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  1. Pokemon Neo Y & Neo X

    Version 1.4.0


    Neo X & Neo Y are rom hacks of Pokemon X and Y designed to offer the player greater difficulty through expanded trainers and better variety through edited wild Pokemon encounters along with a plethora of other features. NeoX&Y are pretty much identical at this stage. Original topic:
  2. Pokemon Neo Y & Neo X

    Hello everyone! Long time no speak indeed! I had some free time so decided to fix and tidy up a few things to keep the mod up to date! And so I present Version 1.4 to you. I completely redid the installation guide and data to make it much easier for new players to try out Neo X and Y thanks to the marvelous homebrew system! In addition to that here's V1.4 changelog (downloads on the main page as per) 1.4 - The following pokemon have had their typings reverted Vulpix, Ninetales, Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, elekid, electabuzz, electivire, magby, magmar, magmortar, chikorita, bayleef, Sunflora, Dunsparce, Sceptile, whismus, loudred, exploud, absol, huntail, gorebyss, buneary ,finneon, lumineon, phione, manaphy, shaymin, purrloin, liepard, deerling, sawsbuck, goomy, sliggoo, goodra Fennekin, Braixen & Delphox ability has been changed to Regenerator/Magic Guard Blastoise learns flash cannon at level 39 Fixed low level Flare battles in The pokefactory + Fixed high level grunt outside the powerplant Removed most flare rotation/triple battles Added 10% of encountering pikachu on route 7 (yellow flowers)
  3. Is it possible to change the battle backgrounds for certain fights? I've seen in wifi battles people using custom backgrounds due to some editing?
  4. Pokemon Neo Y & Neo X

    Well with V1.25 Disarming voice has been renamed lunar pound to hopefully make a little more logical sense haha Yeah it's difficult to keep ProjectPokemon up to date because it's less active here than it is on Gbatemp but in terms of features in future versions we're trying to implement ORAS mega evolutions into the game. That and the possibility of script editing if that becomes a thing!
  5. pk3DS: 3DS ROM Editor & Randomizer

    Hmm, wouldn't this change all the swimmer overworld models to ranger models - I want to do it for just one overworld model on a route. Also I have a bug to report with PK3DS move editor. No matter how much or little I edit moves for X and Y using the edited garc 2/1/2 (move garc) causes X and Y to freeze right after you pick your starter. The garc file also shortens in size after using the editor on it: Original 2/1/2: 34,672 bytes Edited 2/1/2: 24,812 bytes Edit: Opening the move editor in PK3DS creates a temporary move folder in PK3DS folder which can then be rebuilded with garcrepacker to produce a garc which doesn't cause the freeze
  6. pk3DS: 3DS ROM Editor & Randomizer

    Is it possible to switch Overworld models on a map? Say for example there was a Swimmer trainer overworld model on a route but I wanted to change him to a Pokemon trainer ranger model, purely for aesthetic reasons, is that possible at all?
  7. Is it possible in any way? If so, how?
  8. Ahh I see. I reinserted them myself and it's now loading for all places gender should display (status screen etc) but they still don't show in battles?
  9. Nice to see another Gen 6 hack :eek: I have to ask, were you able to sort out the bug with PK3DS in which the gender icons don't display in game?
  10. pk3DS: 3DS ROM Editor & Randomizer

    Thank you very much :eek: In theory setting the numbers right should mean I can make horde trainer battles in X and Y yes?
  11. pk3DS: 3DS ROM Editor & Randomizer

    Asia81 since you're looking into ORAS currently could you do me a favor and go into the trainer editor, find the team Magma/Aqua horde battle trainer and tell me what their ai difficulty number is (Like the one thats 1-7 for single battles and 129-135 for double battles)? Edit: Also, something in PK3DS is causing genders to no longer be seen on Pokemon?
  12. Pokemon Neo Y & Neo X

    Really - how so? Also 1.07 has been released, bringing many fixes and the introduction of wild encounter changes because I forgot to add them to the original. Main post has been updated with screenshots too.
  13. Pokemon Neo Y & Neo X

    The FREEZE has been fixed in the latest version released just now
  14. pk3DS: 3DS ROM Editor & Randomizer

    Anyone know how I can run an edited XY without the update without crashing? 1.5 is overruling the changes I made to wild encounters :frown:
  15. Pokemon Neo Y & Neo X

    :frown: Yeah getting crashes without the patch, don't know what to do