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  1. I've tested it and it works fine Good Job And if you want I can use it and trade you over the Event of course this means you won't be able to soft reset for it (God knows I won't) so ya lol but it the code did work
  2. You my friend are out of luck...your either going to have to remember where in the world you left that cord or look for one on eBay or something... Of course if you just want to check if the code works I'd be more then happy to try it for you if you'd like. Edit: For what game version is this?
  3. Lols was that misuse of grammar intentional Thanks for the welcome I hope I'm great people as well Lolz
  4. Do you think you could list the IVs instead of the actual Stats? It would be a lot more helpful =\ of course it's your trade thread so it's up to you.
  5. Hmmm...I see =\ My mistake lol...but ya you do need an AR to transfer them to your game that or a R4, Acekard, etc. If you send me the PKMN file of the event weavile I'll be more then happy to trade it over to you (I'm just to lazy to look for the file as of now lol)
  6. Lol wow you guys have an active imagination. But I think a more "Realistic" theory would be that he draws all the moves through some kind of "Pokemon Power" hence the word sketch. I think that would be more "Kid Friendly" if they ever did decide to add Smeargle using some attacks mentioned above in the anime. It makes sense to me...any thoughts? Lol
  7. Do you not have a computer? How can you not have the "tool."
  8. Welcome to the forums
  9. Thanks for the welcome =] Awesome CALI!!!! WOOT WOOT Party on the West Coast lol me and my girlfriend met in Cali =]
  10. I have those Pokemon =] I'll just comment you or PM you.
  11. Does it matter what language? (Obviously besides english)
  12. Alright awesome! No rush on my side though so take your time
  13. I've never heard of this happening until now and the only time something similar happend to me was on my emulator (not my actual DS). It's good to know now so I may look out for possible causes.
  14. Song: Ransom Artist: Drake ft. Lil' Wayne This guys from "The N" so I was skeptical at first but when I heard his stuff he sounds like a potentially "Lil' Wayne 2" keep in mind Lil' Wayne is known for his not so common lyrical rhymes. So far this guys shown some impressive talent.
  15. Is there anyways I could get a sig with Teddiura in it? Please and thank you =]
  16. I think Grass Knot on Infernape makes sense...he is a monkey and when you think Monkey you think swinging on vines(well at least I do lol) so as far as that moves goes Infernape could just be tying up vines =]. As for the Drain Punch I agree...what's up with that...seriously...
  17. Thanks for the welcome! o_0 I see your from Mexico awesome some of my family lives over there =]
  18. Sign me up for this! Lol Just PM me whenever your on so we can get to mixing!
  19. Hey whenever your up for it PM or leave me a comment. I'll battle you =]
  20. I voted yes but then I thought about it and I'm pretty sure you'll need a lot of WILLING individuals for this to work...
  21. You my friend have the worst luck EVER lolz...I'm pretty sure there isn't a code out like that.
  22. Hey everyone! After a few days on here I've decided to make an intro =P So far I'm liking this forum everyone is very helpful (not rude like most forums out there) and I hope I can meet some great people here =]
  23. Welcome to the community Kudos on the Jirchi Avi
  24. Champloo


    Welcome to the community
  25. Welcome to the community =)
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