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  1. Time to send some dmca @MeroMero (On Leboncoin)
  2. Ok I found a workaround to trigger phone calls. Just talk to your mom and activate/disable daylight saving time. After that a call will be generated almost 95% of the time. I managed to get all the calls and rematchs I needed due to this manipulation.
  3. Hello, I have the same question as this guy https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/375087-pokemon-crystal-version/76556607 In order to get a 100%, I need to rematch these trainers at their strongest teams, but I don't know how can I force them to call me for a rematch. I searched for ar codes, but found none, as well as event flags in pkhex, but I only see flags to make them already battled, and not waiting for a battle/rematch. Any solutions would be appreciated.
  4. S/V "GETY0URMEW" is flagged as illegal, probably need a gift database update
  5. I'm playing on latest update,1.3.0 and yes in french also.
  6. Hello, this pokemon was not edited at all. 0441 - Pijako - F2F800000867.pb8
  7. Using WC3tool, it has a decoration tab editor. Also anwsered to your pm. Anyone that need me to do the edit are free to pm me if needed.
  8. Not sure where to post this, but eh. Where/How could I help to improve the translation? I saw some sentences/words that could be translated better in french.
  9. Hello, are Miraidon/Koraidon IV Locked with 25/31/25/31/25/31 ? Everytime I try to change any it become illegal.
  10. I'm dumb, that was so simple... Sorry and thanks
  11. Hi, Flamethrower is flagged as illegal for Chi-yu, despite being in green, same with a lot of other moves and the same problem happens for the 3 other beast, a lot of moves are flagged as illegal despite the green legal area (I could list them all if it's really needed). Also I noticed the suggested locations for Miraidon/Koraidon is Poco Path which is not possible because they can't go to boxes, maybe switch to the Area Zero location?
  12. Sorry, I'm speaking about Brilliant Diamond, and thanks for the answer
  13. Hello, I don't really know where to ask this, but I would like some clarification about these records in Trainer Info, on what they are recording. What are DENDOU_CNT and TAMAGO_HATCHING ? I assume the last is for the number of egg you hatched, but mine is on 155 while I only hatched 2 eggs? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello, what's the maximum number of entries the hall of fame keep a track of? It's 30, like the original games? Edit : Yes, it is.
  15. isn't misc the egg pokemon waiting at the daycare ?
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