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  1. Do you know of any sites/sources where I can read up on this?
  2. Tell me about it. I've been searching over 2 hours for good information but have had no luck and ya that's what I heard something about how 5 or around there will have 0 in the IVs and the other one still incredibly low...I'm asking because I need to back up a STATEMENT but have had no luck in doing so... So again does anyone have any info regarding this glitch?
  3. I've been looking everywhere for this information as I've heard it before and I just wanted to get some confirmation...has anyone ever heard of the Legendary Beasts Glitch in FireRed/LeafGreen where the random beast will have VERY LOW IVs like 0...something like that...I need to see if this is completely true as I've heard about it but yet cannot find ANY info on it... Anyone know?
  4. Dunsparce.....I mean seriously....reason?
  5. Garchomp hands down.... Reason: Use Salamence in UBERS and let me know....lol
  6. I just leave it in the PC...never really had the urge to use it in battles... Not like you can EV train a Level 100 Arceus anyways o_0
  7. Options: A) Catch tons of Ditto's in Pearl/Diamond (I'm pretty sure they are more common then in Platinum) B) Trade with someone who has a Ditto with the Nature you want. C) I can always help lol =]
  8. Hi there. I just got my CycloDS Evolution today in the mail and I wanted to know: If I use it to connect to the GTS on Pokemon Platinum will Nintendo be able to read the Flash Card and therefore block the card? I only ask because I think I saw a video on youtube where this happened I just want to confirm.
  9. Champloo


    It depends on which forum your posting on.
  10. If you'd like I'll AR it for you and trade it to you. Just PM if you want me to do that for you
  11. Some already posted above. The "New Posts" and the "No New Post" icons need a bigger difference it's sort of hard to tell. Other then that I'm loving the new theme. Although I'm already missing the "New Posts" button at the top of the page
  12. Woah!!! Those look freakin' amazing!!!! Thanks a bunch man Wish I could make cool sprites like that
  13. Granted, but all the other Charizard's get furious that the sole Charizard doesn't hurt you so in turn they burn you with there mighty flames. I wish I had a Metagross Utopia!
  14. Any way to get a Black and Gold Metagross? With the Black being the body color and the Gold being the X's and everything else.
  15. Lol I have three Diamond Versions so no worries on that Glad to hear you'll be getting your cord back as well
  16. Um....have your tried completely uninstalling the program and reinstalling it? That could be a simple fix o_0
  17. I don't have one on me yet but I'm expecting two in the mail within this week so if no one has helped you by then I'd be more then happy to help you with your problem
  18. Did you guys get my sig request? Just wanted to follow up seeing as a new page popped up
  19. I'm going to make Teddiursa because it's a Gangster
  20. Wow...this application is really useful Just wanted to give my input
  21. I have the following EV training items: Macho Brace Power Weight Power Bracer Power Belt Power Lens Power Band Power Anklet Also I have plenty of Lucky Eggs so I can trade you one of those as well. Let me know which ones in specific you want.
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    hi hi

    Welcome to the Forum.
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    Hey! Welcome to the Forums.
  24. Hi! Thanks for the info I actually requested a sig on Narwals (If that's how you spell it) thread already but I'll be more then happy to look at yours later
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