikes, stealth rock, or any of the like. as a fire type, he cant be burned either, so no burn atk cuts. the only real way to take this typhlosion is to have a pokemon that can resist electric, fire, and ground well, and that can take a few hits or reduce its atk to cushion a few of the blows. EDIT: Shell Bell. Just Thought of it, it may sound bad, but if you get off the extra howls, even if you take a bit of damage, you can sweep it all back, literally. they send out gyarados to counter typhlosion, you have normal atk, (howl - Intimidate) thunder punch the gyarados, then it hits typhlosion, then at the end of the turn, you get back an 8th of what you lost from gyarados. the second thunder punch should be enough to finish gyarados off, thus you heal 1/4th of your total HP and possibly have a boosted attack to keep it up with. Also, if you DO take a hit and it brings HP down to the point of triggering Blaze, flare blitz becomes a potential OHKO to even neutral pokemon , and can be used nearly indefinately (with PP limits of course) with shell bell healing every turn.
  5. I was thinking about this for awhile, but i think its possible... Nature: Adamant IVs: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Spd Item: Focus Sash (or belt, whichever guarantees an extra turn if it has full health) Attacks: Flare Blitz Thunder Punch Earthquake Howl Obviously, howl once or twice or more if you have full health, then smash away with flare blitz, earthquake, or thunder punch. Each move is physical, and a physical typhlosion is unexpected, right? Thunder Punch is prefered because of the power over water types, and earthquake stops all fire types cold. Flare Blitz is a nice STAB with massive power as well. All comments are appreciated!
  6. Icyman, an update: i just got the request today, and am currently finished the roserade and jirachi. do you want the code for action replay or just the PKM files? EDIT: Files are finished, pm me and let me know if you want the PKM or an action Replay code >.>
  7. The event PKM files are usually posted on the main site, so if your looking for one of these event pokemon, id suggest looking there. I can however, send over some events from japan, if thats OK. PM me for more details EDIT: Scratch most of that, i found my PKM reserve >.> i downloaded most events before, and i beleive i have the JP 12th movie arceus, the tru shaymin, and the alamos darkrai. do you mind if theyre japanese? Heres the WHOLE list of every event pkm file i have: Arceus (Eigakan) Darkrai (TRU, Eigakan) Jirachi (WISHMKR, NZ Jap PP) Lugia (Navel Rock) Ho-Oh (Navel Rock) Pichu (Shokotan) Pikachu (Yokohama) Latias (Southern Island) Latios (southern Island) Deoxys (Space Center) Regigigas (TRU) 10TH Aniv Bulbasaur Charizard Blastoise Articuno Moltres Zapdos Suicune Entei Raikou Celebi Blaziken Latios Latias JUST ADDED: Alamos Darkrai GameSTP Deoxys Tanabata Jirachi Mystery Mew VGC09 Milotic TRU Shaymin 11th Mov Shaymin I also have a bunch of Colloseum pokemon, like quilava, suicune, and hitmontop (all legendaries and starters). I have ALL pokemon files except pokespot pkm and in game trades.
  8. ive decided that i should probably help out here some. for requests, i will accept anything with semi normal IVs, just post what pokemon, minimum IVs, nature, Ability you want, etc. I can do shiny pokemon too, just ask. These pokemon have the correct PID, ability class, and everything else, i will make them look exactly like legit pokemon unless requested otherwise. Note that i cannot actually trade these over WIFI as i do not have a ds with a working L Button. I can however PM the code to anyone who has an action replay. if this is the case, i will post it as a mystery gift Pokemon
  9. exactly. i want it hatched so its actually legit looking, with no SUPER IVs (all 31s). i been tryin for almost 2 weeks to catch one with the old rod and decided i was probably wasting my time. i can use AR atm cuz my left button doesnt work, and i think my right is fading too (works on and off) i did the largest part of work, getting the whole thing legit, including the PID... took me about half an hour, but its legit.
  10. Everyones favorite glitch pokemon right? has anyone looked at its base stats and moveset in R and B? i think the truth about missingno is that it was a prototype of lugia, but scrapped early on (remember how Ho-oh was one of the first pokemon to appear in the show), based on its moves and types. It is a flying type, and learns water gun naturally. based off of lugias original appearance, Missingno knows the weaker version of water moves lugias known for (not to mention sky attack, its strongest flying move). Statwise it seems to take after ho-oh however, having the highest attack stat in the first gen. Any comments, ideas, possibilities?
  11. would be greatly appreciated >.> ---------- Post added at 01:19 AM ---------- Previous post was Yesterday at 11:36 PM ---------- UPDATE: I created the pkm file, i just need someone to make it real and transfer it >.> if anyone can use AR to get the pkm, ill post the code. it will replace the first pokemon so dont waste anything good plz.
  12. I think the trio started as the three eevee forms... it makes sense, vaporeon and jolteon get burned, and (assuming they were all friends being part of a trio) flareon got crushed under the rubble as it wept for its friends. thats probly the most reasonable thing i can think of, btu nothings proven yet.
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