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  1. Ya that's what I wanted to know just like any regular old item. Another question is that do WISH Blissey's have a certain OT? Because I just came across one and it's from Hoenn and the OT is Brendan or Brendon forgot if it's an A or an O lol but regardless ya can I have the info if anthing I'll load up the PKM file but only if it's needed I'm to lazy to upload right now lolz
  2. Lol here's what you should do: 1. Grab a calculator 2. Distribute the EVs to your desired stats making sure not to pass the 255 limit per stat (Although 252 EVs is recommended) 3. Add up all your EVs after your done and if your under or at 510 EVs then your fine.
  3. Aarux thanks for the reply. I had a question: Is there any way to tell if an item is hacked or is that a completely different thing then a PKM. File?
  4. Is this Mismagius hacked? I've assumed it hacked but I might be wrong hopefully somebody can help since I will be releasing it if it is hacked. Mismagius (IceDragon1).pkm
  5. Use PPSE to fill in the missing Pokedex information. That should solve the issue as to the missing information.
  6. I'm having a difficult time determining whether or not this Pokemon is hacked. I concluded it as legit can someone verify? Aerodactyl (Shii).pkm
  7. Does the Backup Enabler / Game Fix Code that is used for the Japanese ROM of HG/SS work for the US Rom version of HG/SS? Or is there a completely new one? This would be very helpful indeed =)
  8. My first ever was Pikachu in my Yellow Version. First ever in D/P/Pt was my Empoleon =) I did it quite fast since I got lucky and snagged me a Chansey holding Lucky Egg =)
  9. ARE YOU CRAZY! I'M GETTING BOTH! Lol ya pretty much....as I always did with every generation.
  10. Welcome to PP! Hope you enjoy the forums. =)
  11. If you trade me any random Pokemon I can get your Secret ID and be able to make it so they are "Officially" your Pokemon. Let me know when you see me online or just message me via MSN: samuraichampl00 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com
  12. Here's your request. This will replace whatever is in Slot 1 of Box 1.
  13. How long ago did RNGing become known or let alone been done? IIRC this NZ Jirachi came out in mid 2009....was RNGing already well known? I'm asking simply because if the time frame fits then it can possibly be RNGed...but then again as Sabresite put it....it's HIGHLY unlikely.... So to verify....possible but the odds are astronomical...it's a bummer there no sure fire way of checking whether it's been PokeSav'd or RNGed.... Thanks again for the statistics Sabresite they always help =)
  14. Is this NZ Jirachi legit? It's IVs are flawless and it has a decent Nature...so I'm doubting it but it came up as Mystery Gift (Dynamic) I just need an experts opinion. I think it's been RNGed...since the date it was caught was: 4/27/2046 Let me know guys thanks. NZ Jirachi (Constantine).pkm
  15. Sorry if this has already been asked but I can't be bothered to read through this hole thread but is the Legality Checker purposely missing to download on the "Site Page" Because when I click the "Download: Click Here" button it redirects me to a page saying that is doesn't exist. Hope someone can help me out here. Thanks
  16. =/ Dang so someone could have sav'd this up...as it's still possible to be legal and it checks out on both the RNG Reporter & legal.exe I'll just keep it then. I've been wanting to train it to battle but I was never sure of it's legitimacy. Thanks again Sabresite.
  17. Is it possible to RNG on Pokemon Emerald via No$GBA or VBA. I've been doing it through my original Pokemon Emerald cart but I was curious if it was possible while playing the Pokemon Emerald ROM through No$GBA or VBA. Hope someone can answer this =)
  18. Wow...if this Pokemon is legit then that would be awesome. I'll wait for another opinion to clarify it. Thanks also how are you getting all that info like the Seed, frame, etc.?
  19. I ran this through Legality Checker and it came up as: I'm not sure if it's hacked as I have no idea what type it supposed to be? It just seems to good to be true with those IVs. Can anyone help me clarify? Here's the actual Pokemon file: Zigzagoon (Adamant Extremespeed).pkm
  20. Thank you! This is exactly what I was trying to find out. So now I know where to reference myself when checking if the Ability is correct. Thanks Sabresite. As always you've been a big help. Sorry I didn't see that thread (maybe I just didn't look hard enough =/) but So as long as I use the PP Dex I'll be accurate when checking if the Ability matches the Class? Just want to be VERY clear on that. I pretty much understand it now. Class 1 = Ability Listed FIRST on the Project Pokemon Dex Class 2 = Ability Listed SECOND on the Project Pokemon Dex Note* IF a Pokemon only has 1 Ability ALWAYS, then if it is Class 1 or 2 it doesn't matter. Is that pretty much the gist of it?
  21. That's not what I meant...exactly =/ I was talking about how when you run a Pokemon through Legality checker it's ability doesn't come up as the name of the ability but as a number either 1 or 2. Also when making a Pokemon and pressing the PID/IV to generate a relationship between them one of the columns shows the Ability number. And This: I basically want to know how you would find out which ability it's assigned by just looking at the number? Also how a Pokemon who can only have one ability sometimes has the number 2 ability number. Am I making this any clearer? I'm reading your post and I see "Should & Most". Are you positive every site does this? I really need a definitive answer.
  22. I never really understood how you can tell these apart? Which ability would be considered 1 and which would be considered 2? Also WHY would either ability be consider as such? And what about Pokemon that only have 1 ability but when checked have Ability 2? I hope I can get this clarified. =)
  23. Alright cool so then I was correct. Thanks again. I'll be sure to post in the correct section next time.
  24. Thank you! So from now on if any GBA Pokemon comes up with "Unkown GBA" should I assume it's hacked? Also should I stick to this thread whenever I want to check for any other hacks or is there already a thread for this? I really don't want to be making thread after thread when I'm only asking for something simple. Let me know so that I can post in the correct thread next time. Thanks again
  25. <p><p><p><p><p>Hey I was wondering if you have any experience in checking for hacks?</p></p></p></p></p>

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