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  1. Thank you <3 I can now pwn my friend with a skymin :3 I never checked her IVs lol.
  2. I can trade now as well. My code is: 4254 2180 4448 You can just register me as Mousey :3
  3. That would be awesome! Do you want me to trade you a certain pokemon? I can trade any time, but I'd prefer to do it before Tuesday (School starts for me :c). I'll post my code when you post yours c:
  4. Recently, I was on this thread here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3460 and there, KyoMcFizzle told me that I needed a flashcart to edit my shaymin. Now, I don't have a flashcart, nor do I know anyone with one. So I was wondering if anyone here can help me out. I need my shaymin Apple edited to have a Fateful Encounter. If anyone here who has Wi-Fi can help out, I can trade you a pokemon (Let me know what you want) or draw you something. Thanks <3
  5. That helps me a lot, thanks! I don't have a flashcart, and I'm asking my friends if they have one. If not, I might have to ask you guys here.
  6. But how would you do that to an already existing one? I don't really want to hack a new one to be quite honest
  7. Is there a way to give an already existing Shaymin a Fateful Encounter?
  8. So if a shaymin from Platinum can transform, dos that mean if I can edit my Shaymin's ID/SID that it might transform?
  9. She isn't fateful Encounter because I caught her in Flower Paradise on my Diamond, not on Platinum. I don't have a flash card, and I don't have a ROM. I play on a legit copy :3
  10. Shaymin's can't transform if they're not event shaymins/fateful encounter. And I don't know what you mean by "Place you save game here and tell me what type of save it is" Could you give me somewhat of an explanation? Sorry if I'm asking so much :c
  11. My Shaymin wasn't originally Pokesaved, and I honestly don't know how to open her on the program. I have the Flower, but my most of my Shaymins can't transform, because they aren't Fateful Encounter.
  12. I was wondering if there was a way to either let a non event shaymin transform into Skymin, or a way to edit location met/Fateful encounter.
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