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  1. Yep that was a typo in the level. Nice catch. I was able to reproduce and fix the bug easily, it was an error in the text pointer. Thanks for pointing these bugs out. The upload link has been updated again with the fixes applied.
  2. Thanks, I'll try to figure out what the problem is Yes, it makes sense lol, it was just a typo. I'll get it corrected later today. EDIT: done
  3. Thanks for the report MeroMero. I've been able to reproduce the issue with route 5 and apparently it's because the location bar isn't being displayed when entering route 5. I had already heard about the Cleanse Tag issue but until this point I thought it was just an issue when depositing it in the PC. It seems like the problem has to do with the item properities. I'll see if I can fix the bug now. EDIT: The Cleanse Tag bug has just been fixed and the hack has been reuploaded. The cause was that the 2-byte word of the Mystic Water price was shifted 1 byte corrupting the Cleanse Tag usage prop
  4. Relive the adventure of the second generation Pokemon games in a more challenging and complete way! Hack of: Pokemon Crystal Features Very exhaustive work on the selection of wild Pokemon including fishing, headbutt, rock smash and all types of event Pokemon, and trainer parties including every single trainer in the game as well as around 100 additional trainers carefully distributed throughout the adventure. Similar work on choosing the items found, sold in marts, or obtained in any different way, as well as on adjusting their prices. Plenty of mechanical changes that contribute to t
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