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  1. Hello everyone. I want You to ask, if there is posibillity, to put this music: as a music for Champion Alder in B/W? If it is, how can I do it? Please, reply.
  2. Is there anyone on this forum that is able to rip some of the sound effects of a game? preferrably HG/SS, or else DPPt. The sound effects from the games aren't to be found anywhere on the internet (I've been bugging google with it so much). The specific sounds I'm looking for are: - the wind-ish soundeffect when you enter a battle - the rolling pokeball when the battle begins (you know, if a trainer battle begins, two little bars show up saying how many pokemon each trainer has, then the soundeffect happens) - winning against a frontier brain (preferred from HG/SS plz) - ice beam's sound - 'taking a hit' sound ---- normal hit ---- super effective hit ---- ultra effective hit (I thought there's a differens between the 2x and 4x damage sound) other soundeffects are also very welcome! Thanks in advance! ~Miles
  3. Hello, I'm wondering if someone here can give the GARC locations I need to go about replacing a few things. I have the GARC locations for both battle models, overworld models, and Trainer images, but I'm wondering where the following are: Game Text Story Text All files relating to the Trainer teams (in ORAS it'd be "trdata," "trpoke") I know that Pk3DS can edit the files without telling me where they are, but the method I'm using to get my 3DS to read edited GARCs is different than what I'm used to, and Pk3DS doesn't tell me which GARCs are being edited like the XYORAS version did. Likewise, I don't think anyone has a compiled list of all GARC files yet like there was for XY and ORAS (not that I've found, anyhow) I just need to know these locations so I can insert them onto my SD Card myself. Thank you for your time.
  4. Hi.I want add my PB2 Fennekin-Chespin-Froakie-Yvertal-Xerneas and Mewthree. But I don't now how i can do it. Please help me. Sorry.My English bad. But I hope you're understand me. I have them.
  5. Alright, so i recently signed up for an account here just for this question, I know its riveting. But I've been looking around on both his site and other sites and frankly I haven't been able to find any Dungeon editing tools, as in like being able to add in Dungeons, or fully remove some already existing ones. If any tools exist for this then please tell me. Cuz m9 i gutta hack dis game bud
  6. Basically, I know of the cheat code that lets you specify the species and level of your next wild encounter. However, I do not know how to modify it to specifically change the forme and shininess. Can anyone here please help? Thank you. This is the code by the way. Thank you. [Pokemon Modifier] xxx - pokemon dex id convert to hex, yy - level D3000000 00000000 105957E0 000000B0 105957E2 0000E1D5 105957E4 0000FF1E 105957E6 0000E12F 105957E8 00000004 105957EA 0000E5C4 105957EC 00000000 105957EE 0000E59F 105957F0 0000FF1E 105957F2 0000E12F 005957F4 00000xxx 005957F8 000000yy 103988DC 0000F3BF 103988DE 0000EB07 103988EC 0000F3BB 103988EE 0000EB07 10398908 0000F3B4 1039890A 0000EB07 DD000000 00000204 105957E4 0000000C 105957E6 0000E59F D0000000 00000000
  7. Hello! I debg this morning the last PK3DS but when I try to open "a" folder, it doesn't make anything. I tried all possible folders but anyone makes nothing Anyone knows some solution? THANKS!
  8. How do you edit those small pokemon sprites that appear when looking at a PC box or in a menu? I think the raw files are in a/0/9/1, but I'm having a problem converting them into images that make sense. Has anyone else done this? Thanks.
  9. To put things short: I'm making different roms on all games which all have the 1/257 shiny odds (FF instead of 08) to be able to do a shiny badgequest race in about a day. People on this forum have been very helpful providing the right offset to change in the arm9.bin to get the 1/257 odds for hg/ss (and that rom works beautifully for a BQ, tested and working) but i can't seem to find offsets for any other roms (my main project is White 2 now). Could anyone shed some light on this? Also i really wonder how you guys find these things. Thank you so much Slice
  10. Can someone give me a save file of Heart Gold with matching Trainer and Secret IDs? I'd also like the trainer to be named SHINY, if that's not too hard for anyone. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi everyone, sorry about this but can anyone please help me completely replace the Black 2 male MC with the one from Black 1 (editing the Trainer Card, mugshots, battle animations, etc...)? I've been trying to do it for a few hours now and I'm completely stumped on where to start and what to do, since I have absolutely no experience with sprite replacing. I tried searching for a tutorial on replacing the overworld sprites but I couldn't find one that applies to Black 2, which seems completely different from Black 1. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. EDIT: Okay, well I managed to figure out some stuff and edited my rom a bit. But now I'm dealing with even more problems than I could possible figure out, especially the overworld sprites; I can't even find the import button to replace them... also, I'd like to know how to change the flying animations for the MC as well, as after looking at this thread a bit more (http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?20235-Alder-Overworld-Sprite-Using-Fly), I was able to locate the flying animations using Tinke, but I can't figure out how to replace them with Black 1 MC either. I'm assuming the situation is the same with surfing and fishing animations, so if someone can elaborate on where these animations are and how to replace them I'd really appreciate it. Beyond that, after messing around with other stuff, I ended up building more problems for myself. First, I edited the Xtransceiver sprite for the MC but it ended up looking like this (http://puu.sh/eQX3r/265938570d.jpg)... any suggestions? Secondly, I edited the Trainer Card sprite but that didn't go so well either (http://puu.sh/eQXbn/a780f42be7.jpg). And lastly, I attempted to replace the back facing sprite but ended up with some bizarre results (http://puu.sh/eQXir/60909cf1ff.jpg). Aside from that, I'm also attempting to replace the start screen sprite with the Black 1 MC (http://puu.sh/eQXVH/4831a3a45c.jpg) as well as replace the default bag sprite (http://puu.sh/eQXZZ/af7a8a5ddf.jpg) with the one from Black 1 (http://puu.sh/eQY5v/e061a37c76.png). So, if anyone has any idea on how to fix these issues, please let me know, thanks.
  12. Hello! I'm pretty new to the Pokemon modding community especially the 3DS! I've started using the PKHEX Pokemon Modifier program and I love it except for I'm having a couple of issues with it, possibly understanding how to work parts of it haha. I'll give as much information as I can about my issue but if you need more info please just ask and possibly tell me how to retrieve it ISSUES 1) I'm having a huge issue with the Mystery event Pokemon. I cannot view them. It freezes and crashes PKHEX completely. It does this with a few other things but the biggest problem is Mystery Event Pokemon. 2) Also the other biggest concern: whenever I try to access Pokemon encounter database it either doesn't load or freezes. 3) Also Gen 1 and 2 will not transfer to Gen 7. That's all I can think of at the moment and my biggest concerns are 1 and 2. Most of the time the freezes happen when I click view. Below is some information you might need to help me! SPECS 1) Windows 10 64-bit 2) Citra; Canary mingw (I don't have the version because I can't remember and don't know how to find it but its the most recent update done on June 25,2019) 3) Pokemon Ultra Moon 4) My PKHEX folders are as follows: This PC/F:/GAMES/Pokemon/PKHeX Pokemon Modifier And below is what I have in the folders - bak folder -- a list of main saves - PKHeX.CORE.dll - PKHeX.exe 5) My PKHeX version is: 20190515 and if there is an update, I haven't been alerted to one. Thats all I think I know! But if you need more let me know! If it's an update problem then I look forward to the next release! And if there is an update I've missed I would be happy to download with a link Thank you guys! Happy Pokemon'ing and Gaming! Note: I can submit pictures if needed!
  13. I want to play Blaze Black 2 on my 3ds, I already have played rom hacks like "Moemon" but for some reason FBI does not let me install the .nds file I patched. Is there a solution to this problem??
  14. wheres the shiny odd offset located and how do i change it to match the odds i want?
  15. Does anyone know where I can find a randomizer for HeartGold that will work on Desmume? I've seen tons of videos and pictures where all the encounters are random pokemon and it looks like a lot of fun, but I can't find anything for HeartGold (or SoulSilver). I think it's called a Lua Script. Can someone help?
  16. Hello all! I hope I am asking my question in the right spot, this is actually the first forum I have ever posted on. I have been trying sprite editing for the first time ever. Been trying to edit Pokemon Platinum and this site has been a huge help. All the tools and advice really top notch and even mostly still work on Windows 10. But what I have not been able to find is how to edit that darn little sprite that shows up over that black bar when you use a HM move in the overworld and pulls the ball out of his pocket. I'll use a HM with my edited sprite, the black bar will zoom in, and the sprite i am looking to edit show up over top the black bar. Then if I use fly it will still be that sprite until he puts the ball back into his pocket. There was a sprite that looked exactly like him in the mmodel.narc that I tried editing by exporting/reinserting with the BTX Editor but this little jerk is still the lucas sprite. I have used Nitro Explorer and Tinke to look all over the other narc files in the rom but cannot find any hint of where he is. This is the last big thing I want to edit and I hope someone in here may know how to do this. Thanks!
  17. I'm new to 3ds hacking, but I was curious if editing of scritps and music has been explored in the GEN VI games. I was wondering if maybe someone could point me to the direction if wanted to edit say the music of a particular trainer class? If say I wanted a particular trainer to play the elite four the for example. Thanks
  18. I've been reading the 3ds.guide, so since I got a 11.5.0 3DS, I will have to get one of the following flashcarts in order to use CFW without having to get an other 3DS (or soldering my 3DS): R4i Gold 3DS (RTS) Acekard 2i R4i Gold 3DS “Starter” R4i Ultra R4 3D Revolution Infinity 3 R4i DSTT (some flash chips only!) Since my flashcart from NDS Lite is so old that it cannot run even the last DS games, I'd like a new flashcart which could work with it as well. If it's not possible, please just recommend one of them (and a shop to buy original ones as well, since nds-card often shows "out of stock" for some of their products).
  19. Just put like I did on DS. Am I doing anything wrong? Sorry, I'm still trying to know the (new) 3DS
  20. Irritatingly, and a wasted marketing opportunity I might add, Nintendo of America has never distributed Mew to the 3DS releases of Red, Blue, or Yellow. So I'm wondering if I could trade one over from a PAL system that legally acquired the event.
  21. Where do you all find save files? for pokemon firered greenleaf etc, I only find on gamefaqs no other sites?
  22. HI, I am currently trying to do my first ever ROM, using soul silver, the idea is im working on a surprise for my 5 year old son, I want his first Pokemon game (baring Pokemon GO which is what has made him Pokemon anime, card and toy mad) to be extra special so I am putting him in the game, I have managed to get the overworld basic walking and running sprites in, and even though I have managed to get his battle image in, I am having major trouble getting the back images etc and updating the trainer card etc along with changing the opening character selection sprites. I have no modding or rom experience, all I have done so far is trial and error by reading things online and watching videos, and after two days I am reaching out for help, this is all new to me but I am hoping someone can help me with this project. I will upload the sprites etc I have made, and hoping someone can help me figure out how to get them into the game without them glitching. thanks in advance for any and all help.
  23. Hello guys i was watching this topic: and was trying to progress however the ppre from kazowar's video doesn't seem to download and the ppre that i found here looks different what can i do to progress?
  24. I'm trying to randomize a Pokemon x cia. I moved it onto my SD card and decrypted it with godmode9 then I extracted it with HackingToolkit3DS When I tried to randomize wild encounters but it gave me this Could not get the GARC: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at pk3ds.Garcutil.garcUnpack(String garrcPath, String outPath, Boolean skipDecompression, ProgressBar pBar1, Label label, Boolean supress, Boolean bypassExt) in C:\BuildAgent\work\b93f10d1a1178\pk3DS\GarcUtil.cs:line 104 at pk3DS.Main.getGarc(String infile, String outfolder, boolean PB, Boolean bypassExt) in C:\BuildAgent\work\b93f10d1a1178\pk3DS\Main.cs:line 1175 After I press okay it still lets me randomize that part, so I did. I randomize Pokemon types as well and I recompile the CIA Then I encrypt it with GodMode9 and install the CIA with FBI. when I load the game I get an error saying something like prefetch abort and I won't run until I update it. Once I do the encounters haven't been randomized but the typing has. I've tried multiple times but I'm tied to compiling and encrypting and installing over and over. I've already spent ten hours on this and most of it was waiting. I have Luma3ds8.0 What am I doing wrong? I've tried multiple sources of the CIA I've reinstalled everything at least twice. Could someone help me?
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