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  1. https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Pokemon-Lets-Go-Pikachu-Eevee-Shiny-Mewtwo-Shiny-6IV-Customisable-/163456115353 Damn, this guy his selling my pkm
  2. The same pk2 file got imported into both savegame
  3. Just to know why it's only legal when the save is named sav.dat and not any other name, as PokemonCrystal.sav? If it's legal for one, it should be for the other one, no? I know it's because the event got only released on virtual console versions and they use the sav.dat name, but meh, as I said, it's a legal celebi in both case, if it just depend of the save's name, the pk2 file doesn't differ. Could you add a legality check that doesn't depend on the save's name?
  4. When I try to import pokemon boxes, all my pokemon in the current box got erased, no matter what import option (clear or not) I choose. It's possible for you to add a way to import boxes, and add them to available places? https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018/12/29/181229121646367830.jpg https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018/12/29/181229121646665261.jpg
  5. Trying to generate a legit Mr. Mine in Gen 1, I used the same nickname, ID and OT, and still flagged as illegal. https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018/12/27/181227030450712329.jpg https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018/12/27/181227030452786614.jpg
  6. Btw, where do I find all settings to the batch editor? I want it to apply PKHeX suggested moves for each pokémon.
  7. Then how should I batch edit to get their original nickname in french?
  8. It said it's working, but it's not, all my pokemon still ENGLISH
  9. I use 3 to set all my pokémon to FRENCH, but it's not working, neither 0 1 2 for other languages.
  10. No problem on other pokémon, nor eevee's regular form.
  11. When I level up Eevee to level100, PKHeX set 1'000'000 as the maximum EXP, however, in-game, Eevee is level 98. You have to caught a Pokémon to refresh its EXP progress bar. Maximum EXP is 1'059'860.
  12. It's a known bug I already reported. https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/48547-remove-eggmoves-from-green-learnables-move-in-lets-go/ Wait for PKHeX to be updated or compil it yourself.
  13. Perfect 6IV 200AVs in all stats Shiny (excluding Mew, Meltan and Melmetan) Almost a perfect moveset with available moves in these games Legit (acccording to PKHeX) except for Mew at the moment (yet PKHeX has no mystery gift to compare). They are FRENCH, but you can quickly change that in PKHeX Ready to kill Master Trainer Download Link:
  14. Is it because PKHeX does not have any mystery gift to compare if my generated Mew is legit?
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