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  1. If I don't get a reply back to the person who made the request within 30 min, you can take it
  2. yeah. if i knew how i probably would pokesav my way out of it (it its even possible) but since i dont, i wont
  3. wat kind of bad egg it is... a bad one that wont go into the storage, and wont allow him into any wireless/wi-fi rooms
  4. I think it means pokemon movie '09
  5. don't you mean they are in different regions? houndoom could have come first, and somewhow appeared in kanto
  6. Well, I think that was the file. otherwise, its this one: Youre gonna have to use this code somehow. i think i deleted the pkmn file. ill keep looking ---------- Post added at 11:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:20 PM ---------- Is there a way I can remove the Bad Egg without having an examine of a PKM file that i cant find?
  7. when you click "save XML file", go to the drop down menu that say XML, and choose whichever one says AR. voila. and if it is too long (i found that a box with 15 pokemon in it is too long) sbreak the code down into several parts (i.e. the first row of pokemon is 1 code, second row is another code, and so on)
  8. my bro accidentally got a bad egg while i was testing out some codes (he agrees to test them as log as he gets to use it if it works) anyway i made a coder for a pikachu meant to be reeeaaally close to a perfect "middle-scale version" of both Ash's Pikachu and the surfing pikachu (meaning, assuming ash's pikachu is lvl 100, put their stats exactly in the middle, use half of each pikachu's movesets, etc.) but it came out a bad egg. how can i remove it?
  9. And then theres the Bagon to Salamence
  10. Acid rain. Isn't it supposed to hurt EVERY pokemon on the field 4x? Even if the pokemon is resistant to a part of the "rain", they get hurt by their own ability (!?!?!?!?!?!?), so Pikachu gets hurt by its static, but would Wonderguard hurt you? and then there is an upside: 4x heal. read article for info ---------- Post added at 10:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:04 PM ---------- There is no trigger. its just a random event and has no significance, other thanthe fact that Pastorians love Croagunk
  11. Hey, is it ok if Others out their own folklore ideas? because i have a folklore for kunaidude's bagon idea. ---------- Post added at 09:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:08 PM ---------- well, i don't know if youll let others post folklore here, but here is a folklore for Bagon: This is actually my first made-up story. I think its actually pretty good, considering I made it up. I don't kno about how you guys will respnd to this, though.
  12. Does anyone know how the feud between Zangoose (which looks Nothing --I repeat: N-O-T-H-I-N-G; NOTHING like a goose) and Seviper started?
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