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  1. i have been away for a couple of months and now i cant seem to find the events on the main page so could someone please help me or tell me what happened or where are they
  2. I have downloaded all the events and wonder cards from the main site and packed them all together since i know some of you have requested it. And i will update it as soon as any new event is added Archanfel
  3. there is a master (M) code you must use this code with the others in order for them to work
  4. not neceseraly, some of them just request codes without even caring to look around. There are at least 4 requests here in this thread regarding the the wi-fi alternate forme code which proves me right
  5. when it hatches it'll be at level 1
  6. but they cannot be class 2 timid males with these iv's
  7. in the legalty checker abomasnow states its a gba event but its hometown is sinnoh i'm trying to find a string that would fix this
  8. But i wont lol Nidoran
  9. and do you think they stick to thier words just remeber how many times they changed a word they said
  10. i know lets just pray they dont
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