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  1. Sorry for the late replies, I don't check project pokemon often. Best way to reach me is on the discord server. Twilightmenu can be pretty messy with this hack. Make sure you've patched correctly and are using the latest version of twilightmenu. Thanks very much, I used DSPRE for script editing, found the script where the players mom gives you the pokégear and added a couple of lines to give the gb sounds. As an example of an item giving script, this would essentially give the player a sacred ash. SetVar 0x8004 0x1 SetVar 0x8005 0x1 CommonScript 0x7F1 End Not ev trained but IV trained
  2. Hi, sorry for the late reply, I'm trying to get the next major update with all legendaries ready by around Christmas (could be a bit later) glad you've been enjoying the game though!
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please update to the latest version if you were using 1.0.2, a pretty serious glitch was fixed. It uses the same download link Introduction Pokémon SoothingSilver is a QOL DS ROM hack of Pokémon SoulSilver. The main goal of the hack is to be somewhat close to Vanilla SoulSilver but with more variety, a bit more difficulty and quite a few new features (such as custom shinies and alolan forms) to hopefully give the player an even better experience without ruining the feeling of the original SoulSilver. The game is beatable, all the way to Mt. Silver!Features Some Pokémon have been replaced by their Alolan forms, mainly for type variety, later on I'll release a patch for people who don't want this feature in the game. Alolan forms have custom Pokédex entries! All gen 1 & 2 Pokémon (apart from legendaries and fossil pokémon) are avaliable before beating the league, and most gen 3 & 4 pokémon aside from the sinnoh fossils, Spiritomb and some legendaries. Lyra is replaced entirely by Kris! Gold/ Kris will now act like a rival with new dialogue and a few battles throughout the game! Variety. Remember back in the original SoulSilver when you would find a trainer with 5 Pidgeys or when you fought Lance and he had 3 Dragonites? That won't happen anymore, trainers will have more varied teams and Pokémon that didn't appear much previously, will do now. Increased difficulty. All boss trainers have improved teams with better movesets and starting from the 4th gym all trainers will have increased levels. This means Kanto should be more of a challenge now! The difficulty is intended to be somewhere inbetween vanilla SoulSilver and StormSilver. The Hack should work on flashcarts like the R4! All Pokémon have their base stats updated to their Gen 6 stats. Some Pokémon have slightly altered stats, typings, and movesets in order to make them more usable, to add more type variety or just because it makes sense. Examples include Dragon-Bug Yanmega, Beedrill having slightly higher stats and learning Megahorn at later levels. These changes aren't as drastic as other hacks like Project rebooted. Some moves have been edited to be more usuable. Notably HMs are now actually better in battle so they don't hinder your Pokémon as much. For example Rock smash has increased pp and 100% chance to lower defense and Flash is now an electric type special move with 20 power, 95 accuracy, 100% chance lower accuracy and has priority. Easier Evolution. If a Pokémon has an evolution/ pre evolution introduced in gen 3/4 it'll be avaliable pre league and all evo items can be obtained in new ways. In addition any evolutions will be possible without having to trade. The type chart has been edited a little to help balance the game. Most notably Ice type is now immune to ice and resists water/ ground attacks New overworld events! Shiny rate increased from 1/8192 to 1/2048 (although it seems to be even higher than this!) Some pokémon will have custom shiny palletes! GB sounds from the start of the game Game corner has changed prizes and cheaper prices Early exp. share Removed the catching tutorial Repels and Max Repels now last slightly longer and Max Repels are cheaper Some characters have their dialouge altered a little to be slightly more memorable or just to explain features like alolan forms Plus more small features! I don't want to spoil everything :] Screenshots Discord Server If you want to ask me any questions, talk about the hack/ pokémon in general, get frequent updates on future versions, play with some pokémon discord bots and more then try joining the discord server! You can leave at any time, so what's stopping you? https://discord.gg/rjtQmq2 Download Keep in mind this is for the patch, I cannot provide you with a ROM file myself! Drive download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1p2zv1p-QQ9N0Rx2Vx-9GivPXJ3V8mMbp?usp=sharing MEGA download link: https://mega.nz/folder/4Q4TGbZC#8MyZsz-1n1YznQhNIWM9LA Credits All the Kris sprites were added thanks to HiroTDK's KrisGold patch that can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonROMhacks/comments/3wxqp9/krisgold_in_heartgold_soulsilver_decapitalization/ The Alolan Form sprites come courtesy of the DS-style Gen VII and Beyond Pokémon Sprite Repository found here https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=368703 Thank you so much to DeadSkullzJr for helping me make the patch stable, getting the hack working on R4 and just generally fixing a few technical problems! Thank you to Drayano for allowing me to use parts of his Kyogre/ Rayquaza script plus future legendary scripts! And thank you to all of you who supported me or just played the BETA and kept my motivation up, couldn't have done it without you! Future Updates I still plan on releasing a few updates to add cool new features that I would love to have in the game such as new areas. However recently I began my second year of university. I had pretty much made this whole hack during my extended summer because of the corn virus, but now that Uni has resumed and is supposed to be much more difficult this year, the development of SoothingSilver will slow down drastically so I don't even have an expected release date for the next version. However I made sure to get version 1 out before I got too busy which is pretty much a finished experience. I may release a bug fix update soon but aside from that the next update will take a long time, so enjoy version 1 thank you so much again for all your support! Buh bye!
  4. Hello again! Ok so I've been working on a Pokemon SoulSilver Romhack and I've now reached the scripting stage. In a small amount of time I figured out how to change the game corner prizes and gift pokémon through SDSME. Feeling motivated with my progress I tried moving onto more complex things. I wanted to make the spiky eared pichu event avaliable without the need of action replay. However then I realised that you need a mystery gift shiny pichu to trigger the aforementioned event. Apparently the game will trigger the event if the shiny pichu in your party has the description 'met through a fateful encounter'. With my very limited knowledge I went through every script function for Ilex Forest trying to figure out what I had to do to trigger the spiky eared pichu event using a normal shiny pichu. However with my limited knowledge I don't really know what I'm supposed to change and the number of functions in the Ilex Forest map are overwhelming. I'm guessing there is a 'checkflag' line somewhere that if I remove should produce the desired effect. If I figured out how to do this then I could also trigger other events that normally require event pokémon such as the giovanni and sinjoh ruins events. If anyone knows how to help then please reply, it would be a big help! TLDR: does anyone know which flag checks for the fateful encounter description on a Pokémon? Or does anyone just have a list of flags that the game uses?
  5. Update: Mission acomplished! No one replied to my post but I figured it out on my own (not really tho)! Using the most dreaded method of them all, hex editing! A month or two ago I would've been scared away by hex editing but honestly it's not that bad, especially if you have tutorials and any basic coding experience. I followed a tutorial for hex editing BW2 in-game trades but made a few changes so that it would work in HGSS. If you want to also edit HGSS trades then follow the tutorial I link below but read the changes I made below. Make sure to backup your ROM before following this tutorial in case you make a mistake! 1. First of all, you'll want to open these bulbapedia links in order to easily look up the hex value of the pokémon you want to trade/ be traded and to look up the item you want the traded pokémon to hold. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_index_number_(Generation_IV) https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_items_by_index_number_(Generation_IV) 2. Next, extract narc file A/1/1/2 from your HGSS ROM (the ROM can be edited or non edited, it shouldn't make a difference usually) using NitroExplorer2. 3. Find the file you extracted, by default it will be a plain file with the name 2. Rename the file to whatever you want but make sure to add the extension '.narc' 4. At this point you can follow the BW2 tutorial and everything should work the same. Once you're done hex editing, make sure to save and reinsert the narc file into the same location that you extracted it (A/1/1/2). You don't have to rename the file again it should work fine. I don't really have experience making tutorials so I thought it would be easier to link to an existing one but if you need any help with this process I'll try to reply to comments and maybe I'll make my own FULL tutorial. I'll be sure to post about any findings I make. One thing I couldn't figure out is how to change gender requirements since the Blackthorn city trade asks for a female pokémon, quite an inconvinience but it shouldn't break anything.
  6. Hi everyone I've been working on a little Soul Silver ROM hack for a while now and I'm pretty close to releasing the first version. One thing I've been having lots of trouble with however is editing in-game trades. I found a really obscure tool that helped me out with this however it only works on unedited roms. I tried editing a clean rom using this tool and it worked out pretty well, but when I tried extracting narc file A112 (the in-game trade file) and inserting it into my already edited ROM, nothing changed. I then tried doing it the opposite way by adding all the other narc files that I needed from my edited ROM into the ROM where I had successfully edited the in game trades but when I went to playtest, the in game trades had returned to the base game trades. I'm guessing I somehow have the wrong narc file or I just messed up somewhere but I've tried multiple times doing things this way and it never works properly. Could someone please help me out? If I'm using the wrong narc file and I found the real one I'd be sorted. Alternatively if you know the numbers of the in game trade scripts in SDSME then I could probably edit them from there (although I haven't gotten very far into script editing yet so it'll take me a while to learn that properly). Ideally there would be some sort of tool I missed that would let me just quickly edit the trades but as far I can tell there aren't any finished tools that can do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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