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  1. What exactly does it check? As in, does it work if you just hack the right species with a Fateful Encounter, or is there anything special?
  2. Hi everyone, i already figured out how to get the mystety gift events. This is some codes: UPDATE: NOW CODE FOR USA VERSION JAPANESE VERSION USA VERSION Bye
  3. due the fact that the event section seems to be down right now I was wondering if there was anyone out there who can either upload or email a WCS milotic SAV file. Or at the least if someone could tell me when the section will be back up. Thanks:bidoof:
  4. hi could anyone provide an AR code so i can pick up a TRU Dragonite and Gamestop Deoxys at the Pokemart by the guy in the green outfit so I can SR for the IVs thanks very much
  5. I've searched on Google, Bulbapedia and various other places and can't find any information on the specific events that the final 2 (or final 3, for Diamond and Pearl) Poketch apps were distributed with. Can anyone here tell me which Wonder Cards they were given out with, or even if all 3 have been distributed yet? And if they all have been given out already, are these events going to be for download once the event section here comes back up?
  6. What happen to the event and pkm downlads:frown:
  7. I downloaded this Italian event, but the shaymin language is French... why this event isn't Italian?
  8. Hello, I want some event pokemons if possible with you guys My FC is 5069 6944 2497 thanks for viewing my request got both
  9. I've noticed the Event Flag option on the Patinum version of Pokesav is grayed out, whereas in the Diamond and Pearl version it is not. I've been told that the Event Flag option controls the ability to reface Legendaries and such multiple times so you're able to accumulate multiples of the same Legenday Pokemon and have it remain legit every time. So I'm curious as to why this option has since been grayed out? And to the creator, when, if at all, will this be fixed to allow the Re-Battling of Giratina and the other legendaries?
  10. i would like to have a pokemon pearl ar code in pal park. i would like these pokemon in it: WISHMAKR jirachi SPACE C deoxys Lugia Mattle ho-oh MYSTRY mew ROCKS metang thanks
  11. I have make a Pokemon Event for the German Version of Pokemon Diamond on Pokesave.After this i put the Code in to my ARDS, activated it and start the game. Then i go to the Mystery Gift Menü, pressed L+R and go to Gift receive.I clicked all 3 Buttoms on the Mystery Gift Menü on Gift receive, nothing happened.Pleas help me.
  12. i was just thinking, would it be possible for the site to have a part that lists the distribution dates for the WC events? e.g., alamos darkrai 5/31/08 - 6/1/08 at TRU stores, 6/1/08 - 6/30/08 in the NWS, etc.
  13. hey can someone give me the code for this event, i have been trying with pokesave and just cant do it, so can someone help me get the code for it, any help would be greatly apreciated, oh and for platinum
  14. I've been seeing codes for a lot of things, but I haven't seen a lot of codes for getting pokemon except for legendaries and the such. Does anybody have a code for getting Darkrai and Zorua?
  15. Read Here: http://www.projectpokemon.org/articles.php?req=read&article_id=4 Discuss!
  16. I've tried PikaSav and Metropolis Editor and it seems neither of these are compatible with the Japanese versions of the Gen I games. It would be very excellent if someone could develop a save editor compatible with the Japanese versions of the game, as it seems the Japanese versions of the game on virtual console are the only "legitimate" way of obtaining a Mew. Mew was distributed to VC Gen 1 games on the 3DS, but only on the Japanese versions. Since we don't have a Japanese editor, there doesn't seem to be a way yet to edit a Japanese save (which you would extract from a 3DS using SaveDataFiler) and inject the event Mew distribution. Japanese pokemon from Gen 1 games are also incompatible with Non-Japanese/European/English USA pokemon, as trading a Japanese pokemon to a US game would cause the game to crash. So it would be nice to have a SAV editor exclusive for the Japanese versions of the game (Japanese "Aka", "Midori", "Ao", and "Pikachu"). If there's someone out there who can develop one, please let us know! If anyone knows of an already-existing save editor, even better! This seems like Western civilization's only hope for obtaining access to a Gen 1 legit Mew :'(
  17. So, I missed the Yellow Forest event for the Pokewalker. I'm requesting a Pikachu that knows surf, and another that knows fly. I'll do this: - One Event Jirachi ( Level 5 or 16 ) for both. - Lv. 69 Spiritomb ( Naive ) for both. - I have other stuff, ask and I'll work things out. 1463-0248-1279 Soulsilver.
  18. I got this from my patched japanese rom of heartgold, even though the legality checker says its hacked/unkown, I in fact got it over wi -fi. Maybe it's unable to read it or something....
  19. Does anyone have a .pkm of the event Shiny Beasts (or at least the wonder code card). Plz, I know it's a bit early, but does anyone have one!
  20. Hello people on July 5 the pokemon movie 12 pre screening was shown well in July 5 they distrubuted the arceus well umm I am looking for it with high spatk and atk I know that it's not evd but please help me. Thank You <3 <3 <3
  21. Can someone please trade me a event Regigigas (US) please?
  22. Welcome to Tyler's Rare, Event, and Newly Hatched Pokemon Thread! Here is our current stock: AVAILABLE ~Newly Hatched~ [sprite]037[/sprite] ~Rare~ [sprite]359[/sprite] (2)[sprite]029[/sprite] (3) [sprite]104[/sprite] ~Event~ (Multiple of Each) -12th Movie Arceus (UT, Comes with Draco Plate) -Pikachu-Colored Pichu (UT) -VGC09 Shiny Milotic (UT) -VGC09 Weavile (UT) -PKTOPIA Magmortar (Original moves, just gained some EXP in battle) -PKTOPIA Electevire (Original moves, just gained some EXP in battle) NOTICE: I'M NOW OFFERING ANY SHINY POKEMON YOU WANT! IT MUST BE ABLE TO BE CAUGHT IN THE WILD IN SINNOH! SOME LEGENDARIES ARE AVAILABLE! NON-AVAILABLE POKEMON SO-FAR INCLUDE MESPRIT, & PALKIA SOON, MORE WILL BE AVAILABLE!!! TAKEN [sprite]296[/sprite] by Insignia
  23. Well I put around 24 Pokemon in a box on Pokesav and put only that code on my entire AR. But when I boot up my AR and try to start it up with that code, it freezes. Anyone know how to solve this?
  24. if someone can give me the event pokemon that unlock the events in HG SS please let me know if can give me them though wifi trade? i tried making them but it doesnt work please can someone give me them.:biggrin: Thanks in advance.:grog:
  25. All I can seem to come up with is (Unrestricted). I really want a Timid 10 Aniv Celebi, anyone have any luck coming up with one? :bidoof:
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