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  1. Pokesav.org redirects to projectpokemon.org nowadays. The .pkm files which were the core of the website after the actual Pokesav download are no longer found on the homepage, but are hidden under the bottom Editing link panel, which for some interesting reason is in smaller text than the repetitive links above it. You click on Pokesav, and search to pick out the PKM Files link hastily stuffed into the list on the right. This takes you to another page in which you must search for the actual real link to the .pkm file database from text discretely molded into the paragraph. Finally this op
  2. For me on my M3i Zero running M3 Sakura OR iTouch firmware, the game ALWAYS freezes when I get the call on my PokeGear as I leave the Flying-type Gym after having beaten Falkner. It's a bit sad, because the M3 team claim there's no longer any problem with the game when running the latest firmware, but as I'm running the latest firmware, this sadly is not the case. It freezes EVERY time the Pokegear is opened now.
  3. It still SOMETIMES freezes up so far, but I'm still not convinced it's not incompetence on Nintendo's part.
  4. How long did it take to write out the props section of the Readme? And let me just say congrats! The HGE_P patch finally fixed the save issues! Now to move onto ML3.
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