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  1. Hey! This is a small project a friend of mine and I started in order to bring PMD:EoS to our native language! As you might know, the situation for portuguese fans of Nintendo's work is very bad, specially worse on Brazil. Besides not getting ANY translation support from Nintendo's games, here in Brazil they straight up didn't even existed until recently: everything was imported - thus out of reach to most families. Besides maybe the wii and SNES, I don't think anything else from them is popular around here (of course, I mean on physical form. Emulators are famous, obviously). Anyhow, by February 6th 2021, we've translated the first chapter, the personality quiz fully, and working on menus and chapters 2 and 3. We plan on putting on a demo out soon! June 21th 2022 => 7th chapter done. If you are willing to help, please do contact me. The newest patch => patch_2022-07-21.xdelta If you want to know how it's going or if you find any issues such as misspelling, don't feel scared to talk to us on discord! We are on skytemple's server, and my tag is dede6giu#4634.
  2. I really wanted to patch my Pokémon black with a European Portuguese translation patch, the creator stopped translating a while back but kept the file up. I'm having a hard time though the file they put up to download is a .patch file and no patching application supports that file. I'm I supposed to do something else with the .patch file?
  3. Version 1.0.3


    NOTE: FOR THOSE HAVING SCREEN STRETCHING ISSUES IN DOLPHIN, use ShowMiiWads to match your system. Dolphin gets weird about Region-Free patching. https://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/ShowMiiWads Finally the Japan-exclusive WiiWare Pokémon Mystery Dungeon titles, the Adventure Squad series, have been translated! Patches for each game have been released after months and months of hard work from fans of the series. The team has also worked with the Wiimmfi and RiiConnect24 teams in order to restore the event Pokémon that were distributed for this game. Other features of the translation include: -Pokémon nickname limit expanded to 10 characters (Japanese 5) -Buddy Passwords fully functional. These can now be found by hitting the Wii Home button, then pressing the "Operations Guide" button. -Pre-patched with Wiimmfi and RiiConnect24 for ease of event access. Friend Rescues do not work currently, but are being looked into. -Item icons and many descriptions ported from Super Mystery Dungeon -Dummied/beta items ported from Explorers of Sky have been restored. Inaccessible in-game, can be accessed with cheats. -It's in English now, which is cool.
  4. Hi!!! I am doing translations on genVII games to brazilian portuguese. I have some troubles when importing the translated texture files in game. I don't know if its a pk3DS problem or no. Here is the steps that I am doing to extract/import: 1) The file location is on ExtractedRomFS\a\0\6\7 (I want to translate the battle graphics) 2) I extract the 7 file in pk3DS and got the 7_g folder. 3) Inside the folder, 7_g/004/02.bin (the 02 is where are the english files) 4) I extract again with pk3ds and got a sarc extracted folder. 5) a\0\6\7_g\004\02_sarc\timg -> Grpfont_Battle_MainButton_All.bflim this is the file I want to translate. 6) So, I use Kukki to export the bflim to png, edit and import back to a .bflim file. Now I have the problem, because I have to pack the files back to "7" and I extracted the files two times (the 7 and the 02.bin file). The problem is when I need to repack the 02.bin. When I repack the 02_sarc folder in pk3DS, is generated a 02.sarc file. This file can't be read to extract again by pk3ds, generating a error message, so, I don't know if the program don't support the sarc file, it can extract the original files, but I have problems on repacks because it don't extract the modified ones. (the 2 error messages when I am extracting the modified file are attached) When I rename the 02.sarc to 02.bin and repack the 7_g, in game the game freeze when the battle starts. (the last attach) Someone knows how can I import this graphic to the 02.bin file? Thank you! Oh, here are the "7" file if someone can test it: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Qvln92XBRxINZbpKFwUesX8YTKH5-xAd?usp=sharing Thanks for all help
  5. Hey, as seen in the title, i want to try translating the pokemon rom hack called "Renegade Platinum", the thing is i dont really know where to start, i have a programm to edit text (DSPRE) and i've seen text archives, but the thing is renegade platinum changes a lot, so i dont really know where to start, i obviously cant just copy and paste the text archives. (i tried that and it makes sense that it doesnt work), so my question is, for translating this, would i need to play the game and speak with every npc to get the info i need? that i know what text has changed? there needs to be a more efficient way to do that right? i hope at least. sadly Drayano60 the creator of this hack, does not kept any info what text he changed, that would have made my life easier, is there some efficient way to see exactly what i need to change?, i mean the xdelta patch is patching these things so it knows what it needs to change the info is there but, i never heard of anyone opening/editing/viewing a xdelta file. Any suggestions?. Thanks in advance.
  6. Bond697 edit: Any requests for ROMs will be deleted and the user will be banned on subsequent requests. Anyone who links to a ROM will be banned. No exceptions. randomspot555 edit: If all you do in this thread is beg for new updates, or fight with other users, I'm banning you for at least a week. Please stay on topic Any further discussion of "other" patches will be deleted, and possibly be followed with an infraction or ban. If you want to discuss some other site's/org's patch, go there. Welcome to the Black 2 and White 2 translation project thread! I was here briefly in the past for the Black and White project, but I'm back now to see if we can do the same thing for Black 2 and White 2. I've made Github repositories for the main files, and for the story files separately. The 0000 folders will be the ones to translate into English, and the 0001 folders will remain Japanese. The files almost mirror each other, except for the fact the files in 0001 are Kanji. They should be used as a reference for translating the files in 0000. General files repo (menus, attacks, etc.) Story and Overworld repo How to contribute to the project The procedure is the following. If you want to contribute, sign up for the Github, fork the project on github, translate the text in a file, then commit your changes, all commits will be revised and the ones deemed adequate will be pulled into the master branch of the project and used in the patch. To install git on windows you can follow the instructions here: http://kylecordes.com/2008/git-windows-go orhttps://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.ph...InstallMSysGit a recommended git gui tool is git-cola but feel free to use it through command line or any other gui tool. Help for github can be found at http://help.github.com/ or you may ask in our our #projectpokemon irc channel. Translating to languages other than English: If you are interested in translating to another language please fork the original project and name yours something like Pokemon Black White [Language] Translation we will clone those and generate patches, when you tell us that there is enough progress for a patch to be generated. I've made an IRC channel on the Project Pokémon server for the project. Server: irc.projectpokemon.org Channel: #B2W2Translation http://webirc.bitsjoint.net/?channels=projectpokemon%2Cb2w2translation I have IRC mobile, so I'll most likely be in there during acceptable hours. (EST) Once we have a suitable amount of stuff translated, our first patch will be released. When the time comes, I'll explain how to apply the patch. Do not requests any ROMs here. If you do, you'll face the unfortunate consequences. Contributors so far: soneek Guested Skyhi101 Froggyrobot FritzDuck Kaarosu Chase Chase's Translation Matrix Nigoli Serebii Non translation contributions Kakkoii - Title Screen, error messages, statuses Kazo - Letter and number resizing Kaphotics - Matching text files to specific areas in the game Bond697 - Breaking 5 character name limit Skyhi101 - Cart testing darkspirit456 - DAT making for TTDS/YS Menu Download: Translation Patches v4: White | Black DATs for V3 (if needed) by darkspirit456 Use these steps if necessary Step 1: Have a clean ROM of whichever game you're patching. Don't ask for one. Step 2: Open DeltaPatcherLite and select the patch file. Step 3: Select the clean ROM as the source file. Step 4: Apply. Then you're good to go! Let me know of any bugs, and stuff that you would like prioritized for the next patch release. Expect new patches at the most every three days. Approximate percentages ------------------------ Battle System (attacks, items, blacking out) - 100% Pokemon names - 100% Pokedex entries - 80% (new entries for Unova pokemon in V4) Pokemon World Tournament - 90% (gym leader/champion dialogue not done yet) Story - 5% (essential pieces finished at beginning) Wi-Fi - 80% Items + descriptions - 100% Medal Names + descriptions - 100% PC System - 98% Pokemon Center + Poke Mart - 100% Union Room - 95% Title Screens - 100% Summary Screens - 95% (missing info for unknown event pkmn) Status ailment, Type graphics - 100% Abilities + descriptions - 100% Trainer Card - 95% More in-game pics Changelog for V1 6/25/2012 Changelog for V1.1 6/26/2012 Changelog for V2 6/27/2012 Changelog for V3 6/28/2012 Changelog for V4 7/6/2012 Feedback & Support Thread
  7. Hello everybody, I'm not sure if a thread like this is here already, I didn't find anything with the search. I'd like to contribute to the German translation of PKHex! Although it's mostly translated, there are some things here and there that aren't, so I'd like to translate them. What do I have to do for this? Thank you for your help!
  8. Hi, I've translated PKHeX to Portuguese (Portugal). I'm not sure if it is possible to add it, since I've seen that PokeGen had a limit on how many languages it can have, if I'm not mistaken. I translated everything I could, while still making sense, since some things don't translate well into portuguese, or they are simply better understood like they are in the games. Here is the txt file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/110528063/lang_pt.txt You might see a lot of interrogation marks, but after downloading the file, they're not there. It's something to do with how the browser displays some special characters (accents).
  9. Codr


    If you have a suggestion/correction/update for any of the translation files, please post here. Since all of the translations are present with the release of beta 25, it'd be preferable to only post corrections to individual lines, rather than uploading a whole file. There are untranslated lines in just about every language at the moment, so updates are appreciated. Note: Translations are not done by me, therefore I can't guarantee their accuracy.
  10. Hello. I've been considering translating a game for a while now (not quite sure which one yet, perhaps a GBA one to keep things simple?) to help practice the language as a personal project. My problem is, the language has some special characters, (ĈĜĤĴŜŬ) so I'm wondering how to do it or if anyone knows of a guide for this? Thanks.
  11. Hi, everybody. This post is directed to Spanish. Hola a todo el mundo. En este post vamos a intentar lograr traducir los juegos de Pokémon Blanco y Negro 2 al español. ¡ADVERTENCIAS PARA TRADUCIR! PORCENTAJE DE TRADUCCIóN versión 1 CARACTERISTICAS DE LA TRADUCCIóN versión 1 IMáGENES DESCARGAS DESCARGAR Versión 0.9 para Blanco por falta de algún gráfico por traducir. DESCARGAR Versión 1 para Negro Versiones antiguas: ¿Cómo hago para parchear el juego? Coger el juego limpio. Bajamos el parche que trae el idioma español para el juego que sea y lo extraemos con el WinRar que podeis bajar desde aquí. Arrancamos el archivo "xdeltaUI mod.exe" localizado en el rar que habéis bajado y extraido. Ahora seleccionas el primer hueco en el cual hay que localizar y escoger el parche que habéis bajado en extensión *.xdelta. En el segundo hay que escoger el juego limpio que deberá tener la extensión *.nds. Por ultimo, escoges donde quieres guardar el juego y le das a a "Apply". NOTA: En el último paso no se te olvide poner de extensión *.nds. Por Ejemplo: Pokemon*****.nds COLABORADORES Para poder colaborar necesitas saber un mínimo de Inglés. Los textos se encontraran en el Reposito en español y aqui la inglesa ¿Por qué colaborar? Porque si ayudamos un poco cada uno se acaba más rápido y mejor. Yo me encargaré de subir los textos que paseis a mi correo, xavi_computer@hotmail.com. Pasos a seguir para traducir un texto: Cogemos el texto que traduciremos Abrimos el archivo con un Editor de Texto. Traducimos todo lo que podamos, ¡fijate que haya las mismas líneas y no borres alguna! Pasamelo por correo, lo subes tu directamente o escribes un comentario con lo traducido, el número y metido en un SPOILER. Personas colaboradoras: jaluma (Realizador de la versión blanca y textos) sergititob (Realizador de la versión negra y gráficos) lulichan ismael-PX Usuario externo (stardustprincess17) Usuario externo (myaku.azure) caco89 josemanuel
  12. randomspot555 edit:Any talk of pirating games, linking to pirated games, bragging about downloading/playing pirated games, or asking how to steal games will result in a temporary, 2 week ban and a 100 point infraction. now back to your regular thread: POKEMON BLACK 2 AND WHITE 2 WILL BE (ROUGHLY TRANSLATED) into ENGLISH once it's out and when the tools are available. If they are available day one I will start right away. Please understand that all menus and such will be almost exactly as a normal USA release, but what trainers say may, or may not be 100%. We were really close on the original Pokemon Black and White version if you were following, so you know what to expect. As you may know Black and White 2 are to be released on June 23rd in Japan and in Autumn in the USA. In other words this will be a very quick project and will require a lot of work in such a little amount of time. You know I LOVE these kinds of challenges and am up for it! Please feel free to submit your tools that might be useful for this project. I'm really hoping it's similar to the original versions of black/white. Stay Tuned, and I will be seeing you on June 23rd.
  13. As per my title, Attaching a0002 for the above translation. Use Nitro Explorer to Insert NARC. Make sure you backup! Any glitches let me know. DO NOT REQUEST FOR ROM http://www.mediafire.com/?s6ce8clsa37357n ^^^ A0002.narc in .rar
  14. POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE 2 WILL BE (ROUGHLY TRANSLATED) into ENGLISH once it's out and when the tools are available. If they are available day one I will start right away. Please understand that all menus and such will be almost exactly as a normal USA release, but what trainers say may, or may not be 100%. We were really close on the original Pokemon Black and White version if you were following, so you know what to expect. POKEMON BLACK/WHITE STORY TRANSLATION!!! YAY!!! So. The project is officially started. I have my tools. I have my support, and more importantly I have my passion. I am currently working hard on translating the entire story of Pokemon/Black and white. It's going to be tough, but we've made some serious progress. Current Progress: Catching up on whats been done, have the entire EVENT/STORY Scripts, doesn't contain random events though. Report any major bugs if found so we can fix them. These are effective after 10/21/10 Releases: Will be included on the official thread from now on Betas/Bug Finding: NONE Current Activity: Idle (Going to work on trying to get a GIT up to make life easier)
  15. One great advantage that PPSE will have over Pokesav is that the toolkit being used to develop it has great support for translation and alternate languages. However, I don't know any languages besides English, and a very small amount of Japanese. So we will need volunteers to do the translation for us. Here's how it will work. If you want to work on translating PPSE, just post here with the language you'll translate into and I'll add your name to the list of people doing translation work. You will need to download and use a special program called "Qt Linguist" in order to do translations. The previous download link is for the full Qt SDK, Qt Linguist is one of the components in that package. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a way to download just Linguist. After the next release of PPSE, after I finish researching how to do translation stuff and review the code to make sure it's okay for translation, I will post .ts files that contain all the text that needs to be translated. I'll post a little tutorial for Linguist once that's up, but it's not very difficult to use anyway. Once you're done with translation, send the file back to me, and I'll work on putting it into PPSE (and giving you appropriate credit on the credits page, not like many people look at that anyway. ). Please keep in mind that this will be an ongoing thing. Each new release will have new things that need to be translated. Fortunately, you won't have to re-translate the whole thing each time. So, begin the multi-language party! :grog: Translator List German: nintenboy Spanish: SilverFox Russian: SilverFox French: matt123337
  16. As of: 1 of august of 2011, me and ivantuga2, decided to end this project without any prediction of restarting this project. MOVIDO PARA O GBATEMP.NET http://gbatemp.net/t299192-pokemon-black-white-translation-to-portuguese **Note from SCV**: Talking in portuguese is permitted here as the thread is about translating BW to portuguese . This is a thread for portuguse people I'll manage all of the project here. Então passemos a falar em portugues: REGRAS Nada de pirataria, nem de algo do genero. Links so ke ajudem o a traduzir. Quem nao vier ao forum durante 2 semanas passa a "Sem Noticia", depois passadas 3 semanas é excluido da lista (se nos avisarem que vao sair ficam pendentes) Não utilizem português do Brasil, pois este patch é apenas português de Portugal LINKS UTEIS traducaobwpt@gmail.com Youtube Caso queiram entrar no grupo oficial do msn falem com o ivantuga2 Para quem esta na tradução Para quem não está a traduzir Como patchear a rom: Downloads>> ACTUALIZADOS 15/2/2011 versao actual: beta 5 Pasta dos Patches Imagens Encontraram erros de tradução? Se estão no projecto metam isto na assinatura: English to portuguese BW translation official thread Pokemon-Black-White-Portuguese-Translation[url*]http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11516-Pokemon-Black-White-Portuguese-Translation[/url] http://nathanj.github.com/gitguide/tour.html
  17. -Currently in v10b -This patch was continued by the people at the romulation forum. - http://www.mediafire.com/?h5yde0aetbymf6j 1-Includes patches for both versions 2-Includes xdelta and xdelta gui
  18. Hello everybody, I am currently working with my team on a Dutch version of Pokémon Black and White. I know there already is someone busy with this, but he's not far and it looks like he stopped translating. So, that's why we started! The files we have currently translated: Main text: Dialogues: Green = Finished (and tested) Red = Being worked on, not finished yet Also, behind each text file between the ( )'s is a description of the text file. Thanks for reading and supporting everybody! We will keep you up-to-date in this topic.. >Please don't forget to use the word ROM, Download or Piracy not too much!< >Talking in Dutch in this topic is allowed!< Our website is finally done! Check it out here: pokemonzwartwit.servegame.com Credits: mptje - Translating almost every file, testing game Harmtaro - Translating some files and making Logo, testing game Dlaor - Translating some files jasperp - Testing game Kevin Richter - Translating some files Mathijs Romijn - Translating some files david23 - Adding logo in-game http://www.wix.com/theguardiansoul/bw-nl - For additional information Projectpokemon.org - For the English translation of the game Kaarosu - For additional help/information And everybody else who helps and supports me!! Download V0.1 nu snel op onze website!!
  19. i'm translateling pokegen for koreans, BUT how can i change pokemon's names ,skills,and abilities? also, i don't know how to change locations. And, if i make a korean language file, can you update the pokegen that can change a language to koreans? please help me ;-; And koreans love your poogram(include me!)!
  20. TRADUCCIÓN NO OFICIAL DE POKÉMON BLANCO Y NEGRO AL ESPAÑOL V2 Índice: 1. Introducción 2. Web 3. Características 4. Descargas 5. ¿Por qué contribuir? 6. Fallos en el juego. 7. Compilación 8. Avisos 9. Agradecimientos 1. Introducción 2. Web 3. Características 4. Descargas 5. ¿Por qué contribuir? 6. Fallos en el juego 7. Compilación 8. Avisos 9. Agradecimientos Por último, todos podéis ayudar. Ésta misma tarde colgaré la Beta 2.5. ¿Cómo podéis ayudar? Muy sencillo: EJEMPLO: 210.txt NOTA: Si alguien siente que se falta en los créditos, no os preocupéis. A MEDIADOS DE NOVIEMBRE, ME ENVIÁIS UN MP TODOS LOS QUE HABÉIS AYUDADO. LO INCLUIRÉ EN LOS CRÉDITOS DEL JUEGO. ¡¡GRACIAS, y, A AYUDAR!! EDITADO 31/10/2010 16:10 --> BETA 2.5 TANTO BLACK COMO WHITE YA PUBLICADAS. EDITADO 08/11/2010 ---> PRECIOSO, muchos de nosotros taduciendo, y un mísero Ghostx que no da ni las gracias y encima pueblica cosas sin dar creditos.. precioso... --> ARREGLADO
  21. Hi everyone. I'm new on this forum, and I want contribute for a french translation patch. 'cause we are a lot of people playing B & W here, and the frenchies who can understand japanese are few
  22. Attualmente il reclutamento è aperto a tutti! Lista files da tradurre: Esclundendo alcuni files in giappo, insieme ai no data e ai test message, mancano -54 alla fine della traduzione storia Quindi abbiamo tradotto circa +419 files per un totale del 89% Regole per tradurre/far parte Allora, come tutti o quasi sapranno, io Naxx, faccio parte del team di traduzione in italiano di Pokémon Versione Nera e Pokémon Versione Bianca, (forse l'unico team di traduzione in italia a parte Cinnabar). Quindi, fooorse potrebbe essere la nostra, la vostra unica possibilità di giocare a B\W in italiano prima dell'uscita ufficiale.. ecco, questo se andiamo avanti così NON può realizzarsi per i seguenti motivi: 1° siamo in pochissimo (3 al massimo) 2° c'è qualche deficiente (scusate la parola) che si aggrega, traduce qualche file importante e se la fila, lasciandoci con i suoi file o tradotti male o pieni di errori e di bug inguardabili. Ora, se qualcuno vuole unirsi a noi, ben venga! Siamo a disposti ad accettare qualunque persona a questi requisiti: 1° Deve sapere piuttosto bene l'inglese 2° Deve avere molta logica e intuizione 3° Deve conoscere bene i metodi di traduzione (come dopo tot lettere bisogna mettere un a capo, cioè \xfffe, bisogna salvare in UTF-8 ecc...) 4° Dovrà sottoporsi a un periodo di prova di 2 settimane, inviando i file tradotto al sottoscritto, a David23 o a Melo-hk, che lì correggeranno ed eventualmente applicati o gettati nel cesso (scusate il termine) 5° Deve conoscere i linguaggi specifici dei giochi di Pokémon, e adattare di conseguenza la traduzione. Bene, questo è attualmente l'elenco dei traduttori (attivi); qui sotto aggiungerò alla lista anche le "reclute" che hanno superato decentemente il periodo di prova: Gruppo correzione storia david23 JJ Metal Gruppo correzione menù Naxx Max2348 Gruppo traduzione storia Black CDD The Gamesking Gruppo traduzione Menù Marcotti IAL32 (altri) TRADURRE I FILES Per tradurre i files è semplicissimo: basta che mi chiediate a me o a david il link e il permesso per modificare i files su github (una modifica online), e andando su quel sito ci saranno i vari files.. A breve una guida completa. (ovviamente bisogna registrarsi sul sito e passarmi il nome utente) Siamo autorizzati a bocciarvi senza preavviso, siamo autorizzati a giudicare il vostro lavoro e siamo eventualmente autorizzati a eliminarvi dal team e a segnalarvi a chi di dovere
  23. This first post is only a rules post. The following two posts will be reserved by me for updates to project coordinators as need be. Please read the first 3 posts often, as they may be updated periodically and contain useful information for people seeking information and assistance. Project Pokemon Rules. Third translation thread Second translation thread First translation thread Welcome to the Japanese to English translation thread for Pokemon Black/White. This first post is ONLY going to cover the rules because frankly, a lot of you aren't following them. The second post, by Kaarosu, is constantly updated on the latest research shindigs, and the third post is a FAQ. Check all three every now and then because they may be updated. There is to be absolutely NO discussion about piracy!. What this means is: Do not ask for links to ROMs Do not give links to ROMs Do not say you downloaded a ROM. Do not give "subtle" hints on how to locate ROMs. I can't speak for all staff, but I'm just going to ban people for 2-4 weeks right off the bat from now on for doing any of this. If all you're doing is asking for updates or generally being an annoying leech who contributes nothing to this project, expect to get a hefty infraction and/or a temporary ban. Finally, if someone in here is breaking the rules (trolling, piracy, or any of PP's rules) or you THINK they might be breaking a rule, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM! It only encourages them. Use the Report button. The Report button is the triangle with the exclamation mark inside it. It is in the lower left corner of every post. REVIEW. Do not ask, brag, link to, or give advice on how to get ROMS. Follow all other PP rules. Read the first three posts of the thread, and the most recent page or two of the thread before posting, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE ASKING FOR HELP! Check the first two posts frequently for updates. This is a research thread. Off-Topic conversation should be taken to the appropriate forum, or to Private Message. Similarly, annoying questions such as "when is the next patch released" or "will X be in the next patch?" and other useless chatter may end up with your post being deleted along with possible infraction points. If you think someone broke a rule, do not respond to their post or private message. Just hit the report button. Also, please don't PM me questions about the translation project. I just moderate the thread. Please direct those to Kaarosu.
  24. Hello, PokemonWordBlog is very engaged and he can't update the thread, Can one moderator delete the over thread? Bene, ciao a tutti Come scritto sopra Pokemonwordblog è impegnato e non può seguire la traduzione, ha chiesto a malfurion di sostituirlo ma lui adesso ha diversi problemi di connessione quindi la traduzione va un pò a rilento... Chiunque volesse aiutare nella traduzione è ben accetto (basta non fare copia e incolla da google translate che non ha senso). Ricordo di salvare i file in UTF-8 e non ANSI Inviate i file a me via mp qui o su central o via mail a davidcomo@live.it melo-hk non ha molto tempo per montare la rom, allora io raccolgo i files e li controllo e poi vedrò se montarla io o farlo fare a qualcuno del team. File da tradurre: https://github.com/Koolayde/Pokemon-Black-White-Story-Translation-Files/tree/master/0000/ I file da tradurre della storia sono questi: quelli con scritto 1/2 sono fatti a metà, quindi li sistemeremo io e naxx, c'è già da fare con gli altri comunque Aggiornamento: rilasciate le rom v3!!! DOWNLOAD PATCH NERO v3: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VZ6VYJGB DOWNLOAD PATCH BIANCO v3: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P6S287LH Se vi dice che il file non è temporaneamente disponibile ricaricate la pagina Cartella di mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?dpsxwz7ddc7mp Patch disponibili nella cartella di mediafire. Come patchare la rom: 1) scaricare la patch ed estrarre la cartella 2) Copia la tua rom nella stessa cartella di Xdelta e Xdelta GUI 3) Apri X Delta GUI 4) Su select patch seleziona la patch 5) Su select rom seleziona la tua ROM 6) Premi Apply patc e attendi che il bordo del bottone diventi da arancione ad azzurro 7) Troverai una rom chiamata (Nomedellarom)_patchata 8) è la rom patchata Crediti per questa patch: David23 JJ.metal Naxx zahrino (prova) CDD (prova) .:°Black°:. (traduttore per la prossima patch) Ho tolto chi non ha più tradotto, aggiornerò con chi si è aggiunto all'uscita della prossima patch. NOVITA': -Italiano o inglese v7 con i menu italiani come lingue disponibili -Correzione di tutti i bug segnalati (spero siano stati corretti tutti) -Progressi nella traduzione della storia -Aggiornati i files inglesi screen:
  25. FILES DA TRADURRE: http://github.com/projectpokemon/Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files/tree/master/0000/ Here I Am! I'm an Italian User and i'm looking for people that can help with this Project, at least for the Italy Translation! Anyway We'll translate from your English Updates. Eccomi, sono un utente italiano e sto cercando persone che possano aiutarci con questo progetto, per la traduzione Italiana! Comunque tradurremo man mano che i files.txt inglesi verranno rilasciati. Se volete aiutare su un forum/blog italiano del circuito blogfree, lavoriamo su phw.blogfree.net Coordinatori: Pokèmon World Blog(Vincent) Collaboratori: Dany Malfurion Roxas75 Conferma la presenza! melo-hk Jolly-Joker Mike_ David23 Se non vi trovate nella lista, potreste essermi sfuggiti. Ditelo! Ed a Vala un ringraziamento per i preziosi consigli Translation Files / Files da Tradurre: Cartella / Folder 0000 Files da Correggere : 0000 - 0030 Errori / Problemi riscontrati nella traduzione: Piccole imperfezioni e proprietà di linguaggio usate convenzionalmente nei Giochi Pokèmon. Esempio: Uomo per Ragazzo (Testo Corretto) o Donna per Ragazza (Testo Corretto) Download Files da Correggere : http://www.mediafire.com/?7aih7m4ed1t24zd Testo Corretto in lingua Inglese ( Disponibili nella cartella online): http://github.com/projectpokemon/Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files/tree/master/0000/ Translated Files / Files Tradotti: Cartella 0000 [93/272]: -0000 -0001 -0002 -0003 -0004 -0005 -0006 -0007 -0008 -0009 -0010 -0012 -0013 -0014 -0015 -0016 -0017 -0018 -0019 -0020 -0021 -0023 -0024 -0025 -0026 -0027 -0029 -0030 -0032 -0035 -0036 -0037 -0038 -0043 -0044 -0046 -0049 -0051 -0053 -0054 -0055 -0059 -0060 -0061 -0065 -0073 -0074 -0075 -0076 -0077 -0079 -0080 -0081 -0082 -0086 -0088 -0089 -0090 -0092 -0140 -0141 -0148 -0158 -0159 -0161 -0166 -0167 -0168 -0172 -0173 -0177 -0179 -0180 -0181 -0182 -0185 -0187 -0191 -0198 -0199 -0202 -0204 -0207 -0208 -0211 -0234 -0237 -0238 -0239 -0240 -0254 -0261 -0269 -0271 -0272 Miniguida: Come usare il comando \xfffe Sarà utile a molti. Il comando \xfffe serve a far andare a capo nel TextBox (Box di Dialogo) e appunto serve per non far "uscire dai bordi" il testo. Per cui, come usarlo: Quando traducete un testo, cercate di contare il numero di "blocchi" (Per blocchi si intende uno "spazio" che può essere una lettera o uno spazio) e porre un "limite" quando incontrate il comando \xfffe Esempio pratico. Prendiamo come esatta la traduzione dei nostri cari compagni Inglesi, per cui, mi metto a contare il numero di "Blocchi" nella frase (0 sta per 10): Ok, in questo caso il numero massimo di blocchi o lettere, spazi (A voi la definizione che più vi aggrada ) è 21, per cui quando tradurremo porremo il comando \xfffe quando il testo supererà il numero prefissato, il che vuol dire, che il testo non uscirà fuori dallo schermo. Per cui: Ovviamente, se ci sono più \xfffe bisogna controllare anche i successivi nello stesso modo, non limitatevi solo al primo. Solitamente, i blocchi massimi prima di andare a capo oscillano tra i 25/30, ma per evitare il maggior numero di errori possibili, attenetevi a quelli già dati. Inoltre il 21 è riferito all'esempio, per cui non preoccupatevi se sono maggiori o inferiori. E se usate questo metodo, ricordatevi di eliminare i numeri indicativi. CONSIGLI GENERALI \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000\xfffe. Cos'è. Come tradurlo. Il comando \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000\xfffe si riferisce ad un qualcosa di specifico nel gioco. Può essere un oggetto, un Pokèmon. Analizziamolo nel contesto: In questo caso, si riferisce propriamente ad un Pokèmon, con cui grazie al comando \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000\xfffe la frase viene estesa a tutti i Pokèmon. Come tradurlo dall'inglese. In questo caso, la 's si riferisce al Genitivo Sassone (Spero non abbiate bisogno di questo link, ma per chi non sapesse a cosa mi riferisco : http://www.nspeak.com/newbasic/grammatica/genitivosassone.htm )per cui, per tradurlo in italiano dobbiamo seguire le regole imposte dalla nostra lingua, spostando dunque il comando: Per farvi meglio capire, sostituiamo il Comando con il nome di un Pokèmon (Non Fatelo quando traducete) <- QUESTO è SOLO UN ESEMPIO, CHARMANDER è AL POSTO DEL COMANDO \xfee\xf000\xfe00\ <- IN ITALIANO Per cui, ecco un esempio pratico, con il comando nella frase: INGLESE: Il comando si trova all'inizio. ITALIANO: Il comando segue "L'attacco di" Codifica del Testo Tradotto Al fine di non perdere alcuna formattazione del testo, salvate il file modificato in UTF-8 anzichè ANSI. A volte potrebbe comparirvi un messaggio di conferma, che vi chiederà come salvare il testo. Scegliete annulla e selezionata UTF-8 dal menù a tendina prima di salvare. Questo per noi "simbolo" : 봅 non viene letto correttamente dalla codifica ANSI, perciò nel momento in cui andrete a salvare il file.txt, il Blocco Note vi chiederà se salvare perdendo i Dati e quindi scegliere OK (NO!) oppure salvarlo con un altra codifica e quindi scegliere Annulla. Vi si aprirà la finestra di Salvataggio, in cui dovrete selezionare dal menu a tendina la codifica "UTF-8" (Vedi immagine sottostante):
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