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  1. I'm in the same boat as codemonkey. The logos aren't great, but they're bearable. I guess after we see them for a while, we'll get used to them, kinda like with the female character in this game,
  2. I've been thinking for a while, if it'd be possible for someone to edit the HG/SS ROM to display English text for people who can't read Japanese. Could someone enlighten me?
  3. I think he knows to use it as [spoiler=option]content . But anyways, they do need to cut down their regional dex, because 250 is way too much, especially if they decide to go the pre-DPPt way and have to catch all of the Pokémon. ... But that would be just dumb.
  4. [sprite]127[/sprite] [shinysprite]127[/shinysprite] 127. Pinsir
  5. Running Wine Darwine allows you to open Pokésav, without having to create a separate Windows environment.
  6. I can trade a Swellow to you. Stats: Nature: Quirky Ability: Guts Level 100 Moves: Aeroblast / Fly / Air Slash / Earth Power.
  7. Is this a pre-release/beta/whatever to Pokémod, or is this something completely different?
  8. Now here's a really stupid question, but I have to ask it: Are they changing the stored password on their computers to the new WEP key when you change it?
  9. I've got some... Or I will, once I duplicate it . I'll PM you my FC.
  10. Have you tried downloading the compact version? Note that this version is only compatible with D/P.
  11. Who's Poop Sr? On another note, I really hope that the skateboard isn't included -- it kind of destroys the originality of the games having a bike. Also, the new female character shouldn't have been added -- I was looking forward to what Kris would look like in Gen IV gfx .
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking for the 3 GSC starters at level 5, 100% legit from Emerald, please. If someone could pass them on, I would greatly appreciate it. Male preferred, please.
  13. I've seen people rename their Pokémon by spelling it backwards, you could try that.
  14. This is the happiest day of my life! But I agree, it was too easy. I wonder how they're going to expand on the region.
  15. That makes sense, I knew there was a reason they used the word 'weak' in the item description, duh. Well I had a 30 at the top, I was looking for Registeel, so I took some 30s. Thanks .
  16. For some reason, when I was playing my Platinum today, I used a Max Repel (and I'm sure I used a Max Repel -- I even went back to check and it gave the 'Max Repel already in effect' error message) and I was going through Iron Island to go catch Regice, and on the way, I kept on encountering Onixes and a Graveler. Any ideas?
  17. How about a Pokémon-Swarm modifier. I didn't see that on the list.
  18. 'This' means I agree with what he said, or asked, in this case.
  19. You can go to an image uploading site such as wImg or ImageShack and upload your pictures there from your hard drive. Once the files have been uploaded to their servers, they will give you links to the images you have just uploaded. Once you have the links, wrap them in IMG tags on this forum, and post. EDIT: Actually, on wImg, once you upload, it gives you a UBBC link, already wrapped in IMG tags. Simply copy and paste the link into a post.
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